baby grace-birth story!!

Hi there ladies just a quickie to let u all know how i got on!well as most of u know i was due to be induced on saturday 17th as my waters had gone on the tuesday.At about 5.40am i went to the loo and started with bad period pains,by the time i got back in the bedroom they were really painfull so woke oh up and rang nan n grandad 2 come watch my older little girl.Got to the hospital and could hardly walk with the pain,contractions were about every 2 mins but dnt think they thought i was in full blown labour as had only been avin them bout 45 mins so wasnt examined for a while!the mw said she cud tell i was in agony so gave me gas & air n examined me,she said i was 5cms dilated n wheeled me to the delivery room on a wheelchair(without the gas n air!!)i was in this room 15 mins before grace entered the world!id gone frm 5cms to pushing her out in 15mins!she had a good 30 min breastfeed after the birth before being weighed.She was 8lb12 oz and 53 cms long,not bad for 10 days early!!luckily i got away without needing any stitches,came home yday and feel fab.She was well worth the pain and its so true that u 4get it as soon as your holding them in ur arms.Im loving my little princess and holly is a fab big sis!
I hope u and your bumps are all well,karen not long for you now is it?!Zoey thanks for posting for me.I'm gonna miss u lot on here!
Anyway take care all,love hanna,stu,holly and grace xxxxx


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