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Hi ladies,

Just wondering how many of you used TENS machines during labour before and how did you rate them?

I'm wondering whether it's worth picking one up I've seen advertised locally. It's an ELLE Tens which retails for around £55-60...how much is it worth paying for it do you think?




  • No advice but how are you doing missy? hope things start for you soon!

  • I used one in both labours and it was great. I would have gone in much sooner without it! They are £25ish to hire. I would pay no more than that for a secondhand one.

  • I used one until I got in the pool and found it great for the early stages. I paid £35 in the sale at boots, I think it was a MamaTens. Must look and see how much of it made it home from the hospital!

  • I used one until I was 4-5 cm, bar the 2 hours I was in the bath, it really helped but I needed something more once I was in established labour (g&a and the pool)

    I hired one last time and have already hired one again this time (it arrives when I'm 37 weeks for 6 weeks) at £30 a time. In hindsight of I'd bought one first time round it'd work out cheaper but realistically I'm not that bothered about £60, I'd pay a lot more knowing how much it helped me!

  • It helped massively. I was a bit sceptical about how much of a difference it would make but it was fantastic. I would definately recommend anyone to get one. So useful for when you're in early labour at home.

    I think I paid £19 to hire mine, got sent to me in the post and a prepaid envelope to post back.

  • Mine was brilliant and will be using it again this time. I did eventually have pethidine too as tens just wasn't enough at the end.

  • I used one, but I'm not sure how much it helped as such, it was more of a distraction/something to do. Although that was in quite early stages so probably not mega contractions/pain iykwim because things went to EMCS quite quickly. I'd say get it and if you decide not to use it you can always sell it on. My Sil borrowed mine but never used it. If I don't use it (got ELCS planned, but you never know!) then I will sell mine.

  • I used one. Like to think it helped. It was something to "do" anyway. Ill be getting one for baby#2 labour, but boots hire then for 20odd quid - thinks its a 4 week hire

  • Hmm I might go for it if she'll sell it cheap enough then...how much do you reckon? I'm thinking £20 as I need to buy some pads for it (another £5) but she is asking £32...is that too much of a knock down?

    Hey Mrs V...nice to hear from you...sorry I don't get on here very much! Congrats on the pregnancy, wishing you all the best! I'm good just hoping things start sooner rather than later now too mainly just because I'm bored of waiting lol

  • Offer £20 but maybe be prepared to meet her half way at £25?

  • I hired one first time round but lasted about 10 minutes with it before I pulled it off cos it just annoyed me. I was induced though with the synto drip and as soon as my contractions started they were really strong so I requested an epidural pretty much straight away!

  • I had exactly the same experience as Ally and got so angry with the tens machine. Made my H rip it off - he couldn't do it quick enough! I think that it is probably good for the early stages when labour comes on naturally but when induced and on the drip, it's just not enough pain relief.

  • I really liked it too, I probably got a good couple of hours out of if before the pains got really strong and it started irritating me! I would hire from hospital though I guess if you buy you could sell on.

  • I loved mine. I got to hospital fully dilated having just used a tens machine, I'd definitely use one again.

  • Bloody loved my tens! Waters broke at 4am, contractions started late morning (and I put it on) managed until 7pm at home with just the tens and a bath. Got to MLU at 8pm and gave birth at 8:30pm! I bought mine as it was only £10 more than renting (also the Elle tens and from ebay) and figured I can use it for subsequent children. My mum has also used it for back pain. Its been great.

  • I bought mine and so pleased I did as it was the same cost as hiring twice and i didn't have to worry about the length of the hire. Will be looking to sell it at some point and will prob ask about £30 for it as it comes with a set of brand new pads.

  • Loved mine! It was borrowed from a friend so i didn't pay anything but i would hire one if i needed to. I used it for the couple of days at home on and off i was contracting. Then once things got going i had it on until i started to push. I didn't realise just how much it was helping until H didn't push the boost during one on my contracts and boy did i know about it.

  • Just had a look and mines is Miracle Tens. It needs a new set of pads but would be willing to sell for £15 plus postage if any one is looking for one.

  • I got to hospital at 7cm with just a TENS at home and then had it on until I got in the birthing pool- I was not impressed when I had to take it off! Like others have said, I like to think it helped although I'm not sure if some of it was just having something to do during the contractions! I borrowed a friend's but would definitely hire one if we have a number two and she's got rid of hers!

  • Yes, i found tens brilliant, very skeptical before but really helped, i think i had that Elle one too, borrowed from a friend. I would say whatever one you get make sure it has a 'boost' function for when the contraction starts. x

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