Hi everyone, this is my very first post on this forum after finding out on christmas eve that I was pregnant. Best christmas news ever!!
however, i have been bleeding over the past 5 days. its been 3 days with brown spotting, followed by 2 days of red blood (similar amount to a period, but thicker, with a few small clots, and lots of weird stringy looking stuff. sorry if its too desriptive!) I have pretty much stopped bleeding now, and it is back to the brown spotting. I went to the Dr this morning and i have an appointment for a scan on sunday.

I was wondering if anyody else has experienced similar blood loss, and what it meant for them?

I dont feel pregnant, but then i didnt feel it before! I hope thati still have my baby, but i feel that i have to be realistic image

any comments and advice would really be appreciated xx


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