Just back from MW....

Hi girls

Me again... just back from mw appmnt (40 weeks, eek!!).
I got another sweep so praying this one works! :roll:

Also... she said my blood tests came back and i have low platelets. Should be above 150 and mines are 123. She took more blood to see if theyve gone up. Seemingly if theyre low, i may lose alot of blood during labour and need a transfusion afterwards :\?

Anyone else experienced this?

I am still only 2cm dilated grr!! But she said everything is nice and ready and baby is realy low, so hopefully i will go naturally soon. If not, when i see her next week, she will book me in to get induced!! ffs! :lol:

Everyone send labour vibes my wa please!!!! image

Sharon xx



  • sending you lots of labour vibes hun



  • sending lots of labour vibes huni!! hope ur sweep works!! cant w8 2 c pics of ur little princess!! she is so popular and isnt even born yet!lol.
    luv clare

  • Oh Sharon! This little one is keeping you on tender hooks isnt she?!? Sending you lots of PMA for labour vibes etc etc oh and not to forget dilating vibes too!! Fingers crossed this sweep does the trick - any labour inducing activities lined up for this evening then?!??!

  • Hi sharon

    How are you feeling after your sweep?
    Any niggles.

    I have a feeling that you wont make it too next weeks mw appt.

    Perhaps you could got for a long walk, help things along a little.

    I did some walking today :\)
    3 hours shopping :lol:
    Does that count ;\)
  • Glad you got your sweep!! How are you feeling?? xx
  • Thanks girls!!

    Oh fri night wud be fab katie, then kev will have weekend off image

  • im sending u lots of labour vibes! xxx
  • I really hope you have your wee daughter soon, you must be fed up now!!

    Good luck.

    Ellen xx
  • Sending you lots of vibes hun, my aunt have low platelets, i think it just means the blood is thin so if you get cut etc you could bleed a bit more than normal (she cant get tatoos etc) but dont worry, if they know about it then they will be ready for IF you do bleed.
    good luck hun.

  • woooohoooo cmon baby hopefully fingers crossed id cross me legs 4 u to but i cant do that anymore hehe gud luck hun try not to worry bout ure platelets they will sort thmselves hopefully xxx
  • Hey any updates??

    How are you feeling today?

  • Hey Sam

    Nothing really new to say :cry:, few more pains ie- cramping, but im sure i had them after my last sweep and that did nothing.
    I am just soo pissed off and hubby thinks its funny :lol:

    I cant believe my luck, going overdue was my worst fear, but if i have to wait another 2 weeks and be induced, thats my worst nighmare!!! :x

    I keep shouting at my bump saying 'come out!!!' :lol:

    Sharon xx

  • i feel so bad for you! i am 22 weeks 2moro and just want to meet my little guy! and plus with you having pains then them going must just be so frustrating! i was really hoping your second sweep would work for you hun! :\( What do you have to do now if nothing happens naturally just wait two weeks to be induced or something i have no clue? Can they not do anything else?

    I am really hoping she decides to come out soon!! Such a popular little girl already! I think i would be doing the same shouting for her to come oout if it was me lol! have you tried all the sex, pineapples and curries they say? lol

  • Yeah ive tried it all hehe
    I dont believe anything works :lol:

    Well i go back to see mw next wed when ill be 1 week late and she will give me a date for being induced. Grr!! :x

    Hope things start naturally very soon!

    My next door neighbour is in her 70's and she was telling me yday to get the castor oil down me lol, she said she had it with orange juice with all 3 her kids and it worked within hours. I said the mw's dont recommend that but she said mw's are alot of shite and there was no such thing as midwive's in her day and ive to get it and do it 2day!
    I am soo tempted but what if it makes me ill, i dont wana give birth shitting and spewing on myself :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Lol sounds nice!!

    I don't really no much about Castor oil being first time mum to be and only 20 nearly 21 lol!! Why do they say don't have it?? i don't blame you for being tempted if that works!

  • Aw hun, the waiting is a killer isn't it? I ended up having an induction which I was really unhappy about but actually it was fine. If you are already dilating you may be able to get away with just having your waters broken like I did and Alistair was born less than four hours later so although intense it was all very quick. Sending positive vibes your way and hopefully it'll all happen for you soon.

    Em x
  • LOL LOL LOL i woundn't fancy that either but if needs must LOL.

  • Hey sam..

    Im not sure exactly what castor oil does either but its something like it totally clears you out (bowels) and that can trigger contractions and send you into labour. Seems tempting eh? But its meant to taste rank and it can make you feel really ill, so im not sure if it's worth it.

    I dont even know where to get it from :\?

    This is my 1st baby too, im 24 on Sat, so im not too clued up on it all either yet lmao :lol:

    Thanks Emmsy.. it wouldnt be so bad if i only had to get my waters broke, i didnt know that image
    Might get the knitting needle out ;\) ;\)


  • Isnt rough sex suppose to help that?!

    I will be 21 two weeks after my due date 5th june! lol.

    Maybe ask on here how many people have tried castor oil on the baby forum might be able to get some help?

  • I took castor oil with Kelsie, when i was 9 days overdue. Like you I was fed up, and had serioulsy had enough. I spoke to the DR/MW before taking it and they recommended not to. But, being me, I took it anyway. All I had was the shits, no contractions, no pains andI have never felt so rough in my life! The taste of it is actually so revolting I couldnt bring myself to do it with Jack :lol:

    It seems to be a 50/50 thing. Women have taken it and labour has started it, or could this just be a coincedence.

    Good luck, and I hope she comes soon!

    Sending you labour vibes!!

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