Weekend 1st tri

Morning ladies.

Im a bit scared this morning as I've had some bleeding/spotting overnight. It's nothing hugely major at the moment, but I'm still panicking slightly. I'll try to call the EPU in a little while and see what they say.

hope everyone else is having a better morning so far! 



  • Morning Spikey xx. Definitely call the EPU, hopefully it's nothing xx.

    We are having a lazy day today. Plan on going into town today to mooch at baby stuff (not buying, just looking) and get me some new knee high boots. May get hubby to get me some nice new undies too. Oh, and hopefully change my very out-dated phone that doesn't work properly.

    I can't stop fretting about this pregnancy, my general lack of symptoms (or maybe it's more that I don't notice them) etc, so we've just called the private clinic and brought forward my early scan to next Saturday when I'll be exactly 8 weeks. I'm much happier with that, since it means I will know either way before going to visit my friend who knows I'm pregnant and wants to celebrate with us.

    Hubby has also just informed me we have tickets for the Commonwealth Games in July!! Hope I can take a 6 week old baby with me LOL!!!

  • SG try not to panic I know easier said than done  what colour blood?

    I had a big bleed when I was 7 weeks do you have any cramps or just blood?

  • I don't know if yours is the same but I had to be refered to the epu, so we had to go to a&e first. Go there now Hun and start the ball rolling. Thinking of you I know how your feeling xxx

  • I don't think an EPU would be open on a Saturday? I may be wrong though but my local one isn't so had to have private scan or wait until Monday I think best bet would be a+e like moonie

    Hi monnie

  • Spikey how are you getting on?

    Hi cc, hope your doing well chic xx

  • I am doing okay thanks how are you?

  • I can imagine, your scan is tomorrow isn't it?

  • Yeh by 10am we will know!

  • I have my fingers crossed tightly for you xx

  • Sorry to thread jump (again!)

    Monnie - FX for you for tomorrow.

    Spikey - Hope everything is OK. Thinking of you x

  • Hiya ladies, I called the hospital and the epu said they'd see me tomorrow, but I needed a GP referral, so called out of hours and got referred through. The appt tomorrow had gone, but I'm being seen at 9.30 Monday morning. It was red blood rather than brown, but really not very much, and it's stopped now. I'm a bit crampy but only the same level as I've had since I got pregnant, so not a new symptom. Thank you for the luffs, this place is awesome.

    Monnie, I have fingers and toes crossed for you tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. X

  • Thanks for updating us been thinking about you all day, Glad you managed to get an EPU appointment, fingers crossed for monday x

  • <thread-jumping> Hope you're okay SG. With my first I didn't even so much as a spot of blood and with this I've had bright red several times and turned out to be nothing. Good luck for appointment!

  • Hi again all. Spikey, that's fantastic news that the bleeding's stopped and you're back to normal. Hope your appointment on Monday goes OK.

    Had a very successful day in town, including impulse buying some irregular choice shoes - there's no point me buying new nice clothes at the mo, so I'll substitute with shoes! Also got some lovely boots, changed my phone, and new pillows for the house.

    A quick TMI sort of question for you all... I've not had any bleeding, touch wood, but yesterday and today have very bad cramps, and, well, to put it bluntly, damp knickers. Just the normal sort of watery CM discharge that I'd get before at certain times in the month, but is it normal during pregnancy? If the cervix is sealed, should I be getting any??? Thanks for any input, and I promise to stop fretting about cramps and stuff this time next week once I've had my scan. Thank God hubby managed to bring it forward.

    Right, off to watch Strictly with a fake beer while hubby makes a pizza - perfect night in!!

  • Morning every!

    Spikey, glad you got an appt for Monday, and I hope everything is alright,

    Monnie, thinking of you this morning!

    Barefoot, I've no idea about cm during pg, sorry!  I think I've heard that both bleeding and cramps can be normal, but the real worry is if they happen together?

    I know I've missed a couple people, sorry!  Not much to report here, actually.  I've booked an private early scan for 8+3, even though I shouldn't have any reason to worry. It's my first pregnancy, never had a mc, but being on forums has made me realise just how common it can be, and I'm so scared of a missed miscarriage and showing up to my scan on 22 Nov all excited and them saying the baby had stopped growing 5 weeks previous.  I know there are women on here who have had RMC, and I can't imagine how it feels, but I'm scared of it at the same time.  Hence, the reassurance scan at 8 wks.  

  • Sad update.... have had spotting this morning with the cramps. Very sad and scared, but know there's nothing I can do. Really thought by this time the risk was getting lower :-(

  • Sorry to jump in, I should join you all but been putting it off for a few days.

    Barefoot, so sorry to hear your update, not sure if what I tell you will help or not but everyday since I got my BFP I've had really bad cramps, a couple of times in the night I've woken up in a cold sweat with the pain, then gone to the loo expecting blood. I haven't had any. I keep thinking with these amount of cramps and backache surely this will not last. The only saving grace, if there is any, is my boobs are so sore and have been since the BFP and I've been feeling icky on and off.

    I've also experienced some discharge, but I have read this can be normal.

    I hope the cramping eases and the spotting, is it red blood?

    Take care xx

  • Barefoot, sorry to hear this. I know it's hard. I have been on here a few weeks now and seen a LOT of bleeding/spotting stories and many of those are just fine. Please try not to worry, sorry, I know those are redundant words x

  • Problem is, not only have my boobs lost all soreness, I did a test to see if hormone levels were still up, and the line has gone very faint. The spotting was just pinky brown cm, but the faint test is conclusive in my opinion. Pretty sure it's over for this time. Not sure if I should call the midwife or not now? Nothing they are going to do today, and I'm working all week until Friday. My early scan is Saturday so that will reveal all. Logically, I think things probably started going wrong a week or so ago when my boobs stopped aching, and now my body wants to get rid of it all. I don't know. I feel upset and hubby is very miserable. I keep saying sorry to him :-(

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