maternity swimwear..... aquanatal classes

Hello ladies,

im not sure if there has been a post on here recently about this topic. I apologise if there has, but I couldnt find anything in search.

Im 33.5 weeks and am planning on starting swimming and maybe some aqua classses. I know its quite late on but I thought some gentle excerise might do me some good. I also plan on going swi,,ing regularly after the lo is born.

I was just wondering where everybody has purchased the swimwear from? Also, has anybody been to awuanatal classes? What did you do and how many weekrs are/were you>? xxx

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  • hi i have seen swim wear in mainly catalogues like littlewoods n additions, havent realy seen any in shops im afraid.i havent been 2 classes wanted 2 but its in my working hours, hoping 2 start when i giv up work im 26 weeks pregnant. hope i helped a little
  • blooming marvellous and next do some Monthercare prob do to but tbh I don't like there maternity wear. I'm only 24 weeks and still in most of my clothes. so i got one at primark. As i decided it would stretch!!!!
  • My aqua-natal classes start from 26 weeks, I booked my slot when I booked in with my midwife at 8 weeks as they get full really quickly and are very popular!!! Hoping to start some normal swimming soon with hubby, though I need a swimming cossie, I haven't got a maternity one yet

    Tinkerlina do you know that they are counted as part of your antenatal care and you should be given the time off for them?
  • thanks for the replies, I've seen some online but was just wondering if anybody has brought theres and where from. Cant decide whether to go for tamkini or swimsuit. xxx
  • peacocks do a black costume and its only ??10

  • I take Millie swimming once a week and I bought this one
    I'm 30 weeks now and there is still plenty of overlap between the two bits lol!
  • Yeah, I saw the maternity costume in peacocks, a plain black one for ??10.

    I have just been wearing a tankini from primark in a size too big! There is a bit of a gap where my bump is but when you're in the water, no one can see anyway. xxx

  • I got my costume from ebay, bargain at less than ??7 including postage!

    I have made enquires about aqua-natal and my local pool does them, I don't have to book and they don't ask how far along you are, just turn up, plus they have a crech for William (if my friend doesn't take him for an hour as the girls are at pre-school when it's on)
  • I got a nice one online from Vertbaudet.
  • I bought a tankini from TopShop. H&M do them too. Blooming marvellous were quite expensive when I looked (I knew I wouldn't use it that much).
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