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Hi Ladies

I am currently trying to work out our pennies to see how long i can afford to have off. My work offers 6weeks at 90% 12 weeks at 50% and then 21 weeks SMP. Do i get SMP every month plus my 50% or 90%??

Does anyone know?

Thank you x


  • Ok, from what I remember you will get 90% of your pay for the 1st 6 weeks which is SMP topped up to 90% in total, then the same for 50% untill you are on SMP alone. I dont think you will get the SMP and 90% of your pay, unless you work for a very generous company lol!

    Naomi xx
  • Hi hon,

    I think it depends on your employer..mine is 6 weeks at 90% then 6 weeks at 50% plus smp...the rest is then smp up to 26 weeks then 26 weeks un paid. Although everywhere I read lately says smp is now 33 weeks?

    I would ask your hr department to let you have a copy of their maternity policy.

  • lol. So when i drop to 50% do i get 50% plus smp for those 12 weeks?
  • yes...confusing eh?
  • Hi Sazzle. so i get 6 weeks at 90% then 12 weeks at 50% plus smp? that works out not too bad then if i get smp plus my 50% for 12weeks? x
  • thats ok then so not too much of a drop really???? its just the weeks after that when i only get smp that we will struggle i think.

    How long did you/are you taking off?x
  • Yes that sounds right..I was pleasantly surprised at mine means I will be pretty much at full pay for 3 months, not just 6 weeks as I thought.

    Oh and if you have a company car you keep that too
  • Yeah it works out at almost full pay for 4 months and then drops right down but we are going to try and save up all we can between now and then as i would like 9 months off xyippeeee
  • Me about 4 or so months to save as much as possible. I'm planning on having 9 months off too.

    When are you due?
  • Due 19th August yippeeeeee got a while to save but got lots to buy as well so not sure how to juggle it but we will! When are you due?
  • Due on 3rd's our first so need to get everything from scratch..and now the weeks seem to be flying by! not complaining though as first 12 seemed to drag
  • Yeah its our first too so need to buy everything. Do you know wat your having?
  •'s our 20 week scan on 16th of Feb. but we have decided to wait and have a surprise. Are you going to find out?
  • No we are keeping it a suprise too!image it s all very excitingxxxx
  • It is, and getting more real everyday, I can't wait xx
  • i have another scasn in 3 weeks, my first scan was at 8+5 as dates were a bit mixed up, u can see my avatar how little baby is awwww im guessing i will see lots more in 3 weeks?xx
  • Sorry to butt in!! But my sister had a baby & was able to claim all her working tax creidts on mat leave, I've worked mine out on the FSA website & it works out around ??500 a month!! It's something to look into!!!

    16+2 x
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