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Hello Everyone

Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 6 months, My older sister got married 2 weeks ago and is on honeymoon at the moment she called our mum last night to say she is pregnant. They have been trying for a few weeks!!!! I know i should be happy for her so why do i feel so upset??

Any Ideas or Happy Thoughts...image


  • i kinda get how u feel.. wen i kept mc it feltlike every one in the family was having healthy pregnancys/babies, well they wer, my sister,sister inlaw 3 cousins.... its hard n i used to cry after i got of the phone to them after hearing news of a baby or pregnancy..
    i couldnt even walk round tesco (how maany newborns do u see in there!)
    all my mum kept saying to me was that it will b my turn one day n it happend, (21 weeks now)
    n all i can do is say same to u.
    just keep ya chin up!!!!
  • thats really tough on u hun i cant imagine how it must feel to be ttc for a while as we have been lucky but just think this is your neice/nephew and your future babies 1st cousin ,it will happen for u soon im sure and then ure sis will be able to pass all her things on to you , keep your chin up , its ok to feel sad im sure she understands that but just congratulate her on her news and think u will get the chance to do some shopping with her and find out the best products before u fall pregnant , hope this helps x x x x
  • It's completely understandable that you feel like that- you've been trying for a while and it's happened so quickly for your sister. It must have been a shock for you to hear her news, and hopefully when the shock's worn off you can be happy for her and look forward to being an Auntie. Just be a bit careful about what you say to her- this is a very happy, exciting time for your sister, and it'd be a shame to alienate her- at the same time she obviously needs to be sensitive to your situation.

    I hope you get some good news of your own very soon- it'd be lovely for you and your sister to share the experience together, so it could all work out for the best. I know it must feel like a long time (it took us 4 months this time which felt like forever!), but 6 months isn't a huge time to be trying- as I'm sure you know up to 12 months is "normal"- so hopefully it'll happen for you v soon.

    Hang in there xxx
  • I think you have every right to be upset and even a little jealous, you're also probably pleased for your sister. When she gets back from honeymoon you should be honest with her about how you feel i'm sure she'll understand and you'll feel better. If you don't talk to her you may start avoiding her and that will just make things harder.

    My best friend has been trying for 2 years and she hasn't spoken to me since i told her i was pregnant. Don't end up like us xxx

  • its a stressfull and frustrating time TTC and your bound to be upset at how easily she got pregnant. 6 months isnt that long TTC and i am sure it will happen for you both soon.
    it will be hard when she is so excited but you have to be happy for her, even tho you might not feel it!

    good luck and hope your BFP arrives soon xxxx
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts and replies... I will try and be really happy when she tells me and try not to cry, just finding it really hard at the moment!!!! Why does everyone seem to be pregnant when you try for a baby??? X
  • yep your right when i was thinking awanting another one but my oh waned to wait a bit everywhere i went there was babies its so so hard and i really feel for you but can i just say this
    when i was expecting my son i didnt know till i was 23 weeks , then a week after i found out my sister annouced that she was 20 weeks and didnt know , we have never really seen eye to eye there has been quite alot of rivalry she attention seeks loads so i was happy but really really hoping my baby arrived 1st to be the 1st grandchild !we did get on through our pregnancies and then 3 weeks before i was due she said she might have to be induced and a part of me was gutted i so badly wanted the limelight to be on me for a change ....i feel so so so guilty now cos she wasnt induced and 6 days after my son was born he daughter was still born ......i feel worse for the fact i was jelous she was pregnant at the same time !!

    so although its really hard hun try not to show her your upset cos she will resent it my sister does ....x x x x x
  • the month before i got pg my sister in law had her twin boys on the exact same day af cought me. i was gutted a double blow in one day. you wouldnt be 'normal' if you werent at least a little upset.
  • Its only natural that you'd be upset hun. One of my close friends had been trying for 9 months and was upset when I fell pregnant on our first month of trying.
    Hope you get your bfp soon hun.
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