how many weeks were you when you ordered your pram?



  • We bought it about 4 weeks ago! It was super cheap. It's in my folks loft for now :)

  • About 16 weeks because I saw a bargainous offer on the one I wanted that I couldn't ignore!! The Pram Centre hang onto it until next year though so other than the money disappearing it doesn't feel purchased as we don't have it yet!

  • Think i ordered mine around 16 weeks but got a good deal x

  • First time just after my 12 week scan. The shop kept it until A was born though.

    Second time I ordered my double at about 5-6 months. This time, I'm ordering it in November so ill be about 6 months again. That's only because the website I've found the best deal on will have it in stock then x

  • We ordered it somewhere between the 12 and 20 week scans, but didn't have it delivered until 2 weeks before due date

  • 28 week think it arrived at 32 weeks, I don't tend to even think about things till after 20 week scan though,

  • We put a deposit on a pram last Saturday when I was 23 weeks :) Though we aren't having it delivered until a month or so before my DD.

  • About 25 weeks. Finally managed to drag H to look at prams and mothercare had 15% off!

  • About 18 weeks as we spotted a great deal. It came 2 days later and after a quick play is back in the box until closer to due date.

  • I didn't buy anything until I had my 20 week scan.

  • My mil is ordering it soon, we waited til after the 20w scan for gender confirmation. I want a pink pram lol

  • With Zoe I bought it at 19 weeks as saw a too good to miss offer.  This time around ordered about 3 weeks post birth and waiting 2 weeks for it.

  • I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow and still haven't even looked yet. That's as much to do with my situation as anything though, if things were 'normal' I would have had it ordered at least a month ago!

  • Bought at 19 weeks, it had £200 off and offer was ending. Otherwise would have waited till after 20 wk scan x

  • Think I was about 24 weeks, ordered the pram, crib/cot, car seat and bedding at the same time. None of them had arrived with 4 weeks to go, they then tried to fob me off with the display pram and I had to fight for a refund and order elsewhere. Was a nightmare.

    Can I just recommend if anyone intends to order a pram and leave it at the store, please ensure you pay at least the deposit with a credit card. In the event of the shop closing due to insolvency the credit card company have to reimburse you if you do not receive your goods. If you pay with cash or a debit card you do not have this protection. This applies to all purchases over £100 not just prams <takes lecture hat off>.

  • I was awfully untraditional and bought it when we were 8 or 10 weeks pregnant, I had my heart set on it and then came the announcement it was being discontinued so hubby rushed out to get it, and even more terribly it stayed in our home, my older sister was furious x

  • We are getting ours after baby arrives, we intend to use a sling for as long as we can.

  • 20 something weeks. Didn't buy anything until after the scan.

    It arrived the day before I went into labour. I'd already gone nuts at the shop as the order was over a month late and they gave me a temporary model until ours arrived.

  • About 24 weeks as there was 15% off and extra discount on the car seat. It was delivered 5 weeks before I was due.

  • I ordered at 17 weeks. Had a hell of a waiting list for it so it finally arrived when I were 35 weeks.  I swiftly collected it ASAP!

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