FAO Chuffedbaby2

Morning hun!

Just wondering how you are and if you have had any signs yet??

Not long now image

Sharon xx



  • oooh how exiting my very own post he he ........im ok had a terrible nights sleep , jack was awake loads i think he is feeling the change in the house is happening soon!!..........oh and i needed a wee 6 times!!!.....no signs as such , im really uncomfy now and baby has been a bit quieter the past couple of days so im hoping he/she is getting ready ,im seeing the midwife today so i will mention this to her anyway.........apart from that i think baby is well and truly comfy ........so were back in the race who will have first me or u ?? lol xxxxxxxxxxxx

    have u had any more twinges? when will u get another sweep? xxxxx
  • Hey

    Yeah i still have twinges all day everyday and contracting quite regular. But its not enough yet :lol:

    I wish i could get checked daily to see if im more than 2cm dilated lol.

    I have MW again on Wed (due date), but hopefully i wont have to go as she will already be here ;\)

    I think i will get another sweep then but obv it didnt work the one i had on fri :\( Unless its taking its time to work lol

    I just cant wait any longer!!!!

  • aww bless u , well i have the midwife in a min and then i wont see her till next fri probably for a sweep , they wont do them here till 4 days after due date but that will be weekend so she might do one fri hopefully .....i think ill have a febuary baby and have resigned myself to that to avoid dissapointment next week lol xxxxx
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