Todays newest development is craving white chocolate flipz. Can anyone remember them you could get them a few years ago and I was totally addicted, now you can only get them in the States and I go a bit crazy with them every time I go to America.

Why am I craving chocolate you can't even get in this country???

Is it a bit over board ordering chocolate over the internet to satisfy my cravings?

I am wondering if white chocolate crunch will do the same job but again haven't seen them for ages!

Oh the joys of pregnancy!!!


  • I am your knght in shining armour my love.
    check out americansoda.co.uk. they have em there.
    heres the link


    a bit dear but if you neeed them its worth it!
  • mmmmmmmm white crunch bars are gorg that might do it for you! x
  • I had a white chocolate crunch today and it was the most amazing thing iv ever eaten hehe. you can get them from anywhere here (Leeds) try the petrol station.

  • Oh god why did i ckick on the link!!!! Im not even pregnant and i had forgotten these existed. Now i NEED them.

    But at least now i know where to get hersheys chocolates mmmmmm
  • I found that website, OH forbid me from ordering ??19's worth of chocolate online! Thanks though for finding it!! I am hoping he will change his mind lol!!
  • mmmmmmm chocolate!! can anyone remember vice versas? they were like minstrels but some had brown shells and the others white, then the ones with brown shells were white inside vice-versa.
  • I didn't like Vice Versa's I loved Astros though, they had about a billion e numbers in them. We used to eat them at the youth club then giggle for an hour!
  • OMG!!!!!! okay sorry for g/c but

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    I am from Canada and I have longed for so many of these products that I simply haven't had in years... I can't believe how many products I miss... so many memories... I'm all home sick now.

    Thank you image

  • Lol, I spent a month in the States a few years ago and I fell in love with so many things you can't get here I practically bring a suitcase full back with me every time I go there!!

    Sorry for making you homesick!! We found a few English places in the States that were a welcome change at times. It was funny seing Curly Wurlies over there!
  • My oh is a major Mountain Dew addict and orders a crate off here every 2 months or so. he manages to drink 24 cans in about 3 days and just walks round in hyperdrive until they've all gone!

    The guy who runs it even sends him free stuff for ordering so much, we have a cupboard full of Betty Crocker cake mixes!! haha!

  • Oh thanks for sending the link for that website, I love the big red chewing gum, when I was in New York the first time I never thought to bring any back with me but the 2nd time I brought about 20 of the 5 packs left.

    They are cinnamon flavour gum. cant wait till they arrive now, I wonder how long it will take, prob abotu 2 weeks!!!

    AnneMarie xxx
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