Bleeding at 19 weeks? *updated v sens update 2*

I have been having cramps on and off all day... I put it down to stretching and maybe constipation.. trapped wind...

TMI but had a bowel movement earlier this evening and have had vaginal bleeding... it's light and when I wipe only... have put a pad on now.. just waiting for H to get back from london... 2 hour wait and going to head to a+e the maternity ward was useless and wont see me because I am not over 21 weeks but said to phone 111.. it stopped for a short period of time but just been again and it;s more and brighter red so going to head to a+e... anyone else had a positive story.. I am worrying sick! 

**Update very sens**

I have been admitted into the maternity ward I am fully dilated so a Awaiting my water breaking and having a m/c at 19 weeks, had quite a bit of pain and bleeding and my second dose of pethedine ?SP me and hubby are totally heartbroken! And i am not really sure how I am going to do this! Xx

the pains I had been having/are having are contractions :( 

2nd update - thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts they do mean so much too me And hubby.. I just wanted to update you all at 12:30 I gave birth too a perfect little boy which we have naked Jack  Thomas  (thomas after his dad) I am currently waiting to go down to threaten for a spinal to remove my placenta that hasn't appeared yet.. Been ftreated so well by everybody! Thanks once again xxx 



  • I'm sorry but why the hell won't the maternity triage see you until 21 weeks?

    I'd just turn up there and ask to be seen - surely that's where A&E wi send you anyway?

    Is it definately vaginal bleeding? Not from the bowel movement?

  • No idea.. midwifes at the gp told me to phone the number on the front of my notes for any pregnancy related issue's and I just get told to phone 111 to book an appointment with an out of hours or walk in center or go to a+e if it becomes worse...

    It's deff vaginal bleeding :(... I am hoping it's just me straining too much... the cramps have eased quite a bit now... to scared to go back to the bathroom!

  • Oh sweetie, fingers crossed it's something completely different. I've had bleeding regularly brought on by BM irritating the cervix, and bright pink/red too. But it was nothing. Maybe it's that? I'm voting for that x

    Let us know how it goes. Get seen soon as you can.

  • Thanks counter I am hoping that too.. just want to get checked out... waiting for hubby he will be about 1.5 hours.. will update as soon as I can

  • Oh CC, didn't want to read and run. I'm surprised that the maternity triage won't see you...I imagine A&E will probably end up sending you there anyway. Hope your H is almost home and you get seen quickly.

    A girl I know through another forum had a bleed at 20 weeks and another at 22 pretty much out if the blue. They monitored her overnight both imes but didn't find a cause and put it down to 'one of those things' and she's been fine since. I have everything crossed for you that it ends up being something similar.

  • Flossy thanks for that... I hope it's just one of those things... or baby being a pest and kicked something it shouldnt have lol!.. I have no idea either it seems very silly too me but yes will imagine I will be sent to them anyways...

  • I've heard stories of people bleeding after difficult bowel movements, something about it irritating the cervix.

    Sorry about the ridiculous hospital politics, hope A&E send you straight through to where you need to be to get checked out.

    Fingers crossed it's just one of those things xx
  • Oh CC, I'm sorry that you're going through this, I know how scary it is. I had the same thing happen to me at 8 weeks. I was badly constipated on the Thursday evening and after I'd finally succeeded with the bowel movement there was bright pink on the toilet paper when I wiped. It changed to brown and I had brown every time I wiped for the whole weekend. GP was uninterested and said as it was so early I'd just have to wait to see which way it went. The brown stopped after the weekend and *touch wood* I haven't had any more since. We saw our wriggly little 9 week baby at a private scan last weekend, everything perfect, so it was just one of those things.

    I now take lactulose if I don't have a bowel movement every 24hrs. It's safe to take during pregnancy (available over the counter) and gently removes any blockages without the need to strain too much.

    Big hugs CC, it was a horrible shock when it happened to me. I hope your H is home soon and that A&E send you to where you need to be and that it turns out to just be one of those things xx

  • Okay, I've got to tuck down, need to be up at 6.30. Let us know how you are? If not here on FB? Thinking of you.

  • No experience of bleeds but just wanted to say hope all is ok now xx
  • Thanks coco but just updated x

  • Cupcake, I don't know what to say other than how truly sorry I am that you're having to go through this and even that seems inadequate. My thoughts are with you and your H x

  • CC I'm so so sorry to read your update. As mamaD says, I wish I had some words of comfort, nothing seems adequate. I'm thinking of you both xx

  • O my goodness! Iv just seen this. How horrifically sad. I am so sorry for you and your husband. Will be thinking of you all at this terribly sad time. We are all here for you.


    My little boy died at 18+5, I am on the fb group if you ever want a chat. Please know we will all be thinking of you and you h and LO over the coming days and weeks


  • I am so so sorry CC :-( xxx

  • I'm so sorry to read this. Thinking of you both x
  • Only just seen this, so sorry CC :-( thinking of you xx

  • CC so sorry to see this. We are all here for you and as cherry pie said a few of us have experienced late losses so are here for you if you want to talk x

  • Oh my goodness cc I am so so sorry. Thinking of you. Please look after yourselves. Xxx
  • Thank you all for your kind words they mean a lot.. I think I am just on auto function ATM with lots of tears but thank you all for thinking of us all x I will prob need to talk after a few it's all just a bit of a shock ATM.. Maternity ward has been brilliant with me and hubby, he looks so lost and upset I just keep saying sorry over and over

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