***Friday 3rd Tri***

Morning ladies,  happy friday!

All I have planned today is coffee with the NCT ladies this afternoon!

We went out last night to the pub with some friends which was great fun (making the most of the social life while I can!) H got fairly drunk and when we got home  expressed his feelings about the labour, birth and first few weeks of having a baby. It was really sweet yet repetative! I think heis more ready than me!

He also so heis in no rush to get the shelves up as the baby won't be using the room straight away! I pointed out that I would just like it ticked off and so we have somewhere to put everything rather than in a bag on the floor!

I then went silent as he said " I could do it in a couple of weeks....or maybe next weekend.....might be able to do them sunday....or tomorrow night"

Yay,hopefully he'll get them done tonight! :0)



  • Morning All

    Mrs B - that made me chuckle about the shelves, My hubby is off today and he knows there is stuff to be done! Wondering how much will be done though :/

    Well thats it, 28 weeks, 3rd trimester is here! Hurrahhh!!!

    had my first Hypnobirthing class last night, that was interesting, think it will take some time to get used to, has anyone in here done it?

    just to pre warn you all i am pretty cack at doing personals as i dash on here quick while my boss isnt looking!

    had midwife yesterday and baby wolfy is doing ok, got to go back for bloods today, and i finally have a physio appointment next week for my SPD, i know there isnt much they can do but i will go along and see what they say

    have a good day everyone x

  • Happy Friday!

    Mrs Bass. Ah love your H's tipsy ramblings. Hope the shelves get done tonight!

    NLH, missed you joing 3rd Tri, how exciting! Hope the physio works for you. They gave me a belt yesterday and it's hopefully helping.

    Afm. 1 week left at work ! Just been told I need to present to the whole department onmonday, not what i needed in my last week! Have my 1st NCT class tomorrow, looking forward to it. Does anyone know if it's ok to take food, ours are 10 til 3!

  • Mrs P - i am starting NCT in two weeks, this is also something i thought about as ours is 10 - 4!

  • NLH- yay to third tri! Hope the physio can help!

    MrsP- yay to one week! Yay! Boo to the presentation! Im sure they wouldn't mind you taking food! Ours were in the eveing and they supplied tea, coffee, squash and biscuits for our breaks!

  • Morning ladies.

    10-4 class... I'm sure they'd expect you to take a picnic!

    Mrsbass- hope you get your shelves up tonight! We had a man in to do a few jobs (build bathroom unit thing!) and I asked him to put my nursery shelf up!

    NLH and penguin- hope both of your spds aren't too bad. :(

    Afm- I slept pretty well last night, baby is very wriggly! Next mw appointment is on tue where hopefully she'll say something positive!
  • Morning all!

    Mrs Bass - hope hubby gets those shelves up! Don't they know it has to be perfect?! Our blind went up yesterday, just got to iron the curtains ( another ebay bargain at £20, in mamas and papas theyre £85!)

    NLH- morning! Hope you get some help with your SPD, I only really got it from 34 weeks but boy is it painful at this late stage.

    Mrs P- yay to only having one week left! I'd say if no mention of food then to take your own. Im not sure about NCT classes, mine was a private one with my midwife and we all had cakes, hot sausage rolls and pastries...mmmm, so healthy!

    Custard-  Guess I ought to do pleasantries (sp) with you, even though we talk lots daily! ;-) wont be long and we can meet up with our matching bugaboos! Ha

    AFM- had a horrendous sleep, so this morning when hubby got up at 6 for work, I went to get some breakfast, watched a bit of morning tv and then had a sleep. From 9-11.15! Oops! Oh well :-)

    Today its ironing for me, along with a bit of cleaning. Might bake some cakes too!

  • Gemini - do i see another bugaboo person in here!!! woo hoo!!!

  • Gemini and I have the bugaboo cameleon 3 in petrol blue! We ordered it about the same time! We'll look so cool when we meet up with the same pram! (Best check we have the right baby!). What did you go for NLH?
  • hey custard

    i got a cameleon in red, it came last week and i wheel it around daily!

  • Of course NLH, you know I love my bugaboo! Its up in our conservatory, ready to go!

  • they are freaking awesome i have to admit! im on the bugaboo forum on facebook (yes i am sad) i am buying a taggy for the middle bar they look great some woman custom makes them on the group

  • Have you got a link to the group? I still need to invenst in the cupholder!

  • Hi ladies. I officially feel terrible. Headache. Painful Braxton hicks yesterday evening - whole bump aching. Called Midwife this morning and as she had to drop off my hospital notes (for homebirth) she offered to drop in and do blood pressure / urine dip too. Everything appears Fine so conclusion is that it's the antibiotics I've been on making me feel terrible. Gah, fed up of being pregnant now!
  • Oh HF how awful for you! :-( can they not give you any different ones that don't have the same side effects?

    Eeks, just looked at my ticker, 11 days until DD!! :-O how did that happen?!

  • No because the bacteria I've got are resistant to the different ones... Or the different ones weren't safe in pregnancy. It was last day of them yesterday tho - so hopefully they've done the job and I'll start to feel better soon.
  • Gemini - the group is called Bugaboo & pramaholics Buy & Sell Bay

    i joined it to ask people about the cameleon before we bought it, there is loads of people that sell theirs and also sell accessories in there, but also people in there post their custom made bugaboo stuff! if yuo go on there just write a post and ask what you want

    its great

  • HF -Sorry to hear you are feeling so poo, the end is in sight now your on the home straight x

  • Oh yeah and my H has been uncontactable all morning. He has now turned his phone off/on again and it's working again and he sent an apologetic text ..... Ummm seriously Man, get it sorted out!
  • Hope you start to feel better soon HF!

    Thsnks NLH will search for it now.

  • Hello everyone

    I'm FINALLY on maternity leave, yay! So I can get on here a lot more, which is ace.  I tried signing in this morning to say hi but it wouldn't let me for some reason.

    I've just been to an NCT Bumps and Babies session in my local church hall - was good, but very scary to see all the mummies with their babies, made it all seem very real! Now just going to chill out and enjoy the rest of my first day of leave.

    Has anyone else noticed a change in the movements and behaviour of their baby towards the end (35+ weeks)? I feel like he's slowed down and hasn't moved as much over the last week or so,  just wondering if this sounds normal or whether I should worry?

    Mrs Bass your H's drunken ramblings sound very sweet. I hope he gets those shelves up for you soon.

    NLH I can't believe you're in third tri, the time is just flying by!

    Mrs P - one more week at work, yay! The presentation doesn't sound much fun though. If your class is 10-3 i would have thought that you would be able to take food. Mine only ran from 10-1 but we had a break for drinks and biscuits, so I'm guessing you might have something similar?

    Hi Custard, hope you're good.

    Gemini there's nothing wrong with having another sleep. It's a shame we can't store it up though, for use after baby is here!

    HF hope you feel better soon.

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