Tuesday 3rd tri

So, here I am startig again.

I am not leaving with out a child!

Noodle hope you're not waiting too long.




  • Good luck Twink, hope all goes smoothly x

  • Good luck Twink, hope it all goes well. So excited for you!!!

    Hope everyone else has a good day, I have a blood test first thing to check if my platlet count is still falling. Fingers crossed they haven't changed. Then back off to work. Not much else to report!



  • Morning all,

    Twink - looking forward to seeing your BA, best of luck!

    Wave Margot

    Noggin - fingers crossed for the bloods.

    AFM - off to the farm with a couple of friends and their boys today. Then this afternoon I have the first of the estate agents coming over so up tidying the house already! No real news on Gump Bump, still back to back or thereabouts. Growth scan tomorrow.

    BG 38+4

  • Morning all. Good luck twink.

    Hi Margot

    Hope it's good news re. Blood test noggin

    Have fun on the farm BG

    AFM MW today just a routine appointment. Then meeting up with a friend and her LOs this afternoon. Isla's driving me insane this morning she's constantly asking for food caught her in the bin a couple of times too. Urgh!

  • Good luck Twink

    Morning to Noggin and Margot

    BG - Have a lovely day down in the farm

    Mrs B - Gross! Hope your appointment goes well

    Been MIA for a week as I was off work and busy sortig the house out. Catching up on 178 emails yesterday Nightmare! MW appointment today, just routine.

    Question - Is it right that my hands are getting a bit swollen? I can't get my wedding and engagement ring off!

  • Morning twink, good luck for today. I have a vision of you sat cross legged on the floor refusing to leave without a baby LOL. Hope it all goes ok :)

    Margot hello how are you doing?

    Noggin hope the blood test is ok and your count is normal

    BG good luck for the estate agents coming round, have fun on the farm

    MrsB hope mw is ok. Hopefully your friend and her Lo can distract Isla from the bin!

    AFM going to sort out some bits to take to the charity shop today, we have loads of stuff to get rid of and I'm feeling ruthless. Then have a scan this afternoon to check is placenta has moved up as was very low at 20 weeks. I so desperately want my lovely natural yoga birth, any "upwards placenta" vibes appreciated x

  • Morning LP, my rings have started to get tight. I don't think my hands are swelling, just fatter! Tell your mw though, mine always asks about any swelling x

  • Thanks Popcorn, my appointment is at 11.30 so I will mention it then

  • Morning all,

    Twink good luck, looking forward to your BA

    Margot hi hope you're well

    Noggin fingers crossed for the blood test

    BG hope it goes well with the estate agent

    MrsB urgh the bin rummaging doesn't sound good. Luckily W doesn't seem interested in ours (yet!)

    LP swollen hands sounds about right. I looked down at my feet on Saturday and noticed my feet and ankles were huuuuge. It seems to have happened over night! Not sure what I'm going to do about fitting into shoes once the weather gets cold/wet.

    AFM taking W to a speech therapy appointment today. She was referred 3 months ago but its taken this long to get an appointment! I'm not as worried now about her speech but thought I might as well still go anyway to get her checked. She does say a few words but very very limited so just want to check she's just a late developer and not anything to be concerned about

    Baby out vibes to noodle

    JT 33+5

  • PC good luck with the scan, hope things have moved enough in their for you

  • Morning All,

    Twink- Good luck today! Very excited to see your BA :)

    Margot- Hope you're good!

    Noggin- Fingers crossed your bloods come back okay.

    BG- Have fun at the farm! Sounds much more exciting than my day (even the bit about cleaning for the estate agents!)

    MrsB- Hope MW goes well and have a lovely day.

    LP- Hope the midwife goes okay. I haven't had my engagement ring on for about a month or 2 now. It was always tighter than my engagement ring anyway but it is really uncomfortable if I put it on now! My wedding ring still fits but is more snug than it was.

    Popcorn- Lots of 'upward placenta' vibes coming your way! Really hoping it's moved and that I follow suit tomorrow!

    JT- Good luck at speech today. Let us know how you get on.

    AFM- Arm is aching from injection yesterday! I'm probably being a bit mardy but wish it would bugger off. Not much to report otherwise.

  • Morning all (I'm tentatively popping a toe in...not quite sure if I'm ready for 3rd Tri yet - there's chat of babies and everything on here!!)

    Hope you all have a fab day and its just as sunny as it is here :o)

    I'll hopefully be big n brave after my MW apt on Thurs and when officially 28 weeks, to pop back and say hi again!

  • Popcorn I hope your scan goes well. I have one on the 26th sep for the same reason so I really

    Hope yours has moved up to give me some hope. Come back and let us know x

  • Morning all

    twink- good luck today excited to see you BA later, I also have visions of you staging a sit in protest if they try to send you home again

    Hi margot how is little N?

    Noggin- fingers crossed for low platlets, have a good afternoon at work

    BG- hope the estate agents tell you something you want to hear, good luck for tomorrow's scan

    mrsB- good luck at midwife today, have a nice afternoon

    LP- I took my rings off about 34 weeks but they were getting tight from earlier, are you feet swollen?

    JT- hope the spedch therapist goes well, my sister was the same she just took a bit longer to get clear speech she wasnt under the therapist for long.

    Samjh87- hope your arm stops aching soon, try putting a bit of ice on it tonight if its still bad

    weeme-welcome to the 3rd tri

    AFM 40+6 now still no signs, baby is far too comfy clearly

  • Missed you popcorn good luck with the scan, update us later sending placenta moved vibes lol

  • Noodle - No just swollen hands over the last 2 days. Feet are still fine as are ankles. Sending you some baby out vibes!

  • *runs in*... 'Baby Out Vibes Noodle.... *runs out*

  • Sam- my arm ached for a week and felt really hot and hard. Hope it eases off for you soon

    Weeme hello and welcome. It feels very real and scary when you join this thread but I've found it good for getting me motivated to be organised as it helped me realise I will actually be having a baby soon!

    Noodle hope you have lots of plans to keep busy for the next few days and invoke the law of sod that you won't be able to make any of them . Come on baby noodle your eviction notice has been served!

    IDC hello hope you are well

  • LP might be worth a mention to the midwife, I have had bad swelling and my hands are particularly bad (I suffer from this anyway when I get hot I puff up) putting them in cold water for 15 mins makes them go down, if it didnt I called the midwife for a blood pressure check which had always been fine.

    iDC- waves hi, hope little man is well

    JT- I have now formally served him with eviction notice lol!

  • My arm ached forna few days after WC jab too.

    I'm going to feel really stupid in 3 weeks time when I'm still pregnant but I've been having intermittent back 'pain' all day and have just *tmi* had some pink when I wiped. I say back pain, I wouldn't say it's painful as such, just noticeable and not constant.

    Hmmm, may finish the hospital bag today. And pack A's overnight bag.

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