Calling all March 09 babies!!

Hi all,

Just joined this site today. My baby is due 15th March 2009 and I would love to chat to people who are at a similar stage in pregnancy!! I have a 3 and a half yr old daughter too whose birthday is March 21st. Lets hope baby number 2 isnt late...........!!

Charley xx



  • Oh and I'm also planning a home water birth - any tips appreciated and birth stories welcome........!!! AND I have sympysis pubis dysfuntion too. Yuk.

  • hi charley ,

    My name is Lindsey I am mum to Isabelle 4 and Ayesha 20months. I am due 27th April, our wedding anniversary so I want the baby here on time. It would be so cool. 

    Hope your not in too much pain with your SPD. I think a few girls on here have had it and might be able to offer solutions to help you cope.

    Welcome to PP

    Love Lindsey  

  • hi charley,

    welcome to pp! i'm lucy, mum to ben,2, and due on 9th March with number 2.. sorry to hear you're suffering with spd, i know lots of ladies on here are too and can hopefully give you some tips. was thinking of a home water birth, but am wimping out and hoping for a hospital water birth instead.. sounds like a nice idea though.

    what's your little girl's name?

    look forward to chatting soon x

  • Helloweee!!

    I'm Sarah, 37 (how old is that!image) and due a baby girl on March 24th, it'll be my 3rd baby with my DH, we have a girl and a boy already and but my 6th baby in total as I have 3 teenage boys from my first marriage, phew!!

    Looking forward to talking to you.xxxxxxxxx 

  • hi charley,

    my name is kelly and my baby is due on the 3rd March, its also my second, I have a son Alfie who is 2 and a bit.  I have SPD, but it is much better now I have a back support belt which has become a bit of a lifesaver!  Hardly any pain at all it was instant relief! Its not very sexy though! 

    I would love to have a natural delivery this time (I had a planned c-section woth my last for gestational diabetes) and am keeping my fingers crossed that I dont have to have another c-section this time round!  How are you finding pregnancy this time around.

    Take care xxxxxxx 

  • Hi Charley, congrats on your pregnancy!! sorry to hear you have spd, fraid i have no helpful advice though on that, didnt suffer with it.

    hope the rest of your pregnancy is going well though.

    im kas and have two daughters 3 1/2 and 19 months.

    welcome to pp and hope you enjoy it on here.

    kas xx

  • congrats charley
  • Hi i'm due 10th march having a girl 1st one
  • Hello all!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments. My daughter is called Sophie. She's hilariously funny but sooooo grown up and cant wait to be a big sister!! She's baby mad (much like I was at her age and have continued to be!)

    I'm hoping to start a Uni access course next September (if I can get away with not going back to work that is!!) so I can apply to Uni to do Midwifery - well, this will be the 3rd application........... image

     My pain isnt too bad at the moment - if it stays like this it'll be fine but if It gets like it was last time it will not be good times.........! Funny how much I love having the baby growing inside my body but my body itself actually seems to loathe being pregnant!!!!

    I'm bored of being pregnant already - REALLY really really looking forward to giving birth - i hope I can have it all go how I want it to! Just need to find a birth pool - ebay here I come (for a new one)!

    Talk soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I know what you mean about being bored of being pregnant!! I knew before 4 weeks with this pregnancy, so it feels like forever now - especially with all the mummies giving birth on pp this week!!

    what qualifications do you need to apply for midwifery?? am sure they must be dying to get more qualified at the moment as they are in such short supply!! hopefully it will be third time lucky for you image

    do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? does sophie have a preference? it's so cute that she's all excited about the baby - i bet she's getting impatient now!

    hope the spd doesn't get any worse, i've been having a few twinges this week and am about to start a new job which involves lots of standing and walking around, whereas i'm on my bum most days at the moment. just hoping it's not going to make things worse.. image

    good luck finding a birth pool, normally mums on here can help with things like that if you put up a new post and ask for help finding one.. they love researching that kind of thing!!

    chat soon xx

  • hello - you didn't tell us your name!! (am assuming scampbeast isn't it?!)

    sorry to hear you're not feeling to positive at the moment and suffering with dodgy ankles and SPD.. i'm 27, and expecting my second (a mystery) on 9th March.. went for an antenatal check up today and heard the heartbeat again which always makes me smile image i also love this stage of pg as sproglet is kicking all the time, but hasn't got too much strength yet!!

    i think everyone gets scared of looking after their new babies, but when they arrive it's so magical and all your natural instincts kick in.. plus if you're still on here, all the mummies can give you loads of advice for when you're just not sure!

    look forward to chatting soon x

  • Hello,Elaine,congratulations on your pregnancy.I'm Jo.I have 6 kids and my baby is due May,I'm a bit behind you.
    Sorry to hear you're not too well with it.Sitting with your feet up will be a dim and distant memory in a few months,how ever boring it is now.I've never had SPD so I'm sorry I can't help you there but there are a few ladies on this site who have.
    Like Lucy said,everyone's scared of looking after their new baby at first,especially when it's the first,but the minute he's born Mother Nature takes over and you just know what you're doing.It's like someone pushed the Mummy button.
    Enjoy your pregnancy,enjoy putting your feet up
  • Hi Elaine,

    Am very jealous you get a growth scan before Christmas, i don't have any more scans now image it's so lovely watching them moving around in your tummy!

    Shawn's been able to feel it kicking for a bit, but doesn't really get very excited.. I try to read him things to tell him how big the baby is now and which bits are developed etc.. but nothing!! He's just waiting til March when the baby arrives, and then he'll be excited!

    Hope your ankle/SPD is feeling a bit better now after a rest, as Jo says, definitely make the most of resting now while you have the chance! Also make the most of being a couple and going out for dinner etc.. As all that will fly out the window soon! xx

  • Hello XMadBabyDoll too - congratulations! What is your name? Sorry, managed to miss your post before..
  • We've paid for a 4d scan just before christmas and we're sooooooooooo excited.  Cant wait to see our baby in 3d and see what he/she looks like!!

    Our baby too kicks really hard - my husband has been able to feel the baby kick for quite some time. I know its really early but I felt the first movements at 13-14 weeks. Same with my little girl. Apparently it depends on where the placenta is too as how how quickly you feel movement and how big ure bump is! Mine's growing rapidly!!

     All today I have this REALLY uncomfortable feeling at the bottom of my ribs on one side. No matter how much prodding I did, it was still there! Its started already........... hahahah

  • that's so exciting - would love one of those, but money seems to be flying out of my account at the moment, so will have to hold back and wait til March to see what little one looks likeimage

    i started feeling this one at about 15 weeks, and with Ben about 16 weeks.. it's so funny when they get a bit bigger and you can see elbows sticking out.. sproglet has been kicking my bladder most of the evening which is obviously entertaining him/her a lot!

    has your little girl felt the baby moving too?? Ben won't sit still long enough to feel anything, think he's too young really. he's going to get a big surprise in March!!

    you'll have to post a pic of your scan after you've had it done image

  • Hi! there...............

    Its nice to see other girls having their due date in march. I am 34 weeks pregnant now and my due date is on 6th of march.

    So of luck to u as well as to other mums too.

  • congratulations - what's your name? good luck for the 6th, i'm due on the 9th, so not long  to go now.. although still feels like i've got forever left at work..
  • Hello my name is nichole and i have a 15 mo old girl Kailey my baby is due on 31st.
  • hey nichole, welcome to pp..

    love the pics of your babies - very cute! how's your pregnancy going?

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