X factor.. Daniel must go!!

Hi girls

Maybe some of you wont agree with me, but surely Daniel must get booted out 2nite? Last week was shocking! Poor Scott image
Daniel definately should've gone out last week and he only got through because of sympathy and cos he sang a sad song. I do feel sorry for him, but seemingly according to the papers, he wasn't even with his wife when she died, they had seperated as he had an affair and he got another lady pregnant at same time and is still with this other woman, crazy! (Of course the Sun always tells the truth) hehe.
If he doesn't go 2nite, i'll go mad. Next to get booted should be Rachel! CANNOT STAND HER!!

Anyway, rant over, enjoy X factor girls xxx

Sharon x



  • I thought Daniel at first - but in the 'sing off' last week I thought Daniel sang from his heart and really well for his late wife. Scott was OK but neither of them are as good as some of the people in it this year. My fave is Diana, then Alexandra - fantastic voices!!


  • hi sharon , as much as i feel sorry for him i think ure right there isnt many though that i think i can predict going there all really good and although i dont like rachels attitude on it i think she will go far her voice is different , i can usually predict the winner but not this year .....im going to miss the 1st half were takin jack to the fireworks so ill have to watch it in the week but ill still watch the results lol x x x x
  • I think Daniel should go too as he is now the weakest but to be honest Scott was bad last week. I did think those 2 would be in the bottom 2 but on the sign off Scott was shocking - he'd already given up and that point and Daniel was amazing (probs the best he has been).

    I think he will go tonight because the judges dont like him really, and if he is in the bottom 2 he cant pick that song again can he!?

    I never seen that article in the Sun but it wouldnt surprise me if its there ploy to get Daniel out!! (Are they trying to get him out by any chance)!
  • i want Austin to win!

  • Sharon I totally agree with what you've said!!!


  • Ruth or Diana to win image
  • I want Diana to win too!! Just watched it and praying Daniel goes out!! lol

    Sharon x
  • I want Diana to win too!! Just watched it and praying Daniel goes out!! lol

    Sharon x
  • DANIEL GO DANIEL GO!!! Followed by Rachel

    I am really with you on this111
  • I cant believe he has made it through another week!!! This is ridiculous - I have to say that Peter Kay was right when he made "Strictly come dancing, jesus super star on ice" or whatever it was with the whole saddest story thing. It has to come down to actual raw talent at some point and although he has a nice voice, he hasnt got a great voice and certainly not the best voice!!

  • How did Austin go over Rachel. I can't stand her. He was so robbed. Daniel should have went if anyone especially as tonight his performance was rubbish.
  • cant believe austin went. image

    whats going on with daniel's hair?!! :\?
  • I cant believe it either really thought austin would get alot further into this competition. Daniel is ok but no way near any of the rest. !!!! i dont understand

  • hen louis said austin i wanted to cry ! i was so sure he was going to win , its just incredible that he has gone whilst catastrophes like DANIEL and rachel are still in !
    louis just has a stick up his arse about simon, he doesnt seem to be thinking about the individual acts, more like trying to get all of simons acts out so his group has a better chance! scot should have stayed and definitely so should austin!
    then again, jls arent bad either lol
    tinkerbell x

  • aw no i like daniel theres somtin bout him but i cannot bleave dat rachel was kept ova austin the way he sang billy jean i preffered dat t the origanal 1 she crap i want j.l.s(ther like a male version of destinys child) or ruth to win!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i cant believe whats going on on this show at all!! daniel still in and that rachel over austin and last week scott god i nearly threw my chicken balls at the tv!! louis is being so pathetic now, should be a health warning on x factor when it comes on warning of liklihood of raised blood pressure!


  • I am soo pissed off with X factor now!! image
    There was no need for what happened! Poor Austin!
    I HATE Rachel, she's a bully and up herself!
    Daniel has no right to be in the competition anymore, i like him as a person, but c'mon, he aint a recording artist is he? FFS!
    Im gona email X Factor and go mad!! hehe!

    Sharon x

  • i have wanted austin to win since day 1! so imagine my disbelief when he lost, personally i think its odd, as he may of got more votes than rachel,so cos louie said austin that was it! it think all the judges have loved rachel from beginning and she wont go, i see a rachel v diana final.
  • i believe now more than ever that the xfactor really is a fix, there's no way the public are stupid enough to make these results...i have to say i didnt like austin but he was no way bad enough to have gone tonight (maybe next week? :P) lol! daniel should have gone by now, he's absolutely awful...i dont believe in these sympathy votes cuz there's always another side to the story...grrrrr!!! lol hope everyone is ok x


  • the process doesnt make any sense, if the two with the least votes are in the bottom, then just send home the one with least votes! its mad austin could of had a million more votes than rachel!
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