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*** Tuesday 3rd trimester ****

Morning ladies. lots of luck and hand holding to Gopher. Hope the induction doesn't take too long and baby is soon here. Also to Morph!

AFM- last scan/ Mw and consultant appointment today. Reckon it must be over 9lb now. Baby was doing some serious head butting last night so I went on the ball for ages. Bit achey under bump but nothing more. Had a very lazy day yesterday and did nothing productive. Not much else to report really.

Have a good day everyone. Looking forward to these BAs!



  • Morning WH - I'm guessing that getting this far is a totally different experience to your first one! Hope all goes well today.

    AFM - at home today so boring housework to get cracking on with and then M and I are round to a friend's this afternoon so M can have a play with her LO.

    Baby out vibes to those in need!

  • Morning wh.. Good luck for the scan today.. Yay to a lazy day!

    Sending luck to gopher and morph.. Keep us posted!

    Afm... I think most of you saw my update yesterday.. Baby turned on its own so we are no longer breech and there was no need for ecv! Yay.. Feel exceptionally tired at the mo.. Got mw at 11 today but apart from that I'm going to have coffee with a friend and then make an attempt at sorting some kitchen cupboards!

    Will be around all day x

  • Mrs h.. Missed you there! Hope the housework gets done quickly! Enjoy your afternoon

  • Morning everyone

    WH - hope the appt goes well

    MrsH - hope you have a nice day

    Bexy - glad baby turned on their own, hope everything is fine at the mw

    Nothing to report here, had my GTT on Fri, presuming I'll only hear if the results are positive. No plans today, off on holiday next week so need to start thinking about getting organised but can't be bothered lol. Am now considering cloth nappies after all the chat on here recently, just trying to get my head round it all

  • Ally... Hope the gtt results were good.. I got a letter through a week later confirming all was fine but they said they would call if it was positive... Yay to cloth nappies.. I have used people on here for advice. There are plenty of old threads on it if you search for them or post any questions you have... I didn't think I would get my head round it but I have and I now have a stash ready to go! The nappy lady is a good place to start..

  • Just popping on to say hi.  Been up all night again in pain. Waiting for day assessment to open to see if I can go in this am and get checked out rather than wait until 12 for my steroids. Going to take all my bags with me just in case!

  • Will have a proper look online this afternoon when A is in nursery and try and get my head round it. I'm friends with CK so I have my own personal expert lol.

    Morph - hope you get on ok, keep us posted :-)

  • Morning, hope everyone is well and wishing you a good few days as I shall be off later! Thanks for the positive vibes. LAMBY- if you're here today...thank you for PP offer. Can't see a PM option but if you can get your details to me I'll take advantage of your services :-) If not, don't worry and I'll just update when I can.

  • Morning Ladies

    WH - Good luck at your last appointment!  hope it goes well!

    MrsH - Hope you have a lovely day, and the cleaning doesn't take too long!

    Bexy - Glad to hear baby turned by itself!  Enjoy your day! Don't over do it!

    Ally - I hate packing for holidays...i hate unpacking even more right enough!  I'm relying on my SIL for cloth nappy advise.  I got a tester nappy from Little Lambs the other day and it scared me a little so i hid it in a drawer

    Morph - Hope everything goes ok today!  Will be thinking of you!

    AFM - Well i don't half like to make more work for myself!  One of my work colleagues is going to the US tomorrow for 12 days and I offered to look after her pet rabbits while she's away.  So H and I will be picking them up tonight after i've been to dinner with Saffron.  There are only 2 of them, so it's not a big deal.

    Got my 38 week MW appointment tomorrow.  Think my bump has dropped a bit boobs don't rest on it the same as they did yesterday.  Not that this means anything, i know bumps can drop weeks before baby shows.  Sat last night watching revenge bouncing on my ball.  I'm feeling quite conflicted that on the one hand, i'd quite like to have baby soon, but at the same time, i'm very much happy to wait and they can come on my due date...or later if they feel so inclined!

    The girls in the office were joking yesterday that if i think i'm about to go into labour, i've to go and wander round John Lewis...I like their thinking...not sure how well that would work though...

    Sending lots of baby out vibes to Gopher today, hope the induction goes smoothly and we see your BA soon.  And Morph - sending you lots of vibes for a good outcome, whatever that may be! xx

  • Morning Ladies,

    WH - hope your scan and appointment goes well

    MrsH - don't overdo the housework!!!

    bexy - hope the midwife goes well and you have a nice catch up with your friend - have fun sorting out the kitchen cupboards - mine have never been so tidy!!!

    Ally - sounds like the GTT went well.  I am thinking about cloth too - our local NCT offers a nappy library service whereby you can borrow a selection for a couple of weeks to see how you get on - so I plan on doing that.  As far as I know you don't have to be an NCT member to take advantage - might be worth a look in your area.

    Morph - sending you lots of positive vibes

    Gopher - sending lots of positive vibes your way too

    AFM - was awake half the night with really bad period pain type cramps in my back, but they have now gone!!  I am hoping this means my body is starting to get geared up as I am properly fed up of being pregnant!!  Only 1 week to go until my due date!!.  I am meeting the NCT girls later for coffee, cake and gossip.  Otherwise just planning a pottering type day again!!

    Al x

  • hope Morph and Gopher are doing ok!

    RKB...Is tomorrow your last day at work? I expect you have had enough now?

    Al....hope last night was a sign of things starting for you! enjoy cake and coffee!

