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*** Thursday 2nd tri ***

Morning ladies! Being as I've been woken up at silly o'clock by a hysterical teething O I figured I might as we'll kickstart the thread! Boy am I glad these are the last teeth...they've partially broken the gum so hope the hurry up now! Otherwise feeling more movements from baby which is lovely, and makes it all feel much more real! If the ratty one one cheers up I'm going to take him to messy play this morning before I go to work. Will try and pop back on for personals


  • Morning coco (and those who follow.) I feel for you with the teething, it sucks! I *think* j has all his teeth now (he doesn't let me inspect inside his mouth but we get glimpses when he wails) - quite early at 20months, but explains the bad sleep for a while. At least once O's done you should be home and dry before the new any comes. Yay for lots of baby movements, it's so nice to feel them wriggle.

    Afm, everything fine with my eyes yesterday, to answer VT I've been fine with my contacts during pregnancy and haven't had dry eyes or anything. The optician was really late though, which was a bit annoying, and work was really busy once I got in. Better that than really quiet though overall I think. Right, I've just heard J announce that he's done a poo so better go! I'll try to get on later, hope everyone has a good one.

  • Morning.

    Coco - hope the last teeth come through quickly and you get some sleep again!!!!  Have fun this morning.

    Spikey - thats good your eyes were ok yesterday.  Hope you have a good day.

    AFM - is it not Friday yet?!?!  Its been a manic week but I guess we are quite close to the weekend so I shouldn't complain.  Pregnancy wise nothing much happening.  Getting some kicks here and there and I'm starting to feel pretty tired but that could be in part due to being so busy all the time.

    I gave in and ordered a changing table last night.  It was reduced so pretty cheap.  I'm not even sure if we'll use it as yet.  All depends on whether we move or not so I don't mind spending the money when it wasn't expensive.  I can always sell it if it comes to that.  Feel happy to have made a baby purchase.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Morning!

    Coco booo to early crying mornings, glad it's the last teeth though and I hope they're fully through soon so this is over for you. Great news about feeling baby so much.

    SG how annoying about the optician! I'd have been totally fed up.

    Well I went to Ikea last night and we've narrowed down our options which is good. I just need to look at a couple of cotbeds in john lewis and kiddicare, then we can get started. So exciting!

    Happy feet was quiet yesterday, I hope they're ok in there. They were moving in the evening but not really as much.

  • Type too slow and missed you CA! Yay for a baby purchase, I hope you love it when it arrives. Yesterday ws a good day for you with baby purchases. I know the feeling about Friday, I can't wait for the weekend!

  • Morning all,

    Coco- sounds like you have your hands full. Teething must be so painful for him. Exciting that the baby is a wriggler

    I hate being kept eating at apts SG, but at least it was all ok.

    Hi CA, getting kicks is exciting!

    Imp- lovely to be getting the nursery ready. What other things do you need to get?

    AFM I moved over to 2nd tri late yesterday so hi to all the ladies on here. After my scan on tues I was moved forward 8 days so I'm now 14+2 weeks. So nice to be able to tell people at last!

  • SG - wow to all J's teeth, that's fab! They've broken the surface on one side of the molar each, I was brave and shoved a finger in when he was unawares! Sorry you was kept waiting yesterday  it's one of my pet hates!

    CA - yay for another baby purchase! Like you say you can always sell on of it doesn't work for you when the time comes. FB selling pages are great for selling bits and bobs. Hope the rest of your working week goes quickly :-)

    Imp - Did you but anything at ikea or just shortlist stuff? We earmarked a couple of bits on our last visit for O's birthday (circus tent, play food  and a mini version of their nursing chairs) plus a couple of small bits for baby's room as we're reusing cotbed from last time and already have drawers with changer top. Happy Feet was probably just a but quieter as you'd had a busy day...when we are on the go baby tends to be rocked to sleep, or we don't notice the movements so much iyswim?

    Raincloud - congrats on your scan and welcome to 2nd tri :-) we got a "free" week at the scan too and it really helps speed things up doesn't it? Yay for sharing your news too!

  • RC hello! :) I need to buy everything so some will come from ikea, but I want a cotbed from eksewhere.

    Coco we didn't buy anything yet. I want to order a cotbed first so I know everything will match/fit.

    We've seen some drawers/shelves we like and a wardrobe.

    I wondered that about happy feet too, I hope they make up for it today.

  • Morning ladies!

    Coco - hope O cheers up and you can go to messy play.

