Update on rockclimbingtigger and J

Hi all,

You asked that I kept you informed so here I am.

We managed to get J home on Sunday and had three fabulous days as a family. Things went downhill early hours of Thursday morning.

About 2am he stopped breathing and we had to resuscitate him using the training we had been given. He came into our local children's ward yesterday. Overnight he became more unwell and started to fit. He has been reintubated (put on a breathing machine) and we are being transferred back to Nottingham QMC PICU. They think he has bronchiolitis. We are likely to be in a while as he needs a lot of support on the ventilator.

My daughter E who's 3 has broken her foot and is hobbling around in a cast just to make my week complete.

Nothing on fb yet to those who know me as there are family we need to get hold of first. Any magical md vibes appreciated and I'll update when I can for those interested. It may be a little intermittent as obviously I have other things to worry about! There are a few on here that know me on fb who can update.

Thanks all.

Rct xx


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