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Low HCG and Bleeding

Hi All...Im new to this but looking for some reassurance or at least hope!  After our second ICSI attempt and having to morulas put back...we got a low positive but having had bleeding (not spotting for 3 days) was told it was unlikely to continue to be a viable pregnancy.  A week later i did a urine test and iwas still pregnant so had another blood test whihc showed my HCG levels had risen from 10 to 235.  I was told I would need to go back for 7 week scan to find out whats going on...that was a week ago and my scan is in a weeks time....since my last blood test Ive had continual lower back pain when sat around too much, occassional nausea and several positive pregnancy tests.....should i remain positive or could mother nature jst be being cruel??


  • Im sorry you are going through this. It is such a heartbreaking process and the worst is living in limbo. if you are desperate to know you could book in for a private scan which can be done from 6 weeks. I had this done. Sometimes spotting and back pain is a symptom of pregnancy but it can be something more serious. I wish you lots of luck and hope youve got youre sticky bean xx

  • Thank you for your kind words Rose, I guess it's fingers crossed but with a realistic mind!! X
  • keep us posted on your progress and keeping fingers crossed for you.xx

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