***friday 3rd tri***


Over due bench- baby out vibes!!!


10th - Gemini

14th - Mrs Bass

17th- Custard 

Happy due date!!!

The list!

23rd - Dizzyduck

25th - HorseFan

26th - Penny


1st - jen

2nd - MrsPenguin

24th - CK


8th - Rose

8th - Little Dude

19th - OB

19th - Purple Pixie

20th - fig leaves

21st - neverlosehope

25th - Isis

27th - Mrs V


4th - *sweetpea*



  • Morning ladies,

    Hope you're all well. I been up ages with really bad periody type pains and killer spd so I'm having a hot bath before H goes to work as I think I may get stuck getting out today!

    My shocking mood I was in yesterday has passed and we decided that if we have no baby by Christmas Eve we'll go shopping for Christmas dinner stuff so we will have a Christmas. I want to apologise to Gemini as I was moaning at her all day (even more than usual!)!

  • Morning Custard

    That list is looking scary now!

    Hope your spd  eases and hope you can be mobile!

    Baby outs to all wanting them.

    Afm, hospital with H this morning then straight onto a foof wax for me, not the most relaxing of days! Had my best mate stay over last night which was lovely so that's been a nice distraction!

    Hello to all xxx

  • **Being a nosey moo** sounds like the start of things to me Custard! ;-) Hope it is for you xxx

  • Morning penguin :) hope all goes well with your H at the hospital and the waxing isn't too painful!

  • Oh I hope you're right coco!!  How are you doing?!

  • Good thanks love....just impatient for scans etc! I'm convinced she's on ger way....I think yesterday was "the ***" and now she's on mission baby out! ;-)

  • Can't say ar5e now....feck me!

  • I love the ways we have to be creative!

  • Morning ladies! Sorry I have been AWOL, I'm hoping to be about more after today as it's my last day at work for a year, eek! I'm having a lazy getting ready for work, in for a few hours and then that's me done and left with lots of time to be posting on here ;)

    Custard I agree with Coco! FX it's starting something...!

    Mrs P hope you had a lovely time with your friend, at least it was something nice before your not so pleasant sounding morning!!! I hope it goes OK with your H at hospital.

    Not much to report for me babywise. Lots of big movement, I suppose he's starting to get a bit squashed in there. Had a very irritable bladder all week- feel like I need to pee alllll the damn time even just after I've gone, but no infection, so wondering if it's just my poor bladder being squashed?! Otherwise all OK, last NCT last night which was lovely :)

  • Morning all!

    Custard- Don't be silly, I don't mnd. Moaning keeps us sane! Hope the pains are the start of something for you! :-)

    Mrs P- hope all goes well with hubby at the hospital, ouch to the foof wax!

    Coco- Hola lovely lady! *waves* :-D

    Tomorrow is induction D day for me. Is it strange that im excited as in that it could be the end of the waiting?! Im not deluded and know that

    I could be in there a long while but it is nearing!

  • Morning Rose- yep the big movements are a killer. I feel suffocated and the kicks Im currently getting are soooo painful! Hope it eases for you!

  • Oh no, I imagine what I'm getting is 10% of what you must be!!! H thought it was pretty amusing how strong the movements were the other night, got to love a supportive H haha! Good luck with D Day tomorrow, so exciting and won't be long before you meet your baby I'm sure! You're probably more than ready ;-)

  • Thanks Rose. Utterly ready now, had enough! Ha

  • Morning all, eeek how did i get so close to top of list!?!?

    Custard - Sounds like the ar5e to me .... reckon you'll have a baby in a day or two :-)

    MrsP - hope the hospital trip and wax arent too bad!

    Hello Coco

    Rose - sounds bonkers but i would increase the amount of fluids you're drinking - you get the urge to pee if urine is v.concentrated

    Gem - the end is in sight! Hope it goes smoothly for you

    AFM - Well another terrible nights sleep. Gah! Aching hips are driving me nuts. Back not so bad this morning - it does seem to ease off when i start moving about.

    Off to PlayStop Gym with LO this morning and then the MIL is coming for dinner. Also the local rotary club should be coming our road this afternoon with Santa on a sleigh(lorry/float thing) but i'm not sure what time.... so think best plan is not going to mention it to LO incase we miss it!

