need help!!!!

i know there have been other posts on this but i seriously need help!!!!!!!!!!!!
my mum is buying us a travel system and is waiting for me and oh to pick one i had my heart set on silvercross 3d but after reading the reviews on mothercare we decided against that and since then i just dont know what to get!!!

can someone please please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • well i am planning to get an urban detour travel system from mothercare, it felt quite light in the shop and really easy to push around.
    Please note i am no expert on these things i just fell in love with this one and i will buy it once i have had my 20 week scan when i know all is well with bubba!
    do you think thats too early to be buying it?
  • no thats not too early i have just had my 22 week scan they dont do 20 weeks here but in actually 24 weeks so i just think i need to start getting sorted.
  • I liked the MY3 from mothercare, now i just had an e-mail about the Urban Detour one and like the look of that more. From what i have read it folds down smaller, which will be good as i have a Fiesta. Our Mothercare will assist with buying and let you put it in your boot to check it fits, which i haven't done yet but will be trying before we buy.

    sorry not much help, but i thinnk this sort of thing is personal choice, i think 3 wheels look better than 4 though, seem easier to move around. Just my opinion though and great for off-roading when i walk the dogs - we'll see how that goes, me, b/f, baby and 2 dogs all leaving the house at once, it will be manic - cant wait.

  • What was it that put you off the 3D? Mamas and papas travel systems are very good. I would suggest the pliko p3 pramette and car seat. It's a pram at first then changes as your child grows. The car seat also has side impact protection and is very safe a secure for you baby. The pushchair itself is small and lightweight and the handles are extendable for a taller person pushing it. I don't think the 3D does this. There's also lots of fabric designs to choose from...
  • haha that will be manic but thats what life is all about, i defo agree with the 3 wheeler i fell in love with it.
    I am having my scan at 22weeks also how annoying having to wait.
  • i was put off the 3d because in the reviews they all said their babys were too big for it after being just 10 weeks old and they had to use it as a pushchair which i didnt fancy i like both of the ones u girls have suggested and i live close to a mamas and pappa discount warehouse u get about 40% off so will probably go there

    check out this website seems to be a bit cheaper than mothercare
  • I live really close to a mamas and papas factory outlet store where the discounts are massive!!! It's great. The quality is exceptional too.
  • thats good yummy mummy i think i will deffo go there!!
  • Hi yummy mummy and victoriarogers where r the mama and papas discount outlets? Cos i really like mamas and papas prams!!
  • hi well i live in dagenham essex and apparently there is one in barking rd which wont help u if u dont live near here lol
    where do u live??
  • Thanks 4 the reply. I live in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Mite have a look on the net c if i can find 1 near here!
  • yeah i would i just found the one near me by word of mouth
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