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Hello ladiesPhew what a had my normal midwife appointment for 34 weeks and it doesnt go well. She says theres protein in my urine very high blood pressure that she took 3 times all 145/100 and when she measures me she tells me im measuring 40cm well I nearly fell off the bed??? She rings pau and tells me to go down straight away. Completely different protein in new urine sample... blood pressure 134/90 and then ive a growth scan and baby is measuring 6.5lb already but they arnt concerned I then have blood pressure checked again and its 110/72 so im sent many questions to ask like how can it be so different. ...ill have a 9lb at 40 weeks how can they not be concerned if I go over ill have to deliver a 10lb im shitting myself scared!!! Phew lol and the thing thats really annoyed me is she showed me the ac hc fl measurements and ust looked in notes n there not there should I ring them tomorrow to see if I csn collect them???

So has anyone any experience of growth scans whether right or wrong easier said than done and I know theres nothing I can do about the size but would love to know ur stories if possible....

A friend of mine had one at 36 weeks and was told hers was 6.6lb and she had him at 41 weeks and was 9lb

Ive been told babies put on half pound a week mw didn't exactly tell me I was wrong just stressing now if they allow me to go over ill have a 10lb 

On another note on scan she measured a foot and said wow thats bigits 7.3cm already lol

Tia xx

Onanother note 



  • I was constantly scanned as they thought bump was too small, but each scan showed baby growing perfectly normally. At 38 weeks she was measuring about 7lbs and she was born 9 days late weighing 8lb4oz, so i'd say pretty accurate.

  • My scans in my 1st 2 pregnancies were accurate. J was estimated at 7.5lbs at 35 weeks and was 9lb 13 at 40+5.  This time round S was estimated to be 8lb 13 at 37 weeks but was born 3 weeks later at 9lb so they can be out. My consultant said to allow for 10% above or below the estimate.

    And they didn't care with my 2nd that he was measuring big, one doc told me they'd still let me go 2 weeks over - luckily another agreed to induction at +6 but I went myself anyway

  • A was estimated to be 8-8.5lb. She was born at 40+3 so pretty spot on.

    My friend was constantly told her baby was worryingly small. They estimated baby would be 5.5lb. She was born 3 days early at 8lb 5!  Slight difference!

  • I was never told what size my little one was estimated at, in fact when I asked the sonographer, she told me it was an old wives tale and there was no truth to it.  When I told my MW that's what they had said, she said they could estimate, and she didn't know why i'd been told that they couldn't.  As it transpired I was induced at 12 days over and W arrived on day 13 weighing in at 10lb4oz and I had no clue he was going to be that size. Because of my size, apparently my chances of a natural delivery were beyond slim, but as he was my first, they had to let me try and do it.

    don't worry about how big baby is going to be, my mum delivered a 10lb1oz baby naturally, so it is possible to manage!

  • Forgot to put in there that I wound up with an urgent CS after a 12hr labour and stalling at 7cm

  • My son was estimated at 5lb4 and he was born e days later at 5lb6

  • Not accurate for me as they expected me to have a 10lber. At 36 weeks I measured 7.5lb and with the half a pound theory he should have been at least 10lb when born at 39+5 but he was just 8lb.

  • My growth scan estimated 8lb 8oz at birth. My midwife disagreed, and said 9lb 8oz from feeling my bump.

    J was born at 40+0 weighing 9lb 9oz, so my MW was more accurate from just feeling my bump, than my scan was.

  • I wouldn't worry about the size. They're just a guide. Henry was measuring BIG all the way and was 7.6lb. They can't be precise.

    I'd be more concerned about the protein and bp. What's their plan to keep an eye on it?

  • Can you remember what the hc ac fl measurements were?

    The size of baby isn't a massive concern. The problem is when the ac is massively larger than the hc as there is a greater risk of shoulder dystocia.

  • Mine were spot on with this one- 9lb13 at 38 weeks, induced at 40+1 weighing 11lb2. With his big brother I was scanned day he arrived at 30+6, they said 3lb, he was 4lb3.

    As rusty says, it's when abdomen  measures much bigger proportionately they worry

  • I'm having growth scans as my first was 11lb 7oz. No one seemed to know she was going to be that big. She was 11days over. I've been told that at my hospital they don't do estimated weights as its not accurate enough but this baby is not off the chsrt like it's sister. Hopefully it won't be over 10lb. My birth for no.1 was relatively straightforward. I had a 3rd degree tear but it healed very quickly and had no complications.

  • It is often said that it is easier to deliver a bigger baby as gravity helps more.   I was told I was having a big baby, not by growth scans though, but several midwives said it.  Zoe was 7lb 1oz so not exactly big.

  • My whopper was back to back so bit tricky but he wasn't a sunroof job! So it is possible as Daisy said

  • Thanks ladies you have helped cheer me up and calm me down.

    Missus s regarding a plan for bp and protein they have sent urine sample off and mw is ringing me on wed to discuss whats what going forward she suggested beibg seen weekly.

    Rusty mw at hospital forgot to put my notes in my book so ive got to nip back and collect them today so ill know more later.


  • Oh good. I hope it was a blip and the protein stays away. If you get any persistent headaches or swelling ring your mw straight away. You probably know that already x

  • Both of mine were pretty accurate, O measured on the 98th centile at every scan and was born at 38+4 at 9lb1. C measured big (though not as big) and was born at 37+4 at 7lb8.

    Like both rusty and WH said, it's when the AC is disproportionately big, that's when there's a problem. Otherwise you might just be having a big baby! And I must say, my labour with O was *much* easier than with C, you've got more baby to push out, but more baby to grip IYSWIM?

  • Missus s my feet have swelled this last few weeks and cos I had no otger symptoms she wasnt bothered lol....but luckily no headaches. :-D

    People keep telling me its easier to deliver bigger babies. Lol I just keep thinking of tgat stinging ring of fire :-(:-( lol x

  • I had a scan the day before I gave birth. Scan estimated 8&1/2 to 9lb baby. She was 9lb10oz. Born at home, no issue with size - in fact I think gravity / her weight helped ;-)

    Scans are wrong!

  • Coolio. Im just panicking I know ill be fine. Just so caught up on not wanting c section n assuming more could go wrong with a bigger baby that im jst worrying unnecessarily.


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