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Hi Holly, Was thinking about you earlier and wondering whether anything had happened....having just read another post, obviously not!!! When's your next m/w appt? I'm seeing mine on Monday and she'll give me an induction date (prob for w/c 9th Feb....OMG!!). Keep getting the odd twinge (think it's trapped wind!) but nothing that makes me think labour is imminent. How are you feeling in yourself? Keep me posted, Kate x x x 39+4


  • Hi Kate, well nothing, zipp, nowt, so as i have just posted somewhere else i have resigned myself to being induced now!! Got a MW appt on Monday not given date yet but think will be 8th Feb. Also not best pleased as i was told as its baby no3 i would be an evening admission as it should be quite quick. Which I think is rubbish LOL!!!!!! As my last lo my waters broke then nothing... they tried 3 lots of gel the next day... nothing so the next day they had to use the drip!!!!! I seem to give birth to VERY STUBBORN children.....LOL
    I feel ok was getting a bit anxious but my lo has been ill so that's kept my mind of off worrying about things.
    How are you ? at this rate we really might meet in hospital. Don't you DARE beat me to itimage lol
  • Looks like we're in the same boat then lol!! We are obviously making our babies far too comfortable and they don't wanna budge! I will post on Monday late pm and let you know what date I've been given. With my last induction I went in in the evening and within 15 mins of having pessary waters popped...everywhere!! OMG never seen anything like it in my life!! And then after that a few tightenings, epidural in for the night and ds born at 8am......all OK and pain free ;\) x
  • Lets hope its that quick for you again!!! I would rather not have an epidural though as REALLY scared of having a huge needle in my back!!!! I hope it happens quite quickley for me too, if I have to be induced as i will miss my other 2 kids if in for a couple of days like with BOTH of them!!! Never spent a night apart from son no2, and he is going through a really clingy stage at the moment. I should also know my date to be induced on Monday. (If i have not had her by then....LOL)
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