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*UPDATED OP *(sens) Blighted Ovum - advice please

Is there anyone that's had a blighted ovum that could offer some advice??

i went for any early scan yesterday and I was 6 weeks pregnant. i cant work my dates out to be any less than that as much as I try. 

i got an internal scan which showed a 7mm gestational sac but nothing else - no yolk sac, no embryo, nothing. 

Since around about Friday I feel my symptoms have lessened - my boobs aren't as sore and my queasiness, hunger and bloating have all pretty much gone. 

I got blood tests done for my hcg levels and I've to go back tomorrow to repeat them but I think its pretty hopeless. 

i don't feel pregnant any more and have a gut feeling that I'm not. 

Has anybody had similar experience and what was the outcome?

if youve had a blighted ovum when and how did you find out and what happened after?

im beside myself with worry. 

Thanks in advance. 

UPDATE 14/02/2013

so got my blood results back. The were 3085 and they are now 4979 which is over the 60% rise They class as 'acceptable'. This was with 46hrs between tests and only a 61% rise so I'm not overly excited at that!!!  I did read something though that said after 6 weeks levels can take up to 96 hours to double. No ideas off I'm clutching at straws here?!

anyway, I'm booked for another scan next Friday and I'll be 7+4. Not sure if this is too early but they said they wouldn't do another one too soon and that wld b fine. I wanted to give everything a chance to grow!!!

theyve said that at the v least they should see the gestational sac grow even if they don't see anything in it. 

Fingers crossed and another looooong week for me!!!



  • No advice but I'm sorry to read this. I hope the hcg test shows an increase

  • Hi Gillsy, I'm really sorry you're going through this. Please try and keep positive, I know it is really hard but the worry doesn't help.   I had the same thing back in October.  I went for an early scan when I was 9 weeks but the sac only measured 6weeks, I had to have blood tests which confirmed a 6week pregnancy, I had the blood tests repeated 48 hours later and they had increased but not by enough,  I then had to have another scan the following week, and a final one the week after to confirm that my pregnancy had ended.  I ended up choosing to have the operation as I had not experienced any bleeding and just wanted it all over by that point.  

    Have the docs suggested its a blighted ovum or have you been googling? Please do not google as it doesn't help.  I know it is a killer waiting between appointments but try and keep yourself busy, do not fear the worse and keep positive everything's ok.

    I really hope it is all ok, when is your next appointment? Xx

  • I'm afraid I dont have any advice either, but sending you lots of positive vibes x

  • Can I ask what the date of your AF was and when you ov'd?

    I always OV about cd21-14 so the drs calculated my first pregnancy as over a week ahead of my actual dates. This was fixed at my 12 week scan. Is it possible you ov'd later so are a week behind where you think you are?


  • Gillsy, I can't add anything useful from an advice point of view, I just want to send you a massive hug and let you know that I'm thinking of you. xxxxxx

  • I really have no advice, but hope that it all works out for you.  xxxx

  • No advice but iirc hn went for a scan and by her dates was 7 weeks and there was just a sac, they told her she would likely mc but come back a week later for another scan and when she went back all was fine and her LO is now 5. The thing is its so early and you just don't know. Its not over till its over so please don't loose hope, you aren't bleeding so that's a good sign, symptoms come and go too so don't pin everything on symptoms, the pregnancy I'd had loads of symptoms and felt 'safe' was the pregnancy that he had lots of abnormalities, plenty of people don't have symptoms. It could be bad news but it might not be. Sending lots if vibes for good blood results xxx

  • WCPS and please don't google, it really doesn't help, it is still early days xx

  • No advice, but sending you a hug.

  • I have no advice either I am afraid but didn't want to read and run. Hope that everything works out for you x

  • No advice but hope everything turns out ok. Look after yourself xxx

  • no advise hun but im here for you xxx

  • No advice on blighted ovum but hope its all just too early. My symptoms came and went but ive had scan at 9 weeks n all ok dont go by symptoms.  Sending hugs. X

  • I have everything crossed that the bloods show all is ok. Sending you massive hugs xxx

  • Hopefully the dates are just a bit mixed up and the scan shows good news next week, will keep my FX for you xx

  • Sorry it's so worrying Gillsy, hope its just too early. Thinking of you x

  • Hope you are ok today. Try not to google as it will only make your head spin more. My first pregnancy was a slow grower (but MUCH slower than yours) and it wasn't a blighted ovum so try not to read too much into what it may or may not be. Next week could all bring positive news and I really hope that's the case. xx

  • Hi Gillsy, Please try not to worry. I had an early scan in october when i was 6+0  , they dated me at 4+2 , there was just a sac, nothing else.  and i had to go back in 2 weeks . Well i went back and they dated me at 8 weeks and all was fine. there was a baby with a heartbeat. my dates have now stayed the same. I was told by the epu that scans before 8 weeks are very unreliable which is why they make you go back in 2 weeks.  They all grow so differently. Really hope the same thing happens to you xx

  • Thank you so much to everyone for making me feel better today. I've snapped out my slump a little and I'm going to try and stay positive for now until I get blood results back tomorrow.

    Minnie - thanks for sharing you experience. The hospital haven't mentioned blighted ovum but I think that they are under the impression my dates must be wrong. They're not. Have you been ok since this??  Did you have symptoms at any time and did they disappear??

    Hepburn - my last af was 22 Dec but I got a positive OPK on CD23 - 12th Jan and a strong line on 13th but not positive. we DTD on 11th. I got my BFP on 25th Jan. Going by that I can push conception to 14th Jan at the latest but can't see how it could be later than that. I guess implantation could have taken longer but it would have to be in place a bit before my BFP. I put myself at 6+2 today. The midwife at bookin in say 7+4.

    TP - thank you. That gives me some hope.

    MrsC - this is the post that snapped me out of my slumber and makes me feel a bit more positive. How did you feel symptom wise during this. Did everything stay the same??  If it wasn't for the symptoms disappearing I wouldn't be half as worried. I'm going to wait and see what my blood results are tomorrow before I worry any more.

    Thanks again everybody. I couldn't get through this without you all xx

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