Prams Compatible with Maxicosi Pebble?

I have kind of decided I want to get the Maxicosi Pebble car seat with Isofix base, is there such a thing as a list of prams that it is compatible with? I really wanted the Cosatto Giggle but it isn't compatible :(



  • Weve got a quinny buzz 3 which we used the pebble on loads. Highly recommend it.

  • I wouldn't go for the giggle anyway it was featured on watch dog for collapsing whilst baby was in it. The front wheel was prone to snapping off.

    I have an Icandy peach which is compatible with maxicosi. I would highly recommend it
  • Id avoid quinny. We are on our 3rd frame and i dont use it heavily.

  • Really ck? Ive never had any problems and ours has had very heavy use and loads of off roading. Never even a flat tyre. Maybe you've just been really unlucky :-(

  • I hope our Quinny is more like AR’s than yours CK!! Eeek.

  • I like the Quinny but we really want a pram with a carrycot too! Maybe I am being too fussy!

  • Uppababy vista is compatible with cabriofix, assume pebble also?

  • You can get a Quinny carry cot, but we’ve bought the birth inlay instead to save a bit of money.

  • I have the icandy peach too with the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat . Don't know if you have considered the cabriofix as an alternative to the pebble but thought I would mention as it seems to be pretty similar to the pebble but cheaper as it is a slightly older model.

  • The Quinny has a carry cot too. Although p preferred the seat, which you can use flat from birth. We've got several friends who've had them with no problems so I wouldn't worry ob.
  • We were leaning more towards the Pebble as the base can be used to the Pearl seat aswell meaning it should get 2-3+ years use. We have a campervan so ideally want a separate carrycot attachment so it can be used for occasional overnight sleeping rather than us carting around moses basket etc awell in the already limited space.

    I never thought finding/picking a pram would be so difficult!

  • We bought mama and papa sola pram as its compatible with the pebble but also has a carrycot too.

  • Ah that makes sense re the pearl. The peach has a carrycot that can be used for occasional overnight, it is nice and sturdy and we have found it really handy for that.

  • Bugaboo Chameleon ?  

  • We have the cabriofix seat on family fix isofix base for Maya The same familyfix base is compatible with the pearl as this is what we have Isla in
  • We have the cabriofix and the bugaboo cameleon. I guess the pebble would fit too with the adapters. The carrycot is huge on the cam.

  • we have the oyster which s compatable with the pebble (you just buy the adaptors)  clicking the car seat in and out of the frame was easy and disco love the carry cot

  • We've got a Icandy peach which our pebble fit.  It also takes a carrycot that is suitable for overnight sleeping,  same for the uppababy vista but a lot of the cheaper carrycots do not have enough ventilation and depth to be suitable for overnight,  so I'd look closely into that.

  • The new base for the pebble also fits the pearl 2 way which means they can be rear facing until 4 or you can turn then forward facing. We have a pebble and would definitely have done this had it been available then, only came out in October I think. If you like Quinny then defo sounds like it could suit if you get the carrycot too
  • Thank you for the recommendations!

    MrsB - Didn't realise the Cabriofix could be used with the Familyfix base aswell, good to know. Do you find the Cabriofix seat heavy? I have been told the Pebble is quite light compared to it?

    I like the Bugaboo Cameleon, except we are ideally hoping to spend no more than £500 for the pram and carrycot. Think maybe I really am asking for too much :S

    Does anyone have any experience of buying prams etc 2nd hand? Think it may be the only way we can afford to get the kind of pram system we really want!

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