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Morning everyone

After a very busy weekend I'm thinking of having a restful day at home (if I will let me!)

bump has been really aching since yesterday evening. I'm putting it down to doing too much this weekend and hoping it will calm down today but will keep my eye on it. 

Hope you all have good Mondays x




  • Morning,

    Banzy- hope you manage to get some rest today.

    AFM not much to report. Off to a toddler group this morning then probably more housework this afternoon.

    Was hoping to see a BA for Nog this morning. Baby out vibes if they're still needed

    JT 37+4

  • Morning banzy. I hope you're bump stops aching today. That happens to me when I've done too much. Try and take it easy today x

    JT enjoy your day. Don't over do it with the house work x

    AFM I have an extra day off today. Was going in to work late anyway as mum is away and couldn't do the nursery drop for me. Then my MW books my home visit for 11 today which is ideal as Isla isn't here so we can chat without interruptions! By the time that's done it will take me 45 mins to get to work for an hour or so so not worth going. Just going to have a quiet day. Doing some washing etc. we had uni friends to stay at the weekend with their 1 year old. Isla was fab and not too boisterous. We had fun at an animal park and a walk into town. Hi to everyone else x

  • Morning all,

    Banzy have a restful day today, hope it helps with bump ache.

    JT enjoy toddler group, hope you get all your housework done.

    AFM its the week of my DD! I don't even think baby is engaged yet though so feeling a bit despondent. I'm so uncomfortable :( thought I had a few pains last night but nothing. Going to go for a nice long walk today and see if that kick starts anything.

    Baby out vibes to Nogs if they're still needed!


  • Oops missed you MrsB, sounds like there's a few of us having quiet days - enjoy!

  • Sorry, no BA from me today :(  I am throughly fed up, having been having  the odd cramps and mild contractions over the weekend but amounting to nothing.  I have the MW coming at lunchtime for a S+S so hopefully that might kick start things properly.  Otherwise I have to wait until Thursday for my consultant appointment at the hospital for another S+S and induction plan.  I am beginning to wish I'd opted for a section rather than another vbac I am that fed up!  

    Banzy  - hope you get a more restful day!

    JT - I too have housework to do, don't want the MW to think I live like  a slob but it's always bad on a Monday after the weekend so it always feels a bit daunting.  For now I'm going to have a cuppa instead  Enjoy toddler group!

    Hello to all that follow - and I'll still take any baby out vibes going spare!



  • Hi Mrs B, Sounds like you had a nice weekend :)

    Popcorn - don't you dare queue jump ;)  I had a brisk walk back from the school run, it's given me a bit of a tummy ache now.  Feet up for a bit for me!

  • Ah Noggin sorry you're still here. You must be fed up, I feel bad for moaning when I still have 3 days to go now. Hopefully the s+s gets things moving for you xxx

  • And I wouldn't dare queue jump, promise!

  • Happy Monday everyone!!

    Banzy- hope you manage to put your feet up today!

    jellytot- don't over do it with the housework! We were lookinf at new hoover y.day & i was trying to convince H to get the robot one that just wizzes around by itself. He wasn't interested though!

    MrsB- sounds like a good day! hope all goes well with the midwife!

    popcorn- happy due date week! Baby out vibes!!!

    Noggin- I was going to say that I didn't think you had been on over the weekend so mayby things had started...:-( fingers crossed for the S&S! Lots of baby out vibes!

    Today is the first day of a 6 day week for me, Im am not looking forward to it, especially as im so used to 3 day weeks now! Plus it will be finished off with my friends 30th birthday party on Sat night!  I do have all of next week off to make up for it though!

    the bump pains i had saturday have not returned, Im mainly just uncomfotable now. Im wondering if maybe I just over did it with my family on Saturday!

  • Morning all,

    Banzy- Hope I lets you have a restful day! Try not to do anything too physical either way.

    JT- Why does the housework never seem to end :( Hope you have a good day.

    MrsB- Extra day off, lucky you! Enjoy.

    Popcorn- Hope your walk kicks things off. We need some more BA's!

    Noggin- Sending all the baby out vibes in the world to you! Lets hope the S+S helps move things along.

    AFM- Bump has been getting uncomfortable. She is still really high and keeps kicking my ribs. SD FINALLY felt her kicking over the weekend, the look on her face was priceless! Put primer and undercoat on the upstairs doors yesterday and got the car handle fixed whoohoo! H's dad is coming over one night during the week to fit the bedroom door handles so we will be all handled up! Got lots to sort over the next few weeks but hoping it all comes along quickly and baby doesn't make an early appearance.

    Oh, and I finish work tomorrow! Eek can't wait!

  • Wow it got busy quickly here today!

    JT - you put me to shame, my house is a tip at the mo.

    mrs b - sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Hope the home visit goes well today x

    Pc - not long now, enjoy your walk

    Noggin - baby out vibes and fingers crossed for the s&s.

    Mrs bass -sounds like you might have overdone it, take care of yourself this week and get rest where you can x

    Sam - sounds like you're getting organised, my niece gave me that same look when she felt baby, it's lovely isn't it x

  • Sam- that's great that your SD got to feel some movement! Glad to hear you are progressing with your door handles!

