should i worry?

please help me out...i don't know whether to be excited or concerned!
i've been the loo, only to find fresh blood on the paper.
could this be seen as a show? or should i worry, coz i've always understood it should be blood tinged mucous...
anyone got more advice please?:\?


  • i must admit baby hasn't moved half as much as it normally does at night time.
    i have had a few very very mild twinges...nothing i can call painful really and i have loads of braxton hicks. i think i might ring and ask
  • Could be a show - ring your unit to ask.

    Exciting - a new arrival could be on the agenda!!!

  • sorry to disappoint girls but no baby yet. i rang the ward last night and told them and they asked me to go up. they monitored baby for a while and baby started moving again and they were happy with baby's wellbeing, but didn't think much of the blood. they wouldn't admit to it being a show or early stages of labour, just asked how much blood there had been which was really hard to describe...there isn't that much that it's blotting a panty liner but every now and again, when i go for a wee there's fresh blood on the paper again.

    i'm so confused...i've had a few twinges again this morning, but nothing i could truly say is painful, but they are noticeable.

    sometimes i feel like it's a bit of a guessing game...:\(
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