Pierced Belly Button

Has anyone managed to keep their belly button piercing during pregnancy. I bought a pregnancy bar which seems to be doing the job just now but im getting worried that it will have to come out for the labour and close up.



  • I kept mine in through my entire pregnancy last time and had it in while giving birth!! The midwives were shocked to say the least- it didn't cause me any discomfort or anything.

    The only advice I would give is to be careful afterwards- the hole stretched and the bar nearly popped through.
  • My MW and GP have never mentioned my belly bar so it must be really common. The top hole is getting a bit dry, i will try some vaseline to keep it from getting sore.

    Thanks KThom
  • Need to get a pregnancy belly bar but do you know if they do nipple ones? Had mine pierced 1 wk before found out was pregnant (oops). What are the pregnancy belly bars like and where can you get them?
  • I'm only 17 weeks but my belly piercing's been okay so far...I might buy a maternity 1 soon cos it keeps coming out though. I don't get how it could affect labour though? I prob sound a bit thick there lol.
  • I had a look at various web sites for a pregnancy belly bars but eventually went to the shop where i had my peircing done. They measured my belly button and made me a new bar, which is made of plastic so its flexible. it cost ??5.

    Oldermum, I would go into the place that did yours to ask some advice cause im sure they will have something for you to use.
  • my piercing was ok all the way through but i have a horrid stetch mark from the belly button to the top of the piercing hole, admitidly its not big but i hate it lol! and its quite sore!
  • I knew something wasnt right with it yesterday when i posted. Got up this morning and its looking a bit red, trying the Savlon to see if this will help but I might have to take it out. I will be so upset as I love my piercing.
  • i still have my piercing in, got a plastic pregnancy bar.
    im 35+3!
    the holes gone from a small one to a huge slit tho! also have a stretchmark on the skin which has gone paper thin..! keep expectin it to split open !! it doesnt look to pretty tho! x
  • Och i didn't know you could get maternity ones, i took mines out when i was 17wks just incase, ive had mines done for 10years so was gutted when i took mines out :cry:
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