    SG - glad everything went ok at the opticians.

    CA - yay to making baby purchases!

    Imp - enjoy shortlisting the stuff you need and getting started :)

    Raincloud - I didn't get on yesterday so a belated welcome to 2nd tri!

    AFM - I've pretty much lost my voice. This is good for H, but not so great for work! Nothing to report bump-wise.

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Morning everyone!!

    Coco - Hope O is in better form soon, poor wee man :(

    Spikey - great news re contacts & no dry eyes - I got laser eye surgery because my eyes were getting too dry to wear contacts & glasses were just annoying when running / spinning! Dry eyes are horrible

    Candy Apple - yea to baby purchase ! :)

    Imp - decisions decisions isnt it! All the different options etc, it can be so confusing and its such another world, it reminds me on wedding planning.

    RC - Welcome! Such a relief to tell people isnt it? Enjoy all the buzz for a few days :)

    lxia - My husband would love it if I lost my voice ;) Hope you are feeling better soon

    AFM - sore head still but definately less sickness - yea!

    Some of you may know I had malignant melanoma skin cancer at end of last year and had a couple of operations etc...well I put a claim in with our life insurance company and got an email yesterday to say its been 'admitted' so a 3 figure some is winging its way to my bank account...its very bittersweet, im in remission for 5 years and would obviously much rather the whole sorry episode hadnt happened - they will test the placenta after birth as its one of the few cancers that can mestatize through to placenta, I cant ever sunbath again (sob! I love my holidays but they are not worth my life!) and our children have double the risk of developing same cancer......  but Ive gotta live with it and move forwards. This money will let us move to our forever home. Just waiting on £ hitting the bank then I am putting the house up for sale...and getting my eternity ring!

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Hellloooo all, it's Thursday woohoo, only one more day to go!

    Coco - sorry to hear you had broken sleep with your little O, I hope he settles down, you know you aren't selling being a parent at times like these haha (only kidding!) It's lovely feeling them move isn't it and puts a smile on your face, have fun at messy play, so how messy do you get then? ;-)

    SG - Good news about your eyes :) and I hope J hasn't made too much mess with his No 2 hehe! Have a good day :)

    CA - making those baby purchases is great but a little nerve wracking at least for me, sounds like you bagged yourself a bargain, well done! Will you post a piccie when it arrives?

    imp - a good time at Ikea then and come away with a shortlist, it makes it feel better when you narrow things down :) What type of cotbed are you after? We are currently looking for one but it's doing my head in keeping doing research online and in shops grr! Any help would be appreciated haha or flashes :) We think we will go for one that has at least 3 adjustable bases and I would love a dropside too, but I know these are rare and far between. I'm sure Happy Feet is still as happy, please don't worry, I remember when I had hardly any movements for a couple of days and now wham he's at it nearly all day and some during the night. I find he likes to move more when I'm resting up on the sofa, I'm probably in a better position for him to move then.

    RC - welcome lovely, get stuck in :)

    Ixia - not nice for you losing your voice but I bet your H is happy (sorry haha) or do you write notes around the house for him :)

    SaSaSi - sorry to hear about your skin cancer, that must have been a very trying time. I hope when it comes to testing the placenta everything is absolutely fine, I hope you aren't worrying to much, silly I know because if it was me I would be. I had a cancer scare when I was about 10 and spent a week in a London hospital, specialising in skin cancer, but I was very fortunate in a couple of years of testing they realised I just had rare skin and it wasn't cancer. I wish you all the best of luck with everything health, baby and house selling/moving :) Oh and please post a pic of the eternity ring, when you decide on one, nothing like a good old flash of jewellery :)

    AFM feels like I've been kicked on my [email protected] with laying in bed and getting up. Felt really rough last night with aches in my back and tum and had a bath to relax me, I'm bloomin silly as I had some tears, stupid hormones. Anyway onwards and upwards :)

    Hi to everyone x



  • Ixia boo to losing your voice. Are you in any pain with it?

    Sas I knew about your cancer last year. I'm sorry you d had to go through it. Hopefully this money will help you live your life and enjoy it, a new house and a new ring sound like a good place to start.

    LL sorry you're struggling so much with the pain. Can you see a physio or anything?

    I'll flash you the cotbeds once I've been shopping. One I like is the boori pioneer one, the white company also do one and the one at kiddicare is called como baby or something like that!

  • LeeLee - really? What age were you? That must have been so frightening for you & your parents. Glad it turned out not be anything to be concerned about! Im trying not to think about placenta testing too much, its in the best interests after all. Hope you have a better night tonight.

