"The midwives" on bbc2

I know this is shown on a Tuesday night but H doesn't like it so I only caught up with it last night. 

did anyone see it with the Russian woman? She refused all medication and didn't have any scans. 

She wouldn't take iron tablets for her low iron levels and wanted to only get her nutrition through food. That's fair enough, but she was vegetarian, didn't eat beans of any type and didn't eat bread! What on earth did she actually eat?!!

( I felt a little bit ashamed watching it as I was tucking into a huge chicken and donner meat kebab!) 



  • I watched it. I thought that couple were outrageous. They didn't eat any cooked food either. Feel sorry for their child!

  • You wouldn't want to invite them round for tea would you!?

    To say that scans are dangerous is just stupid and ignorant.

    What if she had had a low lying placenta and would normally have been told to have a CS. Could have been really dangerous surely.

  • I know. The other thing that got on my nerves was they happily accepted a Doppler to listen to the heartbeat which does the same thing! Bloody morons they were.

  • I only caught about 10 minutes of this. Flicked it on half way through and then we had a bloody power cut on Tuesday! Need to watch it on catch up me thinks.

  • This  couple wound me up too for all the same reasons -  and I was really irritated by the way he was stroking her stomach down as if trying to push the baby down.  If my H did that I would be screaming at him to get his hands off me!

  • She also had a tiny, tiny bump - I would have been interested to know what the baby weighed....

  • Noggin, I wanted to slap him!

    Very odd. I just don't get not having scans.

  • I love this programme, what I found amazing is that they took his word for what she wanted in regards to pain relief, scans etc. I hope somewhere along the line someone else interpreted as he could have been saying anything for her! The stomach rubbing annoyed me too

  • OB I was surprised they didn't say no to the Doppler.

    Their poor child is sooo going to get picked on at school.

  • That Russian guy was sooo controlling. It was all "we don't want to use medication..." and "we don't believe in this..." Errr what about the woman giving birth with no pain relief whatsoever!

  • I saw it. The tummy rubbing really annoyed me too. I assumed she was on a "raw food" diet. I know someone in real life who eats like this. (I'm a committed carnivore, although I do a lot of cooking/baking, I've no idea how people find the time & effort to find enough to eat on a raw food diet - id be so bored of green gloop & dried apricots!)

    And I know someone else who refused all scans, had a homebirth and is ECing (no nappies) with her baby. Its amazing!

  • He really annoyed me.  I was quite surprsied they didn't go for a homebirth actually.  

  • That bloke wound me up. "we don't think scans are necessary" was the line that made me shout at the TV (it made C run downstairs, to see if I was OK, haha)

  • What is the reasoning behind not any cooked food? God it's wrong in so many ways - no Sunday roasts!!

    Horsefan how does the no nappies thing work? I've never heard of this? You mean literally nothing at all to contain the explodapoops? I'm so confused by all this stuff!!

  • It sounds bad but I was hoping she was going to be screaming for an epidural.....and I did think he was a controling d1ckhead.

    Each to their own I suppose but they, well he, seemed so obnoxious

  • I've no idea behind re raw fooding. I'm too afraid to ask - fairly sure I'd end up with a lecture on nutrition/carcinogens in food or something. If it helps she hasn't had her kids vaccinated at all as she believes the ingredients used them to make do more harm than good.  (Note: She us s lovely person and I'm sure her heart in the right place but this is not something I agree with in the slightest, my newborn won't be near her kids until he has had all his vaccines)

    ECing - hang on, eBay item ending, back in a mo!

  • This thread has made me a bit uncomfortable, just because its not what you'd choose doesn't mean it's wrong, people are entitled to their beliefs.

    I agree I'd have ripped his arms off for stroking my belly but just because they have a raw food diet doesn't mean their kid is doomed!

    I think the other woman in the room was actually an interpreter.

  • There are lots of different choices re pregnancy and birth and everyone has their own reasons for choosing them. But I think to refuse to take vitamin supplements when you clearly have an inadequate diet is wrong.

    It just makes me wonder if they would also refuse medical treatment for their baby.

  • I'm with Isis, although I too am a committed carnivore (!) and would always have scans etc, I think the MOST important thing in pregnancy, labour and birth is informed choice. I know a lot of people who are anti-vacc for example; they are not blindly following a trend, but have done extensive reading of many research studies and have come to their own conclusions. Personally I will have my children vaccinated, but I respect their choices and don't think their children are doomed!

  • I never said the child was doomed. I said it would get picked on at school. And it will.

    I'm sure the parents will be very loving and do what they think is in the best interests of the child , but unfortunately it is a fact that it will stand out at school and get picked on.

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