I can't believe this is happening again!!!!

Hi ladies, I had a scan 2 weeks ago which showed an empty sac measuring 7mm, she said it was in the right place and looked the right size for my dates. I had a re-scan yesterday and the sac was still empty and measuring 13mm. I'm being referred to the EPU as she thinks it's a non viable pregnancy, they will scan me next week, (what a week it's going to be!!)image

I googled all day when I got home in the hope I would find some positive outcomes but not feeling hopeful at all.

I'ts all so unfair!!!imageimageimageimage



  • Carioke, I'm ever so sorry to hear what you are going through. I almost cried when I saw your post on the due in September board image Nothing I say will make it better, but I'm sending huge hugs and want you to know that I'm here for you if you need me. 

    I hope you are coping honey xxx

  • So sorry hun I am praying for u n little bean xx

  • Hi hun , hope they have got got wrong n you see something more positive next week ,may just be a shy bean ,  thinking of you n sending you lots of love n a big hug , I know how long you've waited for this , hope it turns out ok x x x

  • Thanks for your support and kind words as always ladies, I'm actually having a large red wine as we 'speak' I said to hubby 'if there's no embryo it can't affect it'!!!


  • Hi Carioke

    Hun im so sorry to read this post and i fell you pain, it does seem unfair or at least thats what i felt in december when i went through it all again, twice in 6 months and all i could do was blame my self, i know nothing we say will make you feel any better right now and this week will drag for you but i pray and hope you have a better out come than i did.

    I personally cant thank the ladies for all there support when i needed them the most, im always here to chat even if u just wanna scream and shout we will all listen xxx

    sending hugs xxx

  • It does feel very unfair Sarah, I hope you don't mind me asking, were yours both mmc?  I know that no one is to blame; it's just mother nature being very cruel. After my scan on Sat I kept thinking 'why did it have to be bad news? why didn't she say 'everything looks perfect' why why why??!!

    You ladies are such a great support; I do tend to run away as I can't handle looking at the threads I should still be in like 'due in Sept' but I will try hang around cause I know I'm not the only one going through this nightmare!image


  • Hi huni feel free to ask any thing im happy to answer,

    my july m/c was nautral i got to 8 weeks but each time the sac got bigger but nothing was in side, by my 3rd scan i was told for defo it was never going to happen and i started bleeding again very heavy and painful and a week later on my 4th scan it was all over and my womb was clear again.

    december was a little harder....i had bleeding so they sent me for an early scan they saw a sac but that was all, went back 2 weeks later and there was a sac with baby and heart beat then just before xmas 23rd i was in for my 3rd and last early scan and was told the heart beat was gone! so the 24th they booked me in for a d&c...

    i was broken couldnt believe this had happened again to me, i felt WHY ME! what have i done, i beleived i must have been a very bad person for this to happen to me again.

    i understand what you mean about running and hiding, i also started a group for july babies and even now it lets me know when people post in it, to start with i felt a little bitter but now i feel more relaxed about it all xxx

  • Oh Sarah, that must have been so hard for you? to get your hopes up with seeing the heartbeat!! heartbreaking!! what a shit xmas for you!

    My positive side is thinking at least there was never anything to loose only a sac! 

    hubby always asks if I want to try again and I say I can't go through this to throw the towel in but my worry is if I don't concieve I'll regret my whole life not trying sooner!

    When we got married 41/2 years ago my ds was only 5 so didn't really feel in a rush to start trying for a family (dh has 2 boys from his previous marriage) and to be honest I don't think he was that bothered but when I got pregnant he was over the moon!

    OMG Sarah, I've just seen your other post!!! FC the line gets darker and everything is ok!!! xxx


  • Hi huni 

    Yes xmas was hard, i felt numb xmas day but i knew i had to keep up beat for my little boys sake, didnt want to upset him it was bad enough i had to spend xmas eve in hospital.

    I understand what you mean i felt the same way with my 1 m/c that it was just a sac and i had nothing in the sac to lose, so i do get that.

    I also felt the same how can it happen twice in a row seemed so unfair, my other half asked me if i wanted to try again after december and i said to him i wanted to give my little boy a brother or sister that i didnt care if it took us a few years i would keep trying, i dont know if it gets any easier and you never forget but the pain does ease with in time, its odd friday 14th feb was my due date for my 1st m/c the day felt strange and half of me wished the midwifes never told me my due date but i lite a candle for my lost angle just like i will july 26th.

    And thank you huni, i know its still early days just gotta take this week as it comes but yes im hoping the line gets darker.....4th time lucky i hope xx

  • Thinking of you Carioke, I am not sure if you are the same carioke who was on bx last yr with supersquuish and rosapenny but either way I had the same with my pregnancy last year n my daughter will be one next week. There was just a sac no baby. They said come back in a week which I did n there was a feral pole no heartbeat. Another two weeks later and another scan there was a little bean with a heartbeat measuring 7+3. Those few weeks were HORRIFIC and I wouldn't wish thAt unknown dread n fear on my worst enemy. I just wanted to reach out to u hun to let you know it isn't ALWAYS bad news and even if it is we r all here for u. Big hugs n sticky bean dust coming it way xxxxx


  • Thankyou, yes it's the same carioke!

    I think if I'd only had the 1 early scan I could feel there was hope but because I've had 2 2weeks apart and still nothing I'm not holding out any hope now but thankyou for sharing your story. 

    fc Sarah for that line to get darker! how many dpo are you?


  • Aww carioke, if it is a b/o again is there anything they can do to stop it happening again? Surely they can't allow you to keep going through this it is so unfair. I soooooo hope you get your miracle hun. Keeping everything crossed for you xxx


  • Thankyou so much, but there's nothing they can do! I am 41 so maybe my time has now ran out!! xx

  • Your time WILL come hun, even if that time isn't now. Please don't lose heart and feel free to pm me if you ever wanted to hun. Love hugs and prayers to you xxx


  • sorry to read this, try and keep the faith for your dreams. . x x
  • Thinking of you carioke xxxxxx

  • Hey hun , how you doing today ? been thinking of you , we thought the same after 2nd mmc , must be my age , was 42 then , now 43 n 1 month , was also mad with myself as dh wanted another after youngest  was born n I wasn't sure , thought we had missed our chance , so glad we didn't give up hope , n if you think about it women had children much later before contraception was available , you are a strong lady n with the support of you dh n us lot you will get there in the end , keep positive - easier said I know but we are here for you whenever you need us x x x

  • Thankyou xxxx

    I'm not bad today thanks; I've had a friend round so we've had a really good chat! I'm feeling quite positive; not that I think it's going to be good news on Fri but just accepting it and ready to move on! Although I was quite positive last time but I went downhill when the realisation set in!

    I'm just a bit fed up that I can still feel pg symptoms but apparently that's normal until you start to miscarry!image

  • I know , it's not fair is it , but to be honest the 1st time the symptoms never really happened , thought I was lucky like I was with my others, the next time I had symptoms til I passed everything , n ironically was praying for a bfn - for the 1st time in my life , like you say if all is not well , you will have better luck next time - 3rd time lucky x x

  • Glad to hear you're feeling ok today carioke... Keep us posted if you need to talk x

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