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Keeping fit during pregnancy

Does anyone have any tips on what kind of exercise is best to keep toned and fit during pregnancy?

I don't want to put on loads of weight this time as I'm left to deal with it when baby is born. I put on nearly 3 stone last time. Luckily it didn't take too long to shift the extra pounds, but it may not happen that way this time.

I'm 17+1 weeks and already put on half a stone. My oh is a gym and fitness fanatic, I've asked him for suggestions but he said going to the gym could cause damage to myself or the baby so wait til lo is born before working out. But surely there are safe gentle exercises I could do in the meantime??

I heard swimming aerobics is good, but struggling to find somewhere that does that in the area!

Am I worrying too much??


  • I'm going to start swimming as i've heard this is one of the best exercises to do during pg (obviously take it easy tho and just do what u are comfortable with) I'm not a very strong swimmer so can only manage a few lengths at a time but i hope to build this up over time. x
  • i have heard the davina macall pregnancy work out is good...... maybe try that???
  • Hey,

    I have taken to going out on walks with hubby in the evenings and at weekends.

    Going to the gym will not harm your baby as long as you don't start pumping iron lol you can go on the tredmill and walk for 30 mins then you would also get time to spend with hubby. If you join the gym and tell them you are pregnant they will asses what you can and can't do image

    Swimming is good for you as it makes you feel weightless, it's really comfy.

    I hope this has helped hun

  • hi i have a dvd called pregnancy Y-plan, it has different exercises for different trimesters...admittedly i only used it once or twice but thats cause i havent got the motivation, but it is really good...last time i put on 3 stone and it shifted pretty easily (i did no exercise it just fel off in a few weeks) but this thime i dont see that happening !!! i have big bum, hips etc...remember your boobs get bigger too so that makes up some of the weight!! (thats what im telling my self anyway)

    i should say that the dvd is quite old fashioned seeming (like an 80s school video and has a man giving a lesson about how the baby comes out at the beginning, but once you skip that the exercise part is good)x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • lol yes never thought of that! Thanks very much for your replies. You've put my mind at ease.
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