i think it is over for me :-(

Hello lovely ladies. 

As a few of you may know I have been spotting on and off since last Wednesday/Thursday and have had the of  cramping type pains. I went to the doctor this morning as   I was worried (i didn't wanna go this early a  I am only 6+5 today so wanted  to avoid the early scans where all there was  was a sac and then I'm asked to come back in a fortnight to see if there is a bean in there an  worrying myself.senseless for 14 days if that makes sense.) Doc got me an appointment for tomorrow morning for an early scan but today the pain has gradually gotten worse and is now REALLY intense I have ha  two co-codamol (30/500mg) and they aren't touching it. The  bleeding is bright red now and I am expecting it to get a lot worse. I so STUPIDLY did a cbd with conception indicators this afternoon and got pregnant 3+  (on the 11th of Feb I got pregnant 2-3) so I had hope it was such a nice feeling. Then the pain started bad an  now I just feel gutted. image I will have the scan in th  morning which, if it hasn't come away by morning, will only show a sac and yolk sac as I am only 6+5 by lmp I actually conceived four to five weeks ago at most. Then I will be sent away to come back in a fortnight for another scan (i don't think there will be a bean by then image they may say if th  pain or bleeding get bad to go down to a and e. Sorry for sounding so nasty I just KNOW what is to come and I am surprised at how BADLY I am taking this. Maybe it is because I know, regardless of the outcome, this is and will be my last pregnancy. I just feel unable to do this and that is Soooo not me, I'm peeved at myself for being so bloody weak but It just is button  me hard. Sorry to moan ladies  and be in  you down I just need to vent. image  xxxxx



  • Oh keepthefaith I am SO sorry for you! My heart sank when I saw this!

    Please know that we are here for you... & don't worry about trying to be strong.. Just let yourself be whatever you need x
  • Awwww im so sorry your going through this! Same as SW2 where here if you ever need to talk so dont be afraid to.

    Let us know how you get on tomorrow please. Im sure we'll all be thinking of you xxx
  •  So sorry hun keep us posted x

  • Thanks ladies, you are all so lovely. It helps to know that you ladies have been through it, I don't know anybody personally who has so it is hard to talk to them, with you all I know I won't get a "oh never mind you can try again" from you all an  It has made me feel a little stronger already, thanks again. I will update tomorrow as soon as I can. My appointment is at 10:30 in the morning. Fingers crossed little bean xxxx

  • So sorry to read this, I really was praying for a positive outcome for you. I'll keep everything firmly crossed for a positive outcome at the scan, take care of you and get plenty of rest xxxx
  • Keepthefaith. I'm crossing everything for you that you are ok. I know how scary this all is. Please let us know how you make out tomorrow I'll be thinking of you
  • Good luck for today xx
  • Good luck today huni got my fingers, toes and every thing else crossed, txt me if u need to chat bump buddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • GL chick x

  • good luck! x
  • So sorry to hear this hun , hope the scan showed your little bean hanging on in there x x 

  • Good luck honey! Please let us know how you got on. Thinking of you . . .  xxx

  • hi ladies, went for my scan this morning and was very pleasantly surprised when the lady turned the screen around and there was a tiny bean with a little flickering heartbeat! i am still bleeding (a mixture of red and brown blood) but the pain has died down a little bit which i am praying continues to dwindle. she said bean is measuring around six weeks and i have to go back on the 11th of march for another scan. they gave me their number and said if the pain or bleeding get worse then i can ring anytime even i just want reasurrance. i am in total shock as the pain and bleeding have been so bad (it is a week tomorrow since i started bleeding) i really thought it would be bad news. i am trying not to count my chickens yet as like i said i am still bleeding and i know that can mean it is over at anytime even though i have seen the little flickering heartbeat, but it is all looking ok for now and that is what i will try and focus on  image  roll on the eleventh of march!!!  thankyou so much ladies for your support and kind words.  it just goes to show doesnt it for ll the ladies on here also having bleeding i doesnt ALWAYS mean bad news. they dont know why i am bleeding but said to try and rest as  much as possible. i shall be keeping everything crossed this bean is a fighter xxxx


  • Tentative YAY!,.. I bet that was a shock as you were so convinced it was hoing to be bad news!... Like you said... Its still early days but today is a big positive step & what ajoy  to see the heartbeat!!

  • I just read this and i just wanted to say im glad that you and your jelly bean are both doing ok image this is such a lovely thing to read image

  • hiya , really pleased for you , what a relief ,bleeding isn't always the worse case scenario but bet you are over the moon right now , take it easy as much as you can hun , you have the perfect reason x x   






  • OMG, only just read this thread; I was so gutted when I read your first post!! I'm so glad your scan went well and you saw the hb. I pray that everything will be just fine for you! could they say what was causing you so much pain? xxx

  • Carioke, I have  only just noticed your first post  hun,sorry I missed it. I am a little annoyed tbh at the hospital all they did literally was scan me. No bloods no wee sample nothing just the scan and an appointment to go back in a fortnight.I was in So much shock from the scan it didn't occur to me to ask them to check for uti or or swab for infection. I was on my own and just kind of walked out of there in a daze. I am Going to ring the doctors in the morning and ask them to do some tests. I still  don't have any pg symptoms at all and I am praying it is just because I am  one of  the lucky ones who just gets away w I th the symptoms bit but the minute  you see blood as you know,  your immediate reaction is, this is it!!! 

    I have been thinking about you hun and wondering how you are getting on xxxxx




    ecke to ask them 

  • Wow ready this and so pleased you had some good news today. Your first update you said you felt weak for being so upset, I'd say more like your a real woman for having such strong emotions for your little bean,,,positive thoughts for a good outcome x

  • I just read your post and I'm so happy for u I went to the sonar at 6weeks but the doc couldn't see anything I didn't ask about the heart beat because I was so confused I have been spotting for 2-3 weeks now not much I don't even use a panty liner the last time I was in hospital they said its t/a threatened misc but I still believe my baby is still ok I can't eat coz of the stress and I'm afraid to go to hospital because my last day there the doc said my hcg level dropped n that means baby has stopped growing and wen I asked around it was said its possible for them to drop because I'm heading to the sec trimester anyone with such problem? *crying*
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