My mil put me in hospital!

Hi ladies. I havnt been on in a few days as my mother-in-law drove me to the point of passing out and being rushed to hospital. As you probably all know im gettin married in 5 weeks and on Sunday evening i found out that not only has she told the colour scheme of my wedding she also took out her outfit that i bought for her to wear to show her bloody cousin who is the biggest mouthpiece in the country! [Next to my mother-in-law!] I got so annoyed that i finally let rip at her after years of holding it in. I got so worked up that i then couldnt breath and started seeing black spots. I knew my bloodpressure was up but with a b**ch like her on my back who could blame me! I then proceeded to pass out. When i got to the hospital [at the midwifes advice] they said my bloodpressure was very high and the babys heartrate was fast. I soon calmed down but my bp didnt so had to stay in a few days. The old bag then proceeded to say that i passed out on purpose to get attention. I am now on the look out for a new house as i live next door to the cow and dont intend puttin my baby or my health at risk over the miserable old hag!!!! Sorry rant over. x


  • Oh my god, that is terrible hope your feeling better, but be graphic - I'd like to know word for word what you said to her, I'll rehearse it in the mirror for later use - and are you talking to her now?????
  • Am i fu*k! I can hardly stand to be in my own house knowing that the she devil is next door! If i wrote what i said the webed would definalty wipe the board clean, put it like this, there was hardly a sentence where i didnt curse at least 10 times and the old witch didnt look as though her veins were going to pop out of her evil head! The damage is done and there is no going back now, i will have to move as if i dont i swear i will end up putting her in hospital!
  • Oh Gazno, I like you. What does your oh think?
  • oh dear! so glad my mum lives 2 hrs away! haven't got a mil to worry about. poor you, hope your hubby supporting you!!
  • My OH was sorta stickin up for her over the whole wedding thing but when she said that i made myself sick to get attention he went balistic aswell. Its so hard living next door but now we have made up our minds to move its like a weight has been lifted. It now means that i dont have to put up with the old hag when the baby is born and commin over interfearing. I really have been so nice to her up until Sunday that im angry now that i was so spineless for years! Well bugger her anyway, shes just a miserable old bag with nothing to do but fu*k me off. x
  • If you don't wanna have to move, I could put your in touch with someone who could kill the bitch for you :roll:

  • I thought of that and was very tempted but if i was going to top her id like to do it myself so id know it was long and very painful and that she was definatly dead!!!
  • Actually i take that back, if she did die she would only come back to haunt me and that would torture me for life so hopefully she will meet her own demise soon but of natural causes so she will never come back to piss me off.
  • LOL, reading this back i realise just how badly i hated her befoe we even got married! x
    Hilary, this is for you. x
  • Sorry to all the ladies reading this, this all happened months ago when i was still pregnant and i was chatting to one of the November ladies about it today and i said id bump it back up so she could read it. x
  • I have to know - what happened??????

    Have you moved, are you moving, is the bitch leaving you alone?

    There is a member of my OH's family who I feel this strongly about too - not his mum (she is lovely)! Its his bloody nan who pretends shes a normal woman but is the witch from Wizard of Oz in disguise!

    Please please tell us updated news lol
  • :lol: Glad you did bump it up cos it made me laugh out loud! 'specially the bit about topping her, and her coming back to haunt you! :lol:

    Im with oldermum tho' WHAT HAPPENED?????!!!

  • lol - omg - pls let us know wot happened next!!

  • pmsl - please please tell us all what happened we have to know lol. Hope all is ok with your lo xxx
  • lmao, yeah come on, my mother in law has been taking over my pregnancy, and is threatening to take over baby too!!!i need tips on how to handle her in future with out resorting to emmigrating or manslaughter lol!!! image
  • Lol! This cheered me up. Put a post on here last night about my MIL being a pain. At least she lives 2 and a half hours drive away! Did you move in the end???
  • Where can we find Diane????

    I have to know if she surrendered and put out a hit on her MIL lol
  • I think she is still about on the baby forum, sure I saw her on there the other day.
  • I just left a posting for her on born in Nov!!!

    Hopefully her newly found fanclub will know what happened next lol

    Bets - Took out the hit or moved????
  • I just left a posting for her on born in Nov!!!

    Hopefully her newly found fanclub will know what happened next lol

    Bets - Took out the hit or moved????
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