***Wednesday 3rd Tri***


Hope this finds everyone well this fine Wednesday morning! Can I just say of today's date and my ticker, "waaaaaaaaah"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all. 



  • Happy due date sweet pea x

  • Hey

    Happy due date sweetpea x you got any plans for today?

    Afm was having those weird back pains last night. I think it might be SPD related. Think i might be in class today as teachers have began catching the sick bug now :( x Babys movements were crazy last night whole stomach moving lol x
  • No plans ABC. In fact other than the MW I have no plans now at all!! I've been varnishing the oak worktops in the kitchen so will give them another going over today. Riveting!

    Are you not normally in the classroom? Be careful not to catch that bug! That would be horrible :(

  • Hey sweetpea..have a relaxing day. Im a depute ht hence why not in class x
  • Morning all.

    Happy due date Sweetpea! I hope things happen for you over the next few days, I know how frustrating the last waiting bits are.

    Abc, boo to the back pain, hope it's better today. Fingers crossed you manage to stay big free- don't breathe near any of the children ok? ;-)

    I had a lovely day with J yesterday until the way home from soft play when some idiot ran into the back of me at a roundabout then ranted that it was my fault for braking too sharply! Nobber, you have to brake when the car in front of you stops, and no, it wasn't sharp. Car's ok but scratched and a small crack in the bimper, am putting it through insurance as he said he wouldn't accept liability- think he has to through insurance as he ran into the back of me. I'm a bit headachy still this morning, and have had a sore pelvis since- can spd be brought in by a bump, even a little one? Hope it doesn't last long. Not sure whether to replace the car seat, was pretty low impact but they do say to after every accident. Such a hassle the whole thing.

    Hope everyone else is having a good Wed!

  • Morning! Happy dd sp!!!!!!!!!! I'm still predicting the weekend for you. Abc I hope you can avoid the bug, you really don't need that!! AFM I had a restless night but did sleep a fair amount. Hips agony every time I move. I'm so fed up with the constant pain!!! Toddler group in the village with p this morning then might see a friend and her toddler later. Counter I hope you're feeling better today lovely.
  • Oh sg what a pain!!! Glad you and I are ok. Let the insurance people sort it all out. I'd probably replace the seat, your insurance will pay for one so might as well. I don't think it can be spd as such, probably just sore/maybe bruising from the sudden stop. Your ligaments are looser than usual so you're more likely to get soft tissue damage. Do get checked out if you're worried, has baby been moving as usual since?
  • Spikey goodness thats a pain about accident. Get yourself checked if worried and I would claim new car seat on insurance just to be safe x

    Autumrose sorry you cant get comfy hope you have a nice day with P x x
  • Happy due date sweet pea

    Abc sorry about the pain, what can be done for spd?

    SG if he had been the correct distance it wouldn't of mattered how sharply you broke! Hope you are alright though, what a p r I c k

    Sounds like a lovely day AR how are you enjoying being on leave now?

    Afm well what a weekend, we built the cot, packed the bags and I electrocuted myself haha

    Other than that all is fine. Went out for dinner last night and didn't get any pancakes :-(

    I slept really  well but this morning I cannot wake up I seem to have really bit a wall today.

    The lady I work with is making me feel guilty for leaving aswell and is making work really difficult so I don't want to go in :-(

  • Hi Monnie thats horrible feeling not wanting to go to work..why she making it difficult ? How much longer do you gave until mat starts? X
  • I have 34 working days :-) unfortunately she is infertile. And so since I announced my pregnancy she has made life hard. I understand that she is jealous and can appreciate that but some days are such  a struggle with her, and if I ever say anything like iv got a headache for example she snaps  and says "your not the first person to have a baby you know"

  • That makes for an awkward situation monnie. Do you have a manager or someone you could mention it to? Hope it's not too bad once you get there.
  • I just feel like there's no point, my manager is like a wet blanket anyway but with only a few weeks to go I should just get on through it, it just feels like such an effort to go in everyday. I was off on Monday to go up the hospital after the electrocution, and she made out like I took the day off to sleep. And I felt like saying so what if I did,I'm exhausted.. She made me feel awful!

  • But I don't dare explain how I'm feeling to her, because then I feel bad

  • SP - happy due date! Sending you lots of baby out vibes - I'm thinking Sunday for the big day!

    ABC - hope you avoid catching the bug, sounds nasty.

    SG - that guy sounds like a total idiot! That's definitely not stress that you need at the moment. Glad you and J are ok.

    AR - sorry you had another rubbish night. Hope you can take it easy today. Even my hips are starting to hurt in bed now if I'm on one side for too long so can't imagine how much pain you must be in most of the time.

    Monnie - your colleague sounds...lovely! Hope the day passes quickly. Exciting that your cot is set up! Ours is still in the box in the conservatory!

    AFM - has such a sore back yesterday when I left work, it was really uncomfortable and I could barely lift my left leg when I was trying to walk so had an interesting journey shuffling home! Still have so much to do at work, I'm getting worried it won't all be finished, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment. Trying to get through everything I can before doing a handover next Wednesday. I'm starting to think I might actually miss work a bit, which is a strange feeling!

  • That build up to finishing work is really odd flossy. I had so much to do last week because I made the decision so suddenly and I was panicked about getting it done. You'll get there though and it'll be worth it once you finish. Don't worry you'll have plenty to make you forget about work very soon :-)
  • Morning Ladies

    SP- happy due date!

    ABC - Hope the back pain isn't too bad

    SG- Take it easy today. Someone ran in to the back of me when I was 9 weeks. We were in rolling traffic and she floored the accelerator rather than the brake! I really did ache for a week after.

    AR- hope the hips behave themselves today. Enjoy your day

    Monnie- that lady sounds horrid. Just put your head down and think after today there is only 33 days!

    Flossy- you'll get used to not being at work very easily ;-) I worked very long hours with a lot of responsibility before I had my children. Although I still work and need to work for me I now do it with no responsibility!

    **UPDATE on Weekender""" She has had another bleed this morning and is back in hospital. The bleed has slowed down again now

    AFM- all OK here. MW yesterday where my BP was 110/70! Wow! In saying all of this I have stopped taking aspirin now(last one took last night). Just hope my body behaves itself over the next few weeks.

  • Morning s4. Very glad your Bp is behaving, you're doing brilliantly!! Not far to go now. Thanks for the update on weekender, I wonder if they'll deliver her now. I will fb her and send her my love.
  • Thanks AR. It's weird because I'm 99% sure I won't be going back there so it all seems quite final. I know the girl who is covering me so I want it all to be nice and smooth for her so that's even more pressure.

    S4 - great blood pressure! Sounds like you're doing really well. Do you know when they're aiming to do your c-section or is it a case of wait and see? I like the idea of quickly forgetting about work! Let's hope my boss lets me, I plan on speaking to him next week to ask that he emails me as a last resort and doesn't ring me. I'm hoping that's not unreasonable, but I'll have my hands full and don't want to feel under pressure (he has a habit of ringing people when they're off sick/on holiday without a second thought).

    Thanks for updating us on weekender, hope she's ok. Sending her lots of vibes. xx

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