How much weight..

did you put on in pregnancy?


I know it varies so much but just curious really! I have put on about 2st 2lbs so far due to my constant grazing but speaking to friends over the weekend one of them only put on 1 1/2 stone.



  • My son - I put on 4 stone and 9lbs. I was a very unhappy whale. A lot of it was water at the end, he was 17 days late. But I grazed permanently, I was on iron injections that made me hungry, I was signed off work with bordeline pre-eclampsia and other stuff so went nowhere and did nothing. It was a miserable time! Really worried about the same thing happening again.

  • 3 stone with number 1 and 2.5 stone with number 2. I have friends that have put on lots more and others that gained just a few lbs.

  • I put on almost 2st and M was born at 40+11. I have a feeling it'll be more this time around!

  • I put on about 1 1/2 stone.

  • im 14 weeks and already put on 1 stone :(

  • With Isla I put on 1 1/2 stone altogether. Now at 29 weeks I've put on 13lbs

  • Just goes to show how varied everyone is! I'm not worrying about it until after baby is here. Enjoying making the most of pregnancy, food and all!! ;)

  • So far im just over 4lb lighter. at almost 21 weeks i don't think that's bad going. im sure it will start piling on soon

  • 2 stone by the end and half of that was in the last part. I had lost it all 3 weeks post birth.

  • Just over 4stone with no2 and I'm now 1 day over due and put on 2st. I'm eating so much more healthily this time and much more active. I lost the last lot really quickly so hooing to this time too.

  • About 8lbs. Largely due to ill health though, so not necessarily recommended! Baby was 6.5lbs.

  • I have no idea!  I dont weigh myself so depends if midwife does.

    I know when I went for my 12 week scan I had lost a few pounds since my 8 weeks appointment. I put that don to not having the alcohol calories!

    Would be interested to know how much ive put on though. WIll make sure I get weighed at next weeks appointment!

  • Just over a stone with both x

  • I've only put on 5lb so far at 20 weeks. I'm guessing all the weight gain will be in the second half though so I'm sure that will change! I know I lost some weight initially with sickness and trying to make a huge effort to eat better.

  • 3 stone here. Still 4lb to go at 6 months!

  • Little Monkey- Only 4lbs to go! You're doing really well. I suspect that my weight gain will be around the 3stone mark and will be over the moon if I only have 4lbs to go at 6 months.

  • 3 1/2 stone here, big momma! Like you I wasn't bothered though and loved my big bump (part baby part cake!) and I lost 2 1/2 stone of it by 7 weeks even though I have been cake crazy! Think BF and having to jig my son to sleep has worked wonders - plus giving birth ha ha, going to have to make the effort on the last stone though I think!

  • I lost weight. Feck knows how, as I had numerous take aways a week, and J was 9lb 9oz.

    I weighed myself the day I had J (after giving birth), and I was a stone and a half lighter than my booking in weight. (few weeks after his birth, I went down 2 dress sizes)

  • I put on 4 st first time, 2.5st the second time so aiming for 2 st this time. Though I have put 9lbs on already at 16 weeks.

    I know it's all carbs though - I can't seem to get enough bread and pasta which I would normally limit.

    I still do

    Mon - Metafit

    Wed - boxing and a pregnancy workout

    Thurs - kettlebells and I'm starting aqua natal this week

    Fri - double Metafit

    Sun - yoga

    So god knows what size I'd be without all that!

  • I put on 1 1/2 stone and after having E was lighter than before I was pregnant! He was 9lb 3oz plus all the water/placenta etc. so I lost a stone just having him, then the Olympic event of extreme breastfeeding saw me lose another stone in the first week!

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