***Monday 3rd Tri***

Morning everyone

38+6 had a lovely weekend with the family, nice and relaxing. 

I am now the most pregnant I have ever been and I'm not hopeful anything will happen soon. Baby seems to have got quite comfy and I haven't had any signs for a few days. Still wriggling around lots and did let me have a better nights sleep last night. 

Baby out vibes to those that need them! 



  • Morning Banzy, glad you had a relaxing weekend! Hopefully baby will decide to put in an appearance soon.

    Woke up so many times last night with all the wind and rain! Nice to have a lighter morning though. H starting his new job today so I'm under strict instructions to keep baby in....

    Hope everyone has a good Monday xx

  • Morning banzy, glad you had a good nights sleep. Makes everything else better

    BE - better cross those legs! My husband has a packed week and works for himself. He would rather I crossed mine too this week!

    after having some positive signs over the weekend like cramps and increased braxton hicks its now nothing :-( off to do the food shop now before it gets busy. Hi to all that follow x x
  • Morning all,

    Banzy perhaps this bad weather will be just what the baby needs to think they will make an appearance!

    BE hope your Hs first day goes well and that baby is on its best stay put behaviour!

    LP I had a dream last night that you queue jumped Mrs 50s and had your baby first!!! Also, because I have no idea what you look like, in my dream you had long purple hair (like the pony pic!)

    Not much from me, back to work today although I do have an antinatal class to afternoon so a half day really which I'm very glad about as I had a terrible night sleep!

  • BE- keep that baby in a little longer!

    LP - your up early for the food shop, I've started doing mine online, the trolley is getting to heavy!!

    MissDD - lovely to have a half day on a Monday

    Don't think we'll be doing much today, the rain is horrible and since I've been up my nose hasn't stopped running and I have a headache, looks like I'm coming down with something! Great!

  • Morning all!

    Glad you got a decent night's sleep Banzy, are you ready for baby out vibes?!

    BE, have you got anything planned today (other than keeping your legs crossed?!)

    LP, I had a similar thing last weekend, positive signs for a while and then over a week of nothing. So frustrating!

    MDD, how funny about your dream! It's quite likely, I've been queue jumped by loads of non-MDers so far! Loving the idea of LP with long purple hair. I hope your morning passes quickly and you have an enjoyable antenatal class.

    AFM, I had a reasonable nights sleep. I tried wearing PJs (I don't know about the rest of you, but with this internal hot water bottle I am permanently roasting!) so although I was hot and had to go duvet-less (in October, with the windows slightly open - madness!) I slept better because I could move more easily - we've got a waterproof mattress protector on in case my waters go in bed, and for the past couple of weeks I've been 'sticking' to the sheet - yuk! PJs definitely helped so I'll just have to put up with being a bit over-warm.

    Another reflexology appointment this morning, which is making H nervous because we also need to empty and refill the pool. He has visions of me coming back from the appointment in full blown labour and the pool being empty! (I think it'll take a couple of hours to empty, then it'll need a quick clean, then 2-3 hours to fill it again). No other plans for the day!

  • Morning ladies,

    Banzy- glad you had a better nights sleep. My baby seems quite comfy too. I wonder if a day of star jumps will make them get fed up!?

    BE- good luxk keeping your legs crossed today! Hope the weather isn't too bad where you are.

    LP- do you feel like you have dropped at all? I haven't had any cramps etc. but feel like she might be making her way down a little more! Hope things kick off for you soon.

    MissDD- half a day is good, especially on a bad nights sleep. Hope work goes quickly for you.

    AFM- had a better nights sleep laat night. Baby has felt lower the last 2 days but other than that no sign of her making an appearance! You will all be glad to know bags are all packed so we are ready to go. Went nursing bra shopping yesterday but they didn't have my size in stock so need to try a different store which is a pain...

  • LP - The shopping might help move things along?

    Mdd - Enjoy your antenatal class. The purple hair for LP did make me giggle!

    Banzy - Could that be a sign that things are happening?

    Mrs50s - Think I'll be staying in the warm and dry! Fingers crossed the reflexology helps. I've got a mattress protector on and had the same problem as you, I've put a towell on top of it (under the sheets) which seems to be better!

  • Mrs50s- im not usually one for pyjamas anyway but I went shopping yesterday and had to leave H to queue up because I was so hot I thought I was going to pass out! We still haven't had the heating on yet because im roasting all the time. Hope your reflexology appointment moves things along but not too quickly so you can get the pool sorted!

  • Missed you Sam - Well done for packing! Hope you get your bra, I've ordered all of mine online.

  • Hi ladies, just poking my head in to say hi and give baby out vibes to mrs50s and anyone else in need. I thought we'd have had a few BAs by now. I think there's going to be a few of you close together!

    Today is my first day on my own with two children as H has gone to work. I am still unsure how I will make it through the day but have already achieved more for the day than I expected- getting dressed!!

  • Morning everyone! Hope noone has been efected by the storm, we just had a lot of rain and a bit of wind!

    Banzy- glad you got a good nights sleep!! Baby out vibes!

    BE- you had better keep your legs corssed then!

    LP- are you wanting Baby out vibes?!

    missdeedee- atleast you only have half a day to ease youself back in! Enjoy your class!