  • Morning!!

    Custard- glad u u are feeling better, good idea to focus on something nice like Xmas dinner!

    Mrs P- vibes for ur H, rather u than me with the wax!

    rose- sounds like a squished bladder to me, very familiar with that!

    Gemini- no it's mega exciting, u are so close to meeting your baby now!

    i had some baby cuddles yday with one of the NCT babies which was lovely the H and I went out for dinner. Had a very active baby who was causing some sharp pains down below all evening. Plus i had a bowl of po
  • ...on my bump which was moving all over the place, i got a great video of that!

    Woke up at 2:30 this morn with bump ache but went for a poo and it was fine!

    midwife this morning for another sweep!!
  • HF- enjoy your busy day!

    Mrs Bass- good luck with your sweep. Hope it gets things moving!

  • Morning All

    your all so fast at typing messages i find it hard to keep up lol! yay thank god its friday!

    Custard - really hope this is the start for you

    Mrs P - well done on the waxing, i  had it done once and never again! i have no idea what my foof looks like now :)

    Gemini - getting really excited for you now! not long lovely!

    Mrs B - Good luck with the sweep hopw it gets things going!

    Rose - hope your ok squished bladder sounds like no fun at all

    my bump has dropped dramatically over the last two days, think the dude has been going for a bit of a swim and decided to move! however i cant tell where the heck it is! one of my colleauges had their twins yesterday 5lb6 and 3lb5. really tiny little one! but both doing well! i cant wait to see them, this is now the 4th person in my circle to have multiples in the last year! i will just stick with my one baby :)

    on my own at work this afternoon and not looking forward to it! oh well, only 14 more working days and i go on maternity leave! yayyyy!!!!! have a good day ladies! sending you lots of baby out vibes to the ones who require it x

  • Morning everyone

    Wow, busy already!

    Custard - Hope things are starting for you but at least christmas dinner will be something to look forward to if baby doesn't arrive.

    Mrs P - Good luck with the waxing, I can't bring myself to do it! Luckily I can just about keep things tidy down there at the moment :)

    Rose - Nice to see you, glad NCT is going well. Ours is starting on 11th Jan and I'm looking forward to it.

    Gemini - Good luck hope it goes well. My friend was induced and she was already dilated so they broke her waters and baby was born by midnight the same day! Hopefully yours will be quick too.

    HF - Hope you manage to get some rest today (although sounds like you might!). If you are anything like me I find it hard to slow down, I like keeping busy!

    Mrs B - Hope the sweep gets things going for you!

    NLH - Wow, 14 days to go, that's not long at all. I'm counting down too, only 6 full weeks at work after christmas!

    AFM - So looking forward to finishing for Christmas. Only today and Monday to go and I have MW then so leaving work early (very well planned I think!).

    Baby wise - Really need to get nursery started after christmas. Hoping H might start it whilst he's off for Christmas. Also need to order the pushchair and car seat else baby won't be able to come home from hospital! Can't believe how quick time is going now, I keep saying it but its true!

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

  • Morning! Busy already today!

    Custard - I'm keeping everything crossed that it's defo the start of something!!

    Mrs P - vibes for your H. xxxx And ouch - foof wax!

    Hi coco!

    Rose - happy last day!! Defo sounds like baby is getting squished and is probably right on top of your bladder!

    Gemini - so excited for you that it all kicks of tomorrow! I'll be popping in all weekend to see the news!

    HF - glad you aren't in quite so much pain but lack of sleep and all that discomfort is a killer. Hope you survive the day and are distracted by santa!

    Mrs B - I have no idea what you were vbalancing on your bump (mobile site cut off1) but i bet it was amazing to watch moving about! Fx for the sweep!  

    NLH - Oh not long left at work at all now! Lovely news about the twinnies!

    Mrs V - I'm totally with you! Time is flying now! I also need to get the car seat bought and think about a hospital bag and newborn clothes....I've decided to wait for January and enjoy the hols!

    AFM - I had some of yon baby insomnia during the night and every time I felt myself dropping off the baby woke up and would start wriggling. It really is impossible to sleep through that! Last day at work today for a fortnight!!!! YAY!!!!!!

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