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Me and dh have chosen bubbys name, we don't know the sex yet but if it's a girl she will be Caitlyn Elisabeth and if its a boy he will be Kai William originally we chose Jake William but our friend called their son Jake so we lost that one.

I decided to tell my mum the names we have chosen and she says they sound "harsh and common" not entirely sure in which context she means, but do the names really sound that bad? I picked Caitlyn and my dh picked Kai.

Let me know what you think :\?

xx 17+1


  • Hi there, I think both those names are really nice!!!You have to remember that names we like might sound a bit odd to parents! I would say that its your baby and your choice. I know my mam said that she got alot of comments about mine and my sister's name (Tammi & Devon) but that was almost 28 & 24 years ago and now they are pretty normal names, so I would try not to worry!
  • amy mum laughed when i told her if my baby is a girl im calling her Daisy she still thinks im joking!!!!!!!! I will have the last laugh though becouse i am calling her Daisy and if she doesnt like it she has got to tell all her friends!!!! The way i look it as well is if i have my hair cut and my mum likes it i worry! and if i buy a new coat and my mum wants one she can have it becouse i go right off it!!!!!!! Caitlyn is beautiful and is on our list
  • Thank you ladies,

    I thought maybe we were just really bad at picking names. My mum is quite a conservative woman and thinks that Caitlyn is a name you would have if you were the stereotypical "council estate" mum :S she said she can imagine her in big gold earings with her hair tied back to tightly, although this did make me laugh. My dad hasn't even asked what we are calling bubby so I'm not to worried about his opinion.

    I love the name Kai and I'm almost hoping bubby is a boy just so I get the chance to use the name lol, even though I think Kai can be used for a girl too but dh didn't seem to keen on the idea. Obviously I don't really mind what sex bubby is as long as he/she is healthy image

  • Hi Caz. They are lovely names. Before becoming a mum I taught in a high school for 12 years and I have never come across children with the names Caitlyn and Kai ( although my friends little girl is Caitlin ). They are not at all common. If you and your other half like them then stick to your guns chick.

    Boy, I'm feeling firey today! Must be these hormones!!

    Denise xxx
  • ignoere what she says its not their place to saty what to call your kids its not their place to even cvomment on names if you and oh agree then thats what counts!
  • Hiya Caz,
    I think they're lovely names and Caitlyn is definately not a typical council estate name, it's a lovely pretty girly name. Think am not gonna tel ne1 our choices cos i don't want them ruined!
    Lizzy xxx
  • I think they are def not common, I mean how many peeps do you know by those names?

    It invariably is entirely up to you two, dont be disuaded from names you like by anyone, your Mum sounds alot like mine, her comments prob mean they are personnaly not what she would choose. Parents mean no harm but just abit opinionated maybe?
  • Its good to hear that me and dh aren't crazy people determined to call our children awful names.

    I used to have a horse called Kai so I have to get used to the fact that this time it will be our child not my pet lol.

    I imagine Caitlyn will be shortened to "katy" (at least that is what mum would shorten it too lol most probably to save her embarrasment)

  • Very opionionated jmp!

    I was going to be called Rory if I was a boy, and I think that is an awful name so I will make sure I mock my mum and dad for that more often lol

  • Caitlyn isn't a council estate name, and so what if it is anyway, it's nice! Kai is lovely, however my little brother's friend in reception was called Kai and he was an evil child, lol so I am biased. It's a nice name though.

    The only dodgy thing about Caitlyn is it has so many different spellings (Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, Caitlin...etc!)...but other than that I love it, and it was on our list too.

    I am having a boy, but if it was a girl, I wanted to call her Jennifer, which is my mum's name, so she didn't mind that image But I liked Rhianna as well which I was told was 'common'.

    We are decided on Gabriel for our boy, and it's leaked out somehow among the family. None of them like it, they kind of turned their noses up a bit, and they especially dislike that we call him 'Gabe' for short! Ah well...he will be our baby, not theirs, you have to go with what u like in the end
  • Thanks for all the support ladies image it is much appreciated. I would never change the names regardless of what anyone says but I'm glad I got some good responses .

  • i really ur choice of names esp because if our lo is a boy his name will be kai anthony so yeah good choice !!!!!!!!!
  • hello,

    one of my close friends is named Caitlin. While I appreciate no two people are the same sometimes there is some similar traits shared by people with the same name. The Caitlin I know is an incredible person who is wonderful to know. She is a barrister and runs in multile marathons each year. She is definately the life of a party and very kind. Not at all common.

    I have not met a Kai, but I do think it's an adorable name.

    best wishes xxx
  • My mum asked and I said we hadn't decided but had a few picked out, but we didn't like to tell people cos everyone has an opinion on them . She said yes I know its a shema cos they they are your names then proceeded to go oh no thats awful when I told her one of the boys choices!! Real supportive then. Moral of the story, don't tell anyone and by the time baby comes, grandparents will love them regardless. x
  • Hiya Caz, my 3 year old little girl is called Kyah, pronounced the same as Kai with a on the end!! I loved Kai for a boy and when we found out we were having a girl i changed it to Kyah, a bit more feminine! I wish I had spelled it Kaia now as it looks prettier but it's too late to change it noe lol.
  • I think they are beautiful names!

    Thing is I am "council estate" born and bred! What is the problem with that? I think its the person/people you are that counts not where you are from! I dont know anybody who is classed as a certain sort of person by what their name is!
  • Short and concise from me.... Bollocks to everyone else, it's nothing to do with them.
    I was in the same situation and got fed up with peoples opinions and comments so stopped talking about it. Best bet is to use whatever name you like coz when the baby's here and named people generally aren't rude enough to comment then.
    That's how mine ended up a Barnaby!
  • Me too!! if people can't say anything nice about the names you have chosen then they shouldn't say anything!
    My daughter is called Poppy, we love it and decided on her name from day 1 but the older people in our families thought it was awful!! Well, their crap opinions just made me more determined to call her it!!!
  • my lo is called Kaitlin and i always get told it is a lovely name abd asked how we chose it. agree about the different spellings though as my husband and i disagreed and we had various spellings on cards! x
  • I think they're lovely names - Caitlin was on our list of girls names for a while! It's entirely upto you what you call your baby and other people's opinions shouldn't come into it-it's one of the perks of baby making! We've picked Evie Grace for our little one (assuming they got it right at the scan and it is a girl!) and my mum's not keen on that but she'll just have to get used to it!

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