hi girls,

i stated bleeding today, at work so they sent me home, i phoned the doctors but as its saturday there closed! so i had 2 ring out of hours at the hospital i told them i was 9 weeks pregnant and was blleding and the nurse rung me back and she was a horrible 1 dont know if she had a nice bone in her body! she asked if i had any pain i told her i was havin period type pain and she said well if your havin that your not pregnant then i told her it had been confirmed she said oh rite then told me because im only 9 weeks that if im gunna misscarriage then i will and just to rest all weekend!
as im writin this im cryin my eyes out im so scared, i dnt know wat im ment to dop or think my oh is at work and i cnt get hold of him my mum and i arnt on the best of terms so were not talkin at the min and all my friends dnt have kids so not really got any 1 to turn to!

thanks 4 readin x x bec x x


  • Ohh, Bec, im sorry your feeling like this, it must be awful for you. I cant believe how insensative the nurse you spoke to was. Do you have an early pregnancy clinic in your hospital because you could go there and get it checked out. How bad is the bleeding? It isnt unusual to have some bleeding and period type pains during early pregnancy, there are quite a few posts on here where people have gone through the same thing. Im sorry i cant be of more help, i hope your ok, try and rest as much as you can, keep your chin up sweetie. Let me know how you get on, Debs xx
  • there wasnt a huge amount of blood at all but i had mmc in summer so thats on my mind 2! there is a early pregnancy clinic should i give nhs a call see wat they say?
  • I would call early pregnancy clinic direct or if that's not possible, call NHS. I can't believe the way the nurse you spoke to treated you and def think you are entitled to be seen by somebody just to get things checked out. Good luck xx
  • ive just phoned nhs direct now just waitin for them to give me a call back! hope there nice wen they phone me back thamx 4 the replys girls
  • I think you should ring the clinic and get seen. Im sorry to hear that you had a mmc in the summer that must make you worry even more. Try not to stress yourself out too much, i hope you manage to get somebody to see you, good luck. xx
  • Let us know what they say Bec! Take care. xx
  • i will do debbie they said it may take up 2 2 hours image
  • they phoned me back and IT WAS THE SAME BLOODY NURSE!
  • Hi, I would ring or go to the EPU (early preg unit). That way they can check you over and scan you. Be tough don't take no for an answer. I too had a m/c and am now pg again, I had bleeding early on and went to epu. Good luck! xxxx
  • Hi,

    Hope you are ok, I would just go straight to the EPU if you can. Try not to panic too much as I had bleeding twice during early pregnancy (8 weeks and 10 weeks) and I know it is very scary but I am now 35 weeks and all is ok. My GP was pretty horrible to me when I went to see him and said pretty much the same as the nurse has to you, but my midwife was fab and said of course I had to know everything was ok and sent me for a scan.

    How much bleeding have you had? If you haven't already put a sanitary pad in so you can monitor the bleeding better, sometimes it can seem more than it really is.

    Fingers crossed for you.

    Liz xx
  • it wasnt much bleedin id say about a tea spoon full but still spottin a lil bit
  • That sounds positive if it wasn't so much and it isn't getting heavier. My midwife explained to me when I bled that during the first 12 weeks it is very common to have some bleeding. The amount of blood you have in your body increases a lot and your cervix can be very sensitive so often the bleeding is coming from the cervix and not affecting the baby at all.

    I would still see if you can get checked out at your EPU if you can mainly to put your mind at rest because I know how scary it can be. But if the bleeding has reduced to spotting and you haven't passed any clots then I would try to stay calm as it is likely that everything is ok.

    Let us know how you get on hun.

    Liz xx
  • I had two spells of bleeding (15 and 18 weeks) and I had no bother being taken straight in by the EPAS unit (or EPU). Can't believe they won't even check you! Are there not any community midwives on call at the weekend since I assume they have to work incase of home births etc.
  • Hi there....

    I had bleeding and really bad pains on right hand side at 9 weeks and went straight to my nearerst A&E as I phoned NHS direct and the nurse was horrid on the phone and left me in a right state so my OH drove me to hospital. They were fantastic and saw me straight away. They gave me a scan, took urine sample and felt my belly.

    Everything was absolutely fine with baby, I had a bad water infection and a small hernia (which I still have). They couldn't explain the bleeding but said it is more common than people realise in the early stages of pregnancy. Since then I've had my 12 weeks scan and baby is fine.

    Hope this has helped and you get seen by a nice nurse soon!!

  • im gunna wait until monday and see my gp and see if he can bring my dating scan foward! i dont know how to get in contact with my epc?
    thanks bec x x
  • Hiya Bec - if it's any comfort, I was bleeding at 8.5 weeks and went up for an early pregnancy scan - they said everything was fine and actually could find no cause fot it. Hopefully everything will be fine for you. I would go straight to the GP if you can get a Monday morning appointment but if not, find an early pregnancy unit near you; they operate a walk-in clinic for this kind of thing.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi Bec, the link should take you to the site to find out where your nearest EPU is

    L x
  • Hi,

    I had a lot of bleeding from 5 weeks till 11 weeks, now 13 weeks, in my experience the EPU only scan mon-fri, if you are worried I would go to A&E, I did this and they were great. I can't believe the nurse was horrible to you, when an evil woman, this is the most worrying thing that can happen.

    If i was unable to get in for a scan I would often lie down, take it easy, put a pad on to monitor the bleeding. I know it doesn't really help to tell you its so common, as when its happening you are convinced its such a bad sign. The docs were never able to find a cuase for my bleeding, and I also often had period type pains.

    I hope it settles down, take care. If you are in any doubt I would go to A&E.
    C xxxx
  • Hey bec,

    I had constant spotting from 5-9 weeks, then a seperate time at 11 weeks, and it was awful so I do sympathise - can't believe how badly you were treated. They weren't too nice to me either - seemed to act like I was wasting time, it seems that if you're in early pregnancy no-one gives a damn cos of the high mc percentage. But whatever stage you's still a baby...and it must be a terrible thing to go through.

    At one point at 9 weeks or so my bleeding got really heavy with a few clots and period pains. I went to the on-call doctors (it was a sunday) and the doctor basically said what will be will be and nothing can stop you miscarrying (reassuring...) but he did book me for a scan on the tuesday and my baby was doing fine.

    From what you've said, it sounds promising...spotting is sooo common there was a survey on here recently and 49% of women had experienced it.

    There's no EPU at my hospital but they do usually have them...either way you have the right to a scan!

    Good luck. Philippa 17+5 (!!) x x x x
  • Sorry to hear this. I experienced this too twice. The first time was not very much bleeding and hubby phoned NHS Direct for me as my friend had just popped round with my birthday prezzie and i didnt want to be rude and tell her to go (plus pregnancy was secret then). NHS direct rang me back later that night and they were fab - the lady was really nice, patient and asked loads of questions.

    The second time was worse as there was more blood and i was at work so my boss who i confided in found me the number for my local hospital. When i went to ring them i got a snotty receptionist who snapped at me and said this is an emergency number - ring teh main hospital number and basically put the phone down on me!! Got through to my MW and she made me an emergency app. at our main hospital and got an emergency scan after a few hours which was reassuring and all was fine.

    I really hope everything is okay with you and baby. I also have had period pain type cramps since first found out i was pregnant up until about 16 weeks.

    Good luck

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