    Been to MW..all as it should be...just had the health vidsitor round to introduce herself too..all go today hey.....right kitchen cupboards here i come!

  • Afternoon all!

    Hope Gopher and Morph are ok. Seems to be a lot of excitement going on today!

    MrsH - go easy on the housework. I was in agony after changing our bed the other day.

    Bexy - Kitchen cupboards are on my list too!

    Ally - hope no news is good news with the GTT. Enjoy the cake!

    RKB - enjoy the rabbit sitting!

    Alocin - sounds promising! Hope the pains turn into something substantial soon!

    AFM - not much going on here. Most exciting news today is that my pedicure on Thursday has been cancelled (boo) but they are going to do it next week for free! Bonus!

    Anyone else completely lose track how far gone they are? Someone asked me earlier how long I have left and I must have stared blankly at them for about a minute before I figured it out!



  • Afternoon ladies

    Wow, looks like all happened on yesterday's thread! Sorry i didn't get the chance to get back on but am wishing Gopher and Moprh the very best of luck x

    WH - Hope that scan/consultant goes well. Let us know how big baby is! Because of your GD will you be induced if baby doesn't arrive by your DD?

    MrsH - Hope that you managed to get your housework done quickly and are now enjoying the sun!

    Bexy - Absolutely great news about baby turning without any intervention - what a well behaved little one! Bet you are so relieved! My friend has just found out that her baby is breech and is doing all the exercises she can to get him to turn before an ecv

    Ally - I presume that no news is good news! Where you off to on holiday?

    Morph - Hope that all is well and you have managed to get seen this morning. Am sending you tons of luck and best wishes x

    Gopher - Good luck! Looking forward to hearing your BA

    RKB - I think that the girls at your work have a point about going to JL when in labour, think of all the free goodies! Are you all ready for baby to come as I know that you are still at work

    Al - Hope that last night was a sign of things to shortly come! Enjoy cake and gossip with the NCT girls!

    AFM - Beyonce was AMAZING last night although am feeling the tiredness this morning. Think that baby had fun as he/she was moving around to the music! I can't get over how much energy the woman has to sing and dance like she does! Had a lovely day with my mum and sister before the concert pottering round the shops and then out for dinner. They are both so excited about the baby and wanted to keep looking at baby clothes! I have a feeling that this little one is going to be very spoilt!

    Just had an email from the shop where bought our travel system confirming that it has now been delivered into the store - eeekk, it's all becoming a bit too real now! We also have our second NCT class this evening which should be good as the people we met last week were all really nice. Still counting down the days left at work - 10 more to go!

    Enjoy the rest of your day girls and look forward to hearing the (hopefully!) imminent BA's! x

  • Missed you there Rusty. Boo to pedicure being cancelled but fab news about it now being done for free, what a bonus! It also takes me some time to remember how far gone I am before answering people, am blaming it on baby brain!

  • Rusty - I do that all the time when people ask how far along I am, takes me a while to remember!

    Ferbs - we're off to France. Really looking forward to it although I am slightly gutted that there won't be much cheap wine being drunk :-(

  • Lucky you, would love to go away right now! Shame about the wine, and also the lovely soft cheeses...I would bring a stash home for after if I was you!

  • Hi everyone,

    Just popping on to say hope all is going well for morph and gopher today.

    I'm 38+3 and had a little bleed today, was just a one off and have my pre op appointment tomorrow so the hospital have said I can  stay home as long as it doesn't happen again! luckily H finished work early so Im now in bed with L watching cbeebies!  Has anyone else had spotting this late in pregnancy? (it was pinky/red and not mucas plug like)

    baby  out vibes to those who want them!  

  • Just a quick one from me.

    Libby- hope it's just a one off.

    Just had my appointments. Baby still on same centile so about 9lb6oz now at 38+2! All else fine. Not engaged yet but low apparently.

  • Hi all just popping on with an update.  I went into day assessment just after 8 was put on the ctg and typically the tightenings eased away to nothingBawl.  The mw called the doc who said because they had lasted over 24 hours (about 30) he wanted to assess me but was just going into theatre.  So I was sent off for some breakfast - the mw told me off when I arrived for having loads of ketones in my urine but I hadn't eaten this morning as I wa really sick and couldn't face it.  So off we went for a bit and came back an hour or so later.  Mw managed to collar doc before he went into theatre again.  Upshot it they don't know what's happening and it's a watch this space scenario.  If they pick up again a d remain intense for a period of 30 mins then I've to call in.  He admitted its probably going to be a crappy time and I'll be backwards and forwards now But every day they keep the baby in counts.

    had my 2nd lot of steroids and sent home under strict instructions to take paracetamol and get some sleep just in case things kick off.  Had a few tightenings since I came home but not as intense as last night. So it looks like you're all stuck with me a bit longer!

    O just got home from school and was most disappointed to see me here as she dropped me at the hospital before school this morning and was expecting the baby to be here by now Laugh

  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry another busy day (I need to get involved in mat leave chilling at some point!!) So really sorry Gopher, just seen this and I imagine you will be in the midst of having a baby right now - fingers tightly crossed for you! I should have just left my email on last night - it's [email protected] - daren't put my phone number on an open forum! But by the time you get this, you'll probably have updated! Anyway, if you want me, I'm here :) wishing you all the best.

    Alocin - Hope that backache starts up again very soon, how frustrating to have it stop!

    Baby out vibes to both Alocin and WH, and Hi and well wishes to everyone else - I WILL get on tomorrow!

    Lamby, 37+2

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