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bloody worms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son has worms !!!!!!! and you are supposed to treat the whole family but you cant take the tablets when pregnant :roll: any one got any home remedies or am i destined to have an itchy arse for life :lol:


  • Oh no, i didn't even know humans could get that! How do people get worms? I have no idea about it, sorry i know your after advice i'm just intrigued.. . Ah your poor son what a shame x sophia x
  • they are called thread worms and the dirty little urchin got them at school :lol: they are tiny little white things and live in your intestines . the little buggers come out at night and lay their eggs arround the anus so kid scratches and transfers them . aparently at anyone time 40% of kids at school have them as there are no symptoms other than an itchy arseimage and with my piles i wouldnt know the difference :lol:
  • Hi honeymummy, are you sure you cant get something for you to take during pregnancy? I caught this during my 1st pregnancy from the cat, i was really scared that it would harm the baby, i was only 18 at the time! I was able to take a sachet of something, think it was called prispen or something. I went to the docs 1st and he prescribed it. hope this helps with your itchy arse! lol. sorry couldnt resist! x
  • the thing is its bloody itching like mad i need a good scratch but ive got so big im not sure i can reach lololol
  • Ahh you poor thing! I hope there is something that you can take for it, i can remember how awful it was! x
  • oh my god, they are actual living things in your intestines and bum?! I cant believe it, no way. Ive never heard anything like it. Oh i bet that must be so irritating, ah what a shame for your little boy & u if you do get it, have u got it yet or not? x
  • yes ive got them and the little one did some poo examination today , f##**%$ and yes they are living , im going to kill him when i pick him up!!!!!
  • I remember i had it in my first pregnancy too! They couldnt give me anything at the time but that was nearly 4 years ago. I felt so embarrassed when they put my feet in stirrups after the birth to stitch me up- who knows what they could see??!!! Mortified image
  • Oh no it sounds like a horror story, i didnt know humans could get that!! And i didnt know they were actual worms!!!
  • they dont look like garden worms!! Without going into detail, all i'll say is that they look like nail clippings- thats one way to get you to stop biting your nails!!!
  • Er really? Thats gross, i thought you meant like normal worms. I must sound so silly on here sometimes! But how do you get them though? I never ever want the wormies in my bum
  • dirty bastards at school :x:x:x:x:x
  • Not sure if this will help but i had them when i was a kid and the best way to ease the itching is to - wait for it - go for a shower and let the spray sort of ... you know spray the area it does stop the itching, for a while anyway.. i remember standing in the shower for a hell of a long time because that was the only thing that would ease it. Also there is a medicine that they give to really young children that isn't as harsh as the adult version you could ask for that, alternatively you could try a homeopath or something they might have something you could take.
  • no really anywhere if someone with them touches their bum then touches a door handle you touch that , thats why its spread so easily and as you know boys constantly have their hands in their pants :lol:
  • Hi, sorry if i sound really stupid, just curious?! can worms affect the baby?
  • no they dont affect the baby they dont really affect you image they just give you the itches :lol:
  • Oh my god, i so can't wait to have children, what a complete joy!!
  • your life will be complete , what with worms and nits you wont know which end to scratch first lololol
  • I've alread been warned about the constant stream of coughs and colds coming my way once I have a child!
  • hey, i am 12 weeks pregnant and am infected with tape worm. 1. does it have a preoblem for ma baby? and 2. ppl keep saying that everything i eat the worm will take it and the baby wont have enough to feed himself. ie it true? pls pls pl help. am worried. i have an appointment with ma doc on thurday but cant wait untill then. 10ks

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