    Imp - thanks, its been a rough few months but there is always light at the end of the tunnel I guess.

  • SaSaSi & LeeLee - H is actually being really sympathetic!

    Imp - I've pulled a muscle from coughing and my throat is raw but I won't be taking any time off work unless they make me. Taking bookings over the phone will be interesting!

    SaSaSi - sorry you had to go through all that. Wishing you all the best for the future xxx. And please show us the ring when you have chosen it!

    LeeLee - Hope the pain eases soon.

  • Coco, sorry to hear about the early waking and teething.  Something for us to first timers to look forward to, I suppose!

    SG, glad your eyes are ok.

    CA, I love baby purchases!  Hopefully the changing table will get loads of use!

    Imp, what have you narrowed down to?

    RC, were they able to do the nuchal measurement for you if you were put further along?

    Ixia, sorry to hear you've lost your voice.  Is it not possible to rest it at work today?

    Sas, I had no idea about the cancer, you must be so relieved to be in remission, not to mention the money coming back in.  

    LL, WimpS, is the any physio you can do?

    AFM, I'm still knackered from putting together furniture yesterday.  I did the cot this morning as it was really simple, but there's still the chest of drawers for our bedroom left to go.  And oh my god, there are a million squillion pieces to it, so I'm going to make Ant do it  Ant put together the extend-y dining table last night, and I've basically done everything else, but it's looking like we actually will be ready to host his parents for dinner on Saturday!  Oh, and the plumber is coming to plumb in the dishwasher this afternoon.  The nursery is so close to being finished, too!  Everything has come together so quickly it's a bit overwhelming, and I'm currently having a well deserved rest on the new sofa with Wispa curled up next to me.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Wispa - unfortunately not. I work as a hotel receptionist and will be alone from 6.30-10.30pm so I have no choice but to answer the phone and talk to guests at the desk. Hope you are managing to get some decent rest but well done on getting the nursery nearly finished and the other furniture put together.

  • Wispa yay for the nearly finished nursery- well done you!

    We have decided on the stuva wardrobe system, just a small double one, then an expedit bookshelf, we've already got one in our bedroom and I find it really practical so I think it will be in the nursery too.  A poang chair rather than a fancy nursing chair ( as it's cheaper)  Then a cotbed- probably from Boori/John Lewis or the white company.

    The cotbed will probably cost more than the rest of it put together but I think it's the most important bit.

  • Afternooon :)

    SaSaSi - I think I was around the age of 10, I wasn't at college age and I remember my sister getting jealous because I had a week of school and my Nan coming to the hospital to bring me lovely food stuffs :) They put a ultraviolet light machine up against my back and started drawing things on my back and took a couple of biopsys. I had a mole above my nose and between my eyes so the doctor removed that and that's what started all that for me. I sincerely hope everything is going to be ok for you, it's horrible having something like this overhanging you, you do have my sympathies.

    Ixia - thank you :)

    wispa - blimey you have been busy, it all sounds lovely, I hope when you get a mo you can post some pics? I hope you are still resting on the sofa ;-) I forgot to mention that yep, Ranitidine is fine as I asked my mw about it ages ago, a colleague of mine who has had her baby now was even prescribed a stronger dose of this from her doctor. I haven't sorted anything out for physio yet, I'm waiting on seeing my mw on Monday to chat about it to her, so far she has suggested a support belt but there are so many online and I want one that's good for wearing in bed too, I need her to advise me.

    imp - thanks for the mention about the cotbed's the ones you have your eyes on look very nice, I think a little bit above our budget though as I was thinking maybe along the price of the ones you mentioned to include the mattress in the cost. There's quite a good one on Kiddicare that I noticed last night with the adjustable base levels and dropside but it was out of stock grrrr so I've set up an email alert for it but I guess the offer will be finished the time they get new stock, that would be typical! I'm gonna spend more on a decent mattress though.

    Just seen this, this looks quite good for the price


  • LL that one looks lovely. I'd not even thought of boots for furniture.

  • imp - I know I only checked Boots as they have emailed me regarding the sale of that particular make. I'm gonna chat about it to H tonight and see what he thinks, but its got everything on I would like, the dropside and 3 base heights and in white, I don't mind the bit of beech wood as our corner wardrobe in the nursery is a beech colour :)

  • I think it's nice with the mixture of woods, particularly if you've already got something "wood colour". Extra bonus on the advantage card points too!

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