Getting impatient...!!

Hiya girlies and bumps.. Hope everything is going well!!

Im 36 weeks today and getting very impatient now.. Especially counting down the days!! I just want him to make his appearance soon. Cos im still convinced its not going to happen to me I still wake up and forget I pregnant. I know that sounds bad but I hope you kind of know what I mean lol. Is anyone else feeling like this? Every twinge I get I think this could be it but its not!! I just want to meet the little guy :cry:



  • ahh Nikki, not long now Hun. I know i will be like that by the time im as pregnant as you. i am already itching to meet my little boy and im only 26 weeks.Put your feet up and enjoy the last bit of rest you are going to get for ages , he will be here before you know it!!
  • At 36 weeks Nikki's baby would almost certainly be fine if he was born.... though of course another week or 10 days would make sure.... but Nikki, I know exactly how you feel!

    I never, ever thought I'd actually get to this stage but some time in the past few weeks I've made the transition from not truly believing there's a baby in me, to being desperate to know what my baby looks like and to hold him/her. I really want to have a cuddle - my arms feel a bit empty.

    Not long for us, Nikki! (though I know it feels like forever).

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