Early scans and daily testing!

Hi all, I'm currently 4+2.

I've had quite strong symptoms so far, considering I haven't even missed my period yet, nausea, tiredness, sore boobs, backache, bloating and some cramping (more like dull AF type aches than strong cramps) which makes me think I hopefully have a little sticky one as I never had anything this early before.

I've also tested daily except for today. The lines on the tests are definitely getting darker and I got a BFP on a CBD which are notoriously less sensitive than others.

I need to stop the testing though. Its expensive and making me crazy!

I've got a private viability scan booked in for 6+5 - Am I likely to see anything?




  • We saw the hb at 5+6 :-) xx

  • Oh that's good news. I'm hoping to see a bean where it should be and hopefully a heartbeat. The lady said that because the people who do the scans at this place are midwives as well as sonographers, they might even be able to let us listen to it. At which point I got goosebumps and promptly cried.

    I'm sure I will be really nervous going into it, because the scans I've had have all been bad news, but for some reason I can visualise this one going well!

  • Firstly congratulations on this news, this is huge!!  

    secondly, I have had early scans with both my pregnancies, at just under 6 weeks we saw a heartbeat so you will be able to see that, not much else to be honest as not much else has developed at this point.  are you not entitled to one on the NHS?

  • I was totally overwhelmed Rod when I heard babies heartbeat, it makes everything so real! x

  • Ninabeanie thank you! I did do a BFP announcement on TTC but haven't posted here much yet!

    I'm hopeful we will see the HB. I don't know about NHS, I'm waiting to hear from EPU, they told me last time they would monitor me from the beginning, I called them Friday and my GP is sending them a letter to inform them. So we'll see. I booked the scan privately just in case I don't get an NHS one. I just need the reassurance.

    I think I would be a wreck if they were able to find it and listen to it. the thought of it completely overwhelms me! x

  • Congratulations and lots of sticky vibes for you! We had a scan at around 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat.

  • Fingers crossed you will get the scan on the NHS, I know where I am they wait for your HCG count to be over a certain level then they scan because you cannot see much before then (With Molly this was not the policy and I had a scan at 3 weeks because we had no idea how far gone I was, was totally devastated at the time as it felt like it would all go wrong.  Went back 3 weeks later and there she was for me to see)

    Really happy for you and sending you lots and lots of sticky vibes!

  • Thanks Nina, that's what they did with me last time, did the bloods to see how far along I was, and because it was too low they didn't scan me but carried on with the bloods. It was only when the level dropped they did the scan.

    Thank you! I'm so happy x

  • hi rod I've been more of a lurker, but I read everything that happen last year, just wanted to say I've got absolutely everything crossed for you.

    wishing you a healthy smooth nine months x

  • Ah thanks Sleepy. Welcome to the boards properly! x

  • Coming from a serial tester I have no advice to stop that, the lines getting darker is what kept my feet on the ground each day.

    As for the scan, I had both mine at 7 ish weeks, so not much further along and both times saw a baby and a heartbeat. I reckon you'll see it at 6 weeks.

  • Congratulations x

    I tested over 30 times from my bfp including 4 or 5 cbd's! I had scans starting at 5+1 and saw the hb at 6+1 where I was dated 2 days ahead. Good luck xx

  • Thanks both. I've done 14 tests since Wednesday....that's a bit excessive isn't it haha!

  • Ha rod, test as many times as you want! I have some IC's that I post to you if you like? x

  • Congratulations Rod, this is fabulous news.

    I had an NHS scan at 8+3 after a previous mmc, here they won't do it before then just as a reassurance scan because if you see heartbeat over 8 weeks there's something like a 98.5% chance that the pregnancy will continue successfully. Obviously if theres any signs that anything is going wrong they'll get you in before then. So maybe that's why you've not heard from them yet.

    I've got everything crossed for you xx

  • Rod

    Oh that's good news. I'm hoping to see a bean where it should be and hopefully a heartbeat. The lady said that because the people who do the scans at this place are midwives as well as sonographers, they might even be able to let us listen to it. At which point I got goosebumps and promptly cried.

    yes, they can do that! i heard the hb at my early scan.  if they do it while scanning they can pinpoint exactly where the fluttering heart is, so a lough a Doppler won't pick up the hb until much later during the scan it's possible :)

    very excited for you!!

  • I can't express how bloomin happy reading this post has made me Rodders; this is truly amazing, I know how hard it's been for you. I'm keeping everything crossed for a sticky matey, so happy woohooooo :)

    I had an early scan but it wasn't as early as your booked in one but the ladies here have given some good experience of what they saw at theirs :)

    Keep us all updated and I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat, superb news xx

  • Don't really know about what you will see at the early scan, I think an NHS one might be later so might be quite nice to have that to look forward to a few weeks later! We're having one end of the week on the NHS and they wouldn't do it earlier than 8 weeks as from that point onwards we were told they can date the pregnancy more accurately (main reason we are having one) x

  • Hi, just wanted to wish you all the best, I know exactly what it's like to get a positive and spend the whole time worrying. I still do now even with only 2 days to go until she gets here.

    I found the early scans really reassuring, but be prepared to keep worrying even after you've seen the heartbeat, I did, I think after a few losses it's hard to be confident. This time I had my first at 6+5 as earlier ones had been ok only for things to go wrong so I wanted to wait until the HB was able to be seen, so I could avoid another MMC at the 12 week scan when I could have known weeks before and it worked a treat. In the end I ended up having another at 8 weeks which kept me sane until the 12 week scan. Although I still used a million tests I also saw my GP who was quite sympathetic and let me have weekly blood tests so I could keep an eye on my hormone levels and reassure myself that way all was ok. I highly recommend it if you can bear the needle.

    Oh and this is the only one I had nausea symptoms with that early (3+5) so I hope it's a good omen for you too.

    One final thing be prepared to cry uncontrollably when they tell you everythings ok, I sobbed like a nutter at every scan up until my 28th week scan when I actually started to believe.

    So so happy for you xxxx

  • Just told my OH about you and he said to tell you about the aspirin. Can't believe I nearly forgot.

    I went for all the miscarraige tests after my 3rd MC, although they found nothing untoward I did a bit of research (and got a bit of advice of a woman at work) and discovered that most of the things that can go wrong can be solved by a daily dose of 75mg of aspirin (it's a really low dose used to stop blood clotting). So this time I decided to start it as soon as I had the BFP. I told my MW and my consultant when I saw them that I had at started it and they thought it was a fantastic idea and actually gave me a prescription and kept me on it until 37 weeks. It did make me wonder why they never told me to try this after all the other MC's. I'll never be able to prove it worked, but is all I can say is I had 3 MC's without it and the first time I tried it I'm due to deliver.

    I know maybe others wouldn't be keen to self medicate but didn't want to not say anything either.

    P.S IThe woman at work who gave me the advice used this dose of aspirin on her 6th and 7th pregnancies after 5 MC's and now has two healthy children, hence why I tried it i the first place.

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