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**friday 3rd tri**

Morning!! Not sleeping well tonight!! It's P's 2nd birthday today so been looking through baby photos of her, it's gone stupidly fast!! H has the day off and they are going to soft play and to feed the ducks. We've got outings and family party over the weekend. I've got the mw this morning then into work to handover and teach last couple of lessons. So glad to be finishing! Home for birthday tea and cake with p. 34 weeks today...moving along!!! Baby out vibes to Isis and congrats to mrs


  • Morning AR! It's your insomnia buddy here to join you! I'm actually quite chuffed its 5am and not 4am! :)

    It must be a rather emotional day for you and your H. Its good he has the day off and it sounds like you'll all have a fabulous weekend! Was it lovely looking back at all the baby photos? I hope today goes nice and quick and you can then get on with celebrating with P and your family and starting mat leave!! Woo hoo! How's the bump pain?

    I've been feeling uber crampy (like period pains) deep down for lots of yesterday avo and woken up with similar discomfort. BH are also regular and uncomfortable. My bump hurts in one spot which i suspect is muscular but even laughing or sneezing is making me whince! I remember less than 2 weeks ago saying I was happy for this baby to be late so that I could enjoy some down time...I take it all back! Mother Nature is working her magic and I'm defo physically and psychologically ready for baby SP now!! Quiet day today although meeting a friend for tea and cake this afternoon then H and I start our final official weekend of two-some plans ie eating out, cinema, walks!

  • Baby out vibes to Isis!!!

  • Morning! I love looking at her baby photos, it's astounding how she turned into a little girl from that tiny baby. It's impossible to explain until you have you're own baby but they really do amaze you at every turn. Mw isn't until 9.30 so we can have breakfast together and open her presents. Cramping period pains is all good stuff, you're gearing up!! Keep an eye on any cramp like pains incase they turn into contractions! Sounds like you have a fab weekend planned, what are you seeing a
  • t the cinema? Re-reading what you just wrote and are the Braxton hicks and period pains coinciding? Something tells me you might not be waiting too long! Don't queue jump Isis though or she'll be after you!! Hehe
  • Ha I'd be too scared to queue jump so get a shuffle on Isis!!! I thought the pains should be high up in the uterus rather than low down to be a contraction? I don't think its that...I reckon its all just general aching and preparing! Not sure about cinema yet - fancy that monuments men. I quite films based on true stories!

    I bet it was just lovely looking through the photos and seeing how your little lady has changed and grown! It's such an incredible time by the sounds of it! So glad you don't have to rush to work and can enjoy the morning together!

  • Nope the pains can be low down and then spread upwards. Done people only experience period like pains until things really ramp up, I know were all in my pelvis really. Exciting!!!
  • So there is some correlation between the pains and the BH....the pain is mild and the BH aren't lasting are scaring me a bit though....I take it this can happen days in advance or even settle down to nothing again??

  • Hey

    Autumrose. Happy birthday to P hope ypu guys have a lovely weekend x

    Sweetpea baby out vibes...pains and braxton sound good. My first proper sign with L was a clear show follwed by a bloody one next day. Then irregular cramps and braxtons on and off to next day when i had himx

    Afm started getting the birthday texts although technically dont have a birthday being 29th. Rather celebrate it tomo as brother is today and technically i would not be born yet lol. Plus this year it means i can stay 29 for
  • One more day. Im feeling better from other day less emotional. Was having back ache and braxtons last night but think it was due to L wanting carried about after i came in from work yesterday. My kitchen is nearly finished too just needing tiled and then painted x baby out vibes isis and sweetpea x
  • Aaaaw ABC you are a leap year baby!! And it's your 30th! How are you celebrating this weekend? I hope you have a fabulous few days and enjoy being spoiled!

    No loss of plug or show here hence me thinking these pains won't come to much! Thanks for the vibes although it feels really alien that I've reached that point!!! Argh!!!

  • Happy birthday abc!!! I was convinced p was holding out until the 29th as she was born on a leap year! If I were you I'd claim both days as my birthday I think :-)
  • Sp it can take days to build up from here, or disappear or get going within hours. It does sound very promising.....loads of people don't have or notice shows so that doesn't mean much in itself. Keep busy and keep aware. If the pains and tightenings feel like they are becoming more frequent or in a pattern then start timing them. X
  • Hehehe thanks ladies for the wishes...yes celebrating over two days sounds a be honest not doing a lot just going out with family and friends. Last year we did the whole posh hotel and theatre trip but doesnt seem worthwhile at this stage in pg. Might go away later in year x
  • Morning ladies!

