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Silly Q??? but new to this and bit confussed ;-)

Hi ladies sorry if this is silly but i'm new to this as this is baby no 1 and i'm now 12wks + 2 days, first scan went well..... When do I start buying things like cot/bedding/moses baskets etc etc????? Is there a superstition about a certain time? Although I'm superstitious normally - cant help thinking that mother nature is in charge here and will she really 'curse' me for being organised and too soon??? I'm a bit OCD ish about organisation and also want to do things in bits to help the money aspect along. I'm just thinking Due in march - maybe few bits each month speads cost out.
Any advice gratefully received
Thanks in advance


  • Its up to you hun I bought my pram when i was 5 weeks pg!! Got my moses basket and car seat when I was 17 weeks ish. Just thought that by buying bits each month it wouldnt feel as expensive!! Also I'm a bit OCDish as well lol!!
  • Hi, I was superstitious (sp?) before pregnancy. Now like you I feel that if mother nature has that in store for us then there is nothing I can do to change it. I do have a few doubts in my mind sometimes, like having the pushchair in the house before my 20 week scan (next week) but then reality hits me and tells me to stop being daft.

    Dh and I have set a budget each month of how much we should realistically spend and have a list of things we need and where we would get them from how much they were etc etc etc (I really like lists :lol: ). I would say just dont go mad buying things, but if you see things that you like and you think you would use them/want them then whats the harm?

    If you feel easier, is there someone else that can store these things for you? My mum wanted to look after our bits and bobs but we wanted to keep looking at them so we said no :\)

    HTH x
  • Sorry to g/c but saw this on main page; most people say not to buy anything before 12 weeks as its the most dangerous time for mcs. You're already beyond that so I saw buy away!! Spreading the cost is definitely the best way to do it - mother nature should be impressed with our organisational skills! :lol:

    If I were you I'd already start buying things, or at least putting money aside for them so when you see a bargain you can buy it up quick!
  • Hi hun, I'm not superstitious re buying things either, I had bits and pieces before I even got pregnant :lol: so it's really up to you when you want to start gathering things, spreading the cost is definitely sensible! xx
  • the superstition we followed (because my mum made me) was not to have the pram in the house before the baby was born. my parents had it at theirs and brought it to us when she was 3 days old.

    youve got plenty of time and new things are always coming out and stores have sales. spend time looking at what you want, then youve got the time to find it cheaper! try here for moses baskets and cheap bedding
    one thing we did was everytme we went to adsa shopping we bought coton wool balls. we have just run out and baby is 5 months old! also, get breast pumps in asda baby events. the electric one costs ??40 and the hand one costs ??10 in the event. big savings. get plenty of muslins, but again shop around for cheap ones! i had about 24 and needed them all in those first few weeks!!!

    happy shopping! oh and ask mums in the street about their pram, not shops!!!
  • Bits and bobs every month is great, if your having to pay off your pram say, then its good to get organised so you can spread the costs over the months, in terms of clothes and gadget!! i think ive picked up nearly everything in sales when i see them, the asda events are great for stocking up on nappies, monitors etc, clothes well boots always have a sale section etc etc, just keep track of what you buy so you dont end up like me with wayyyyy too many newborn vests!! my mum was in stiches today when she counted how many i had bought! Asda also has on at the moment in their 'little angels' toilet range 2 for ??2 so ive been stocking up on cotton pads / breast pads, maternity towels, baby and mother lotions etc.
    I know its not nice to expect folk to buy us stuff but you know you will get offers, especially for things like bouncers / activity mats so i would hold off buying them incase someone wants to get you it.
  • i would also recommend cloth nappies for after the first month. so easy and so cheap. you can gat a birth to potty pack of colababys on ebay for about ??70. ??70 for all the nappies you'll ever use!!! i got bumgenius v3s for around ??200. they are fab. we only use disposables for going on holiday.
  • Thanks ladies
  • I'd say buy when you feel ready, also depends on whether your planning to find out if its blue or pink.
    We brought big items before our 12 weeks scan, that was our choice and very glad we did now.
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