    Banzy- that's going to be easier said than done! At least the beginning of the week is mainly sat at my desk, Thursday im running an event and Sat we have a huge event which is all hands on deck and friday is the set up for it! The team are really good at making sure i only have the easy stuff to do do, they wont even let me lift a leaflet!

  • Morning all!

    Banzy, hope you manage to get some rest today!

    JT, urgh, I have housework to do. Unfortunately, baby shopping has stopped me this morning! ;)

    MrsB, enjoy your day off! :)

    Popcorn, lots of baby out vibes for you this week!

    Oh Noggin, sorry you are so fed up! Sending you bucketloads of baby out vibes!

    MrsBass, try to take some rest time this week too! Sounds like a busy one xx

    Sam, baby boy here keeps sticking his feet in my ribs, it is so uncomfortable isn't it? :/  Enjoy your last day al work tomorrow!

    Me, suffering today after going swimming yesterday. Took B after his swimming lesson and just planned to sit in the pool while he swam about with OH but I ended up doing a few lengths of the main pool. 8 in total, not a lot but really feeeling it today. Did my hours walk this morning for the school run so not much movement from me since I got home! lol. Luckily OH is home this afternoon and tomorrow to do the school runs in his car :)

    Still getting crampy pains and tightenings quite a bit but convinced it is just braxton hicks/stretching. Hope so!

    C, 31+4.

  • Hi all, just come on here quickly on my lunch break so no time for personals im afraid. Last day at work today before my mat leave starts. So cannot wait for 5pm to be here. I am going to miss the girls that i work with though. Baby out vibes for noggin!

  • MrsB enjoy your extra day off. I haven't had a MW home visit this time. I'm pleased though as would just worry about the state of the house.

    PC hope the long walk gets things going and you don't have too much longer to wait

    Nog hope the s&s goes well. With any luck when the MW does it she will say you're already a couple of cm dialated

    MrsBass I like the sound of that Hoover, never heard of that before. Six day week doesn't sound good, try to take it easy

    Sam I agree, housework is never ending. Especially washing and ironing. Lovely that SD felt baby move

    Chimp baby shopping sounds much more fun than housework. Put your feet up for the est of the day

    MS enjoy your last day.

    AFM W has now gone for a nap but I've decided to sit and watch tv and hope the magic fairies will come and tidy the house for me lol

  • Afternoon all!

    Noggin - so hoped things would have got going for you. Hopefully the first S&S will do the trick.

    Banzy, hope you're managing a restful day.

    JT - yuk to housework. My lovely mum was cleaning my windows yesterday as I just can't face it / reach now!

    MrsB, sounds like a lovely weekend and good timing to have a day off today!

    Popcorn, happy due date week! Baby might be more engaged that you think - my MW can't feel my baby's head at all (couldn't at 34 weeks and scan at 36 weeks confirmed head is right in my pelvis) but it doesn't 'feel' engaged to me - I expected to get that 'bowling ball' feeling that people talk about, but apart from more frequent 'bladder plunges' which I assume have come from baby being further down, it's not been uncomfortable.

    Mrs Bass - good luck with your 6 day week, sounds exhausting!

    Sam - sounds like a productive weekend! Enjoy your last couple of days at work.

    Chimp - enjoy your relaxing afternoon, hope you're not too sore from swimming.

    MS - I hope 5pm comes by quickly!

    AFM - went to tesco this morning and bought a lot of the last bits for my labour, post-labour and baby bag, like maternity pads, wipes, paracetamol, giant knickers and lip balm. Still got quite a few bits to buy, but I think if I went into labour tonight we'd be ok. I'm going shopping with mum tomorrow so hopefully that'll be just about everything sorted then. I'm feeling pretty good overall - the PEP has reduced slightly (I take 1 antihistamine every night, and ease the itching with cold flannels and ice packs when it's bad), the sciatica and SPD is loads better since stopping work, and I'm getting more sleep. I just have to remember not to do too much - Tesco wiped me out this morning!

  • Quick update, S&S was ok but only 1cm and still quite posterior so not looking like anything much is going to happen soon.  Next appointment is Thursday, lets hope I don't need it!!

  • Noggin- Really hope you dont make it to your next appointment!

    Well I have just finished handover of all my work. All starting to feel very real now that I will be leaving VERY soon! :)

  • Chimp- that is a lot of walking, glad you get off the next couple of runs!

    MS- I hope you are enjoying your last day!

    JT- the hoover is amazing, u just switch it on and it wizzes around by itself hoovering. i said to H it would be brilliant as I could put my feet up and have a brew while it does the hoovering then realised that H does the hoovering most of the time anyway so that is what i do now! :-)

    Mrs 50s- you sound very prepared to me!

    Noggin- **Baby out vibes before Thursday!**

    Sam- how exciting! an hour and a half to go!!

    Ive just had a bottle of lucozade (never usual drink it) and baby went a bit crazy! think i may have over done my caffine allowance today!

  • MrsBass- It is my last day tomorrow, but I don't plan on doing any work ;-) I never drink Lucozade either. Wonder if baby will have the same effect if I have some?

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