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my surprise scan

hi ladies hope your all yesterday my hubby surpised me by telling me we had a gendar scan booked with just 2 hours to wait. and im really happy to say im having a healthy baby GIRL! my daughter is so excited to be getting a sister having 4 big brothers image xx


  • Congratulations on a healthy baby girl how far are you as I want a early one when I a far enough ? Xx

  • thank you. im 17weeks 4 days but they can tell the sex at 16weeks x

  • aww bet your over the moon im only 11 weeks going to get a reasurence scan next week fot £40 pound im so impatient lol  x

  • yeh im really excited because we had 4 boys then a girl so another girl is great.  good luck with ya scan xx

  • aww happy for you and thank you xx

  • Congratulations on your pink bump! we find out 3 weeks today, cant wait!! xxx

  • Congratulations on the pink bump! x

  • Hi Calee!

    huge congratulations on your pink bump!   did you have any feelings it was another girl?

    How lovely of your hubby too, will he give lessons to mine?!! 


  • congratulations calee, wonderful news xx

  • congratulations Calee! How exciting!!! xxx

  • thank you all cant wait to see what your all having xx           hi hushpuppy hows ya bump doing?  i really thought it was a boy with having 4 and 1 girl. so a big surprise. my hubby can be sweet sometimes he knows how nervous i am what with the mc before (i know you know what i mean hun) so he said he done it for reasurance but i think it was because he wanted to find out what it was because he really wanted another girl image xx

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