Craving a beer!

I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since finding out I was pregant back in November. But today for some reason I really fancy an ice cold beer! Who's continued to drink alcohol during their pregnancy? And do you think because I haven't had alcohol for such a long time it will be bad for me to have a small drop tonight!! I can't get the thought out of my head!!

Serena xxxx



  • Hi Serena, I personally haven't had a drink since I found out I was pregnant apart from half a glass of bubbly at xmas and it went straight to my legs!!! I am sure that it would be fine to have a little one if your craving in bad......some people drink through out! Can't wait till its summer and I can sit outside in the sunshine with a nice cold beer................
    Tammi xxx
    29.2 weeks
  • i havent touched a drop all of this pregnancy but the last few days ive been craving a bacardi breezer. i saw them in the shop and they look so fruity and inviting, they are calling me me to drink them . so far ive resisted. im having one as soon as this baby is born lol
  • hi i know how you feel but i have continued to have two glasses of wine at the weekend. i also drink the no alcohol beer which taste the same so you dont feel you are missing out, the best ones are cobra, bavaria and becks.

  • I've occasionaly had some of that Carling C2 stuff, It's only 2% and tastes just the same as the regular stuff. Also the Becks alcahol free stuff is quite good, I don't really rate the Kaliber though it tastes a bit nasty.
  • i had half a glass of champagne at a christening, other than that ive had nothing and im dieing for a glass of wine ha ha ha XX
  • Oh Tammi I'm so with you on that one! I can't wait to be able to sit out in the garden in the nice warm sunshine (hopefully!) with a cold beer (and a sleeping baby)!! I think I'm going to have a have a little sip tonight as I don't think I'll get the thought out of my head otherwise. Hopefully I won't like the taste and won't want to drink the whole bottle, ha ha!

    Ooh l&c's mum - a bacardi breezer sounds very temping too! Oh no! Ha ha! xxxx
  • i was a lambrini
  • I am still drinking the odd glass of wine, but for a beer craving I recomend alcohol free cobra! It's so good that if you drank it without knowing you wouldn't belive it was alcohol free.
  • hi babe. i had a helf pint of guniness as celebration of my pregnancy. and everything fine. its more the excessive drinking that can cause damage, and from what iv been told when ur pregnant you crave certain foods usually because your body knows the vitamins etc contained within it and it wants it naturally to help keep you healthy. one drink wont hurt you, if anything the boost of iron would benefit you. well thats what the old irish tradition believe's anyway!
  • i had a lemonade with a itsy bitsy lager top! lol. made me feel like i was having a drink even tho it was less alcoholic than a "panda shandy" !!!

  • Really?! Oh I'll try and get some on my way home from work. Sounds great! Never heard of it before!! xxxx
  • i think its the sunshine as i was a massive beer drinker before getting pregnant and have been managing ok so far (have had 2 halves on seperate occasions when i really wanted it!) but yesterday and today i have been gagging for a few pints!! Mmmmmmm.....yesterday my husband had a bottle of old speckled hen and i had a sip and it was so damn good i wondered why i did it to myself.
    The alcohol free stuff is ok - but you can't beat the real thing..roll on august when my body is mine again! hahaha..xx
  • Hiya everybody....

    I have been drinking 2 units sometimes on the weekend. Not every weekend but sometimes.

    A friend ( a mother of 2 kids ) recommended if i wanted to drink to have a pint glass with some wine and mostly lemonade and ice. Makes u feel like ur drinking and lasts u ages!

  • I am one of the naughty ones drinking throughout!

    No more than a couple of small glasses of wine/beer a week though as thats the safe limit apparently.

    Oh and I LOVE beer! It's heaven on a hot day. I found out I was pregnant at a car show and it was so sunny in August and everyone drinking beer...mmmm...I couldn't resist and had half a can. I cut it out during the 1st trimester tho, apart from that! xxxx

  • I have the odd one. Have done with all of mine and so far they are both above average in intellengance (i'm not, hence the spelling LOL) have one if you fancy it, just don't over do it, it does hit you harder! I think it's the extra blood flow!
  • can you have a tiny sip or is that too cruel - you'd need to have the lot as too tempting?

    I sympathise I'm craving cider. I haven't had much to drink with this pg like my others the very occasional glass of wine but roll on 'July / August going to a beer fest to make up for lost time - probably won't be breastfeeding for long as have trouble......

    chelle x

  • I'm one of those who have been drinking- never a huge amount, I might have half a glass of wine or a small beer, maybe once a week or every 10 days. I find that sometimes just a taste is enough, if my hubby is getting himself a beer I might have one swig! I think it's definitely worth checking out low-alcohol varieties to see if they will hit the spot! But if not, I'm sure one beer won't hurt lo!
  • At the moment i have a huge craving for a cold glass of rose! And i think soon i'm gonna have to cave in, i've had a glass of champagne on my mum's bday and a glass of wine on valentine's day. As others have said i'm sure one won't hurt!
  • I am an alco pop girl lol. Always had a sweet tooth and love smirnoff ice, wkd's etc. There has been a wkd sat in my fridge since before I was pregnant and this post has reminded me about it lol. Well, now i'm drinking it!!! I'm sure one or two every so often is fine, as long as you don't go ott!!

    Faith 23+1 xxxxx
  • I thought it was just me that was that open to suggestion. I have had to go and fetch a bottle of AF Cobra out the fridge!
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