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OMG...I've only gone and had a baby!!!!!! Now with pic's

Bloomin nora what a bonkers day I've had....

After having a lovely birthday yesterday hubby and I were snuggled in bed watching tv and at 11.50pm I felt a massive pop inside and my waters broke...phoned hospital and they said to come in for a check but to expect to be sent home until labour gets established...I was 37+1...

ten minutes later my contractions started, 1 minute apart and lasting 30 seconds....hubby dropped off
lo and we got to hospital at 12.50am, I was in agony and quite freaked out by the intensity of the contractions...

I was taken to a delivery room and I had some faffy student midwife who wasn't listening to me and was fluffing about with stoopid monitor, I told her I needed to push and I so got the look which was, oh please you've only been having contractions for an hour....

Well after finally agreeing to examine me as the senior midwife came in I was told I was 4 cms....I wanted to cry and then I lost control of my body and it started pushing on its own, the senior midwife examined me and said I was only 4 cm...then her face dropped as she said the head was pushing on her hand and I had gone from 4cm to 10cm in a matter of seconds, 3 pushes later and a mad frenzy of midwives running around at 1.31am our son Daniel James arrived kicking and screaming into our world....weighing 8lbs and 1 oz (not bad for 3 weeks early)

My labour lasted just 1 hr and 30 mins and we only got to the hospital 40 mins before I delivered him....

By 11.30 this morning we had been dishcharged, picked our daughter up and headed home...

I am exhausted, sore from tearing and stitches but I am absolutely besotted and in love with our new son and after 2 years ttc and 2 m/c feel like I've come to the end of an emotional rollercoaster....


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  • What a fantastic story hun. Wishing you all lots of love and happiness. Hope my labour is as quick as yours!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • congratulations, he was definately keen to arrive!

    becsxx 25+6wks
  • Congratulations on your new baby boy!!
    Caz x x
  • Wow! What a fast labour. Congratulations xxxxx

  • Wow.... congratulations on the birth of you son!!! xxx
  • Bloody hell that was quick! Congratulations on your new son, it's praps as well he was early as he would have been enormous in another couple of weeks. xxxx
  • Wow - you lucky so-and-so!!!!!! I agree with Kerry - good job he came out now as he'd have been a monster in a few more weeks!

    Congratulations on your lovely boy - you sound full of beans and like you're making a great recovery!

  • Wow, way to go girl. Congratulations to you all.

    Debs xxxx
  • congratulations on the birth of your precious baby boy.he is born on the same day as my son he is 10 today!!!
  • That is fantastic news Sarah!!

    Congratulations on the birth of your very impatient little boy lol

    What an amazing birth story and what a lovely weight he is, hearing that I bet you were pleased he decided to arrive 3 wks early!

    Lots of love to you all, Lee
  • Congratulations on the birth of your son. Thats great news and good that your labour was so quick.
  • Congratulations!!!! image

  • OMG, don't have anymore or they will come with the waters lol.

  • I'm out of breath reading that.


  • congrats and well done to you what a quick birth xx
  • aw congratulations hun and welcome to the world Daniel James xxx

  • oh wow... thats amazing and you sound like your glowing! it was sooo quick... did you have any time for pain relief? I love the name Daniel... oh thats such a beautiful story and lovely to hear rather than the horrors! xxxx
  • well done hun and congratulations!

    I hope my second birth is that fast!!!!!!

  • o how soppy am i,im crying!what a lovely birth story.Many congratulations to you.That was a fast labour and a great weight for 3 weeks early!How long was your 1st labour?just wondering if its true wot they say bout it gettin quicker each time?i was in labour for 4 hrs with my daughter.Hope u r recovering welland enjoying your new little man,hanna 35+3 xx
  • Congratulations. wow that was amazing. Enjoy your special tims with your new baby boy.
    Em x
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