need some answers please

Hello everyone im new on the baby expert site. and to be honest i have one queation for the mothers oit there. what does it mean if i took a pregnancy test and if the line was really faded for about 5 mintues but all of a sudden it goes really dark!! i dont understand can someone please give me some answers


  • Sounds like a bfp to me. It can take time for the line to show up. You might have less confusion with a digital test if you wanted to try one
  • I was told by a few of my friends that a second line only shows up if the pregnancy hormone is present in your urine and that there is no such thing as a "negative" positive - a positive is just that.

    I think (?) theres a time limit on tests hence why it will say take reading after so many minutes and disregard after that.

    I would take another test (I used a Freedom strip) for my first test and when I saw a line got some clear blue digitals.

    Good luck x

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