    Mrs50s- i hope the reflexology appointment works, but not too quickly!

    Sam- glad to hear that you have your bag packed!!

    AFM- had a great birthday party on Saturday! was great to see so many friends and family! Still cant quite get use to sober dancing though, what do I usually do with my arms when im dancing?! everyone seemed to have a great time and bump got lots of rubs!

    Movement has really slowed down now. It does worry me evry now and then but I do know they are running out of space in there. I probably feel someonething once, maybe twice a day and its only one or 2 light kicks now. I wasnt feeling anything this morning and trying to remember the last time i had so i had a glass of water and got a few movements so felt a lot better!

    the last couple of mornings i have woken up at 6am and been wide awake! this wasnt fun yesterday after only 4 hours sleep! Had to have a nap before Downton!

    Apart fromt hat, usual compaints of heartburn getting worse and restless legs in the evening. Starting my mat leave countdown now though!!!

  • Morning all!

    Banzy - Hope something happens for you soon

    BE - Hope you H's first day goes well. Keep those legs crossed (just kidding)

    LP - Hoping that things kick off for ou soon

    Miss DD - Enjoy the antenatal class this afternoon

    Mrs50s - Hope the reflexology works for you, and that the pool doesn't take too long

    Sam - Good to hear that your all packed and ready

    AFM - Had some lower back pain yesterday which got worse in the evening, so took paracetamol and had a nice warm bath and it disappeared, which was nice but also slightly disheartening as i was hoping it was a sign of things starting. Never mind, i will just have to keep being patient. It did mean that H went into to tidy mode to "get everything ready for the baby" which was good.

  • BE- I think online might be the way to go.

    JT- fingers crossed today goes smoothly! You have already achieved more than me this morning so pat on the back for getting dressed!

    MrsBass- so glad you had a lovely birthday party! I know exactly what you mean about the sober dancing. My friend was home when I was about 33 weeks so we all went out and had a bit of a dance. I felt like such a pillock! Haha  I don't really feel many definite kicks now but feel baby moving/ rolling etc. Have you been feeling anything like this? If you're concerned at all I'd definitely give the mw's a call just to put your mind at ease. Once you pick the phone up baby will no doubt start wriggling away just to prove you wrong!

  • MS- is that the key to getting men to clean!? Im going to spend the next few days telling H I think things might be happening haha.

  • OOOps slow typer today

    JT - Hope things are going well for you, im sure you will be fine today

    MrsBass - I think you should give MW a call if your concerened about lack of movements, they say you should be feeling atleast 10 a day.

    Sam - It seems that it is the trick to get them cleaning, give it a go tonight!

  • Banzy that sounds like a fab weekend :o) Hope the cold symptoms don’t come to anything.

    BE – fingers crossed you make it through the day – good luck to your H – very daunting first days!!

    LP  - morning! Hope you get some good snacks – food shopping is my fav activity at the mo.

    MDD  - hope your morning passes quickly!

    Mrs50’s – PJs defo help me sleep :o) I also got some nice Christmassy looking ones in Primark last week – super cosy!

    Sam – I’ve also done bra shopping – ended up doing it online in the end as it was such a pain.

    JT – dressed and managed to post on here!!!  Well done – and good luck!

    Mrs Bass – my poor baby nmust be well annoyed – whenever she gets into a decent sleep  I’m always “oooh is everything ok...lets have some water, juice, bounce around :o)

    MS – ooh a tidying husband – I may have some pains later... ;O)

    AFM – Im WFH today , haven’t been on a lot in the past 2 weeks as work has been STUPID! But hey only 9 days to go, then a week in the highlands on holiday (I know, I know!) and then maternity leave – wooopeee!

  • Miss dee dee - loving the purple hair dream ;-) yes I am a my little pony in real life.

    mrs bass I would love baby out vibes but mrs 50s needs them first. I shall wait my turn x x
  • Sam- I did feel like a plonker! Yes it is more movements rather than kicks. which I then think "is it just wind?" After i had the cold water this morn i fif get definate kicks though.

    MS- 10 a day, really? It is definatly not that active! I did mention to the midwife last week that movement had dramaticly reduced  but i was having a cold drink then feeling movements and she didnt seem concerned as i was still feeling movements. I'll see how it is over the next couple of days.

    weemee- enjoy your unrestricted internet use today!!

  • Mrs 50s - fingers crossed for the reflexology and lots of baby out vibes!

    Sam - very annoying about the bras, online is probably your best bet.

    JT - you were dressed before be so well done, I think that's an achievement on your first day alone

    Mrs Bass - glad you had a lovely birthday, I'm rubbish at sober dancing, I need a drink in my hand!

    MS - baby out vibes for you, you seem very patient! More than me!

    Weeme - yay for working at home!

  • MrsBass- I sure everything is fine and baby is just being a little rascal! I really wouldn't hesitate to give the mw's a call if you arr concerned though because I know how worrying it can be.

    Banzy- going to try the trafford centre and if I don't have any joy there will be shopping online.

    Well just come round to my sisters and she has said that it looks like baby has dropped. MIL said the same yesterday and my mum said it on Saturday,  all without prompting so looks like she is heading in the right direction!

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