    AR, happy birthday to P! Sounds like she's going to have a lovely day and weekend :) bet you feel loads better after today too once work is handed over.

    Sweetpea, queue jump and I'll track you down ;) it does sound like your body is gearing up though. I had nothing before going in to labour but I did have contractions low down. I get period pain at the top of my thighs and I even felt them there!

    Abc, how cool a leap year birthday. Happy birthday for the missing tomorrow! .....
  • Morning guys, massive congratulations to mrs v and loads of baby out vibes to Isis.

    Ar- happy birthday to poppy and good luck with the hand over, must be such a relief to be finishing.

    Sweet pea- how exciting, as a first time mum I am definitely not an expert but sounds like something might be happening!

    Abc- have a fantastic day and hope you get spoilt rotten!

    Not much to report here, could have joined you earlier if I realised tou started early as been awake forever, rash spreading and itching nicely, and got stopped twice in town yesterday by random strangers remarking how enormous I am!! Desperately want to make it to 10th march ( c section date) but have had enough of being pregnsnt now! Twinnies nice and active and spend plenty of time wrestling, hoping they aren't quite so active when they come out or god help us!

    Baby out vibes to those that need it and happy Friday! Xx

  • I'd celebrate all weekend too lol I had my 30th in September, bit rubbish being pregnant at the same time but worth it.

    Afm well I'm still here *sigh* 40+3 today and I have a sweep booked at 12.15. I've had some of a show but I don't think the entire plug has come away yet but hopefully those combined will get this baby moving soon!! My mums having J tonight which helps. And my friend who was due the same day had her baby last night so I'm feeling the pressure.
  • Isis hope sweep is successful...bit of a show sounds promising x Let us know how sweep goes x

    Pinkpanther you must be fed up carrying one baby is hard work never mind two.. hope you make your section date x x
  • AR - special day for you today then, lovely stuff! I always get a bit emotional on/around my son's birthday. It's a real 'take stock' time of year for me, much more so than my own birthday.

    Sweetpea - definitely low down pains are often the start and the other stuff might not creep in until active labour commences. But, as you know, that stuff can happen for some people weeks before any real action. Let's hope yours is not a drill! Some people have suggested to me that late world be good but I'm really not up for that and totally understand you feeling it's now TIME. :)

    ABC - I'm with you, let your bro have today and you have tomorrow. Are you doing anything over the weekend to celebrate?  Kitchen is nearly there then, marvellous!

    Work was awful yesterday, we couldn't pay our salaries, including mine. Just tough on my department and I was pi$$ed off because I predicted this and raised it formally 5 weeks ago and was shouted down. Ah well. Hopefully today. Leaving for work now so we can start checking the status of things.

    Anyone else get to my kind of stage and get paranoid about period pains/back pains/twinges? I didn't have a natural onset of labour with Harry but am hoping I will this time with baby having engaged so early and being in the right position etc. Plus all my fears about my old cobweb-ridden womb needing to evict Baxter early! I don't panic but I get lots of tightenings and twinges and back pain similar to my previous labour pains and I can't help but wonder... Even though I've AGES to go yet!  :D

  • Agh! Missed PP and Isis. Sorry ladies. Gotta dash, *waves*

  • Morning ladies

    AR, happy birthday to poppy :) and happy last day at work, it's such the right decision x

    SP, hope things are starting for you - I was 3cm with M after some period type pains...if not though, enjoy your couple weekend it sounds fab!

    ABC, happy birthday!! Have a lovely day x

    PP, what's the rash and itching? Not long to go for you now :) nice active babies is good!

    Isis, still here?? Get a move on baby! Hope the sweep works for you but if not enjoy your child free night x

    All ok here, cramps have gone, baby is wriggly, but all at one side is that normal? It's down the side where the bum/back is. Got a growth scan this morning. And 13 or 14 days to go till section. Getting my grumpy girl ready to drop at nursery then back home for some breakfast :)

    Hi to all on later. And congrats again to MrsV x

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