Cant feel baby?

HI Everyone,
I am probably just being totally paranoid as I know that at only 19+4 the baby has not got a regular pattern of movements and is not big enough for me to feel every single movement yet, but Im really worried as normally by this time I have felt my baby move. I normally feel it first thing in the morning and several times throughout the day and also several times in the evening, but so far today I havent felt anything at all - not a peep. I relaxed in bed for a bit this morning before going to work, had a hot drink, had a cold drink, ate something - still nothing. The last time I felt a movement was between 7-7:30pm yesterday. I cant get home until 5pm to use my doppler I really hope I find a heartbeat when I use it or feel something before then as Im starting to panic this is really unusual as Ive felt the baby move in this sort of pattern for the last 3 weeks every single day and now nothing? Did anyone else get this?

Sorry for going on!



  • I get days like that when the baby doesnt seem to move. The other day was like that and I was sooo worried but didnt want to use my doppler incase I didnt hear the heartbeat.

    Ive now worked out that when Im busy and walking/moving around a lot, the baby will hardly move or not move at all all day. When ive had a lazy day it moves like crazy.

    dont worry, it may just be having a sleepy day.

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  • Baby is still small enough to move round, prob kicking back instead. They love to worry you. Coke always get mine dancing!

  • coke or chocolate!! try not to worry, I havent felt anything since monday. Although I am a few weeks behind you it can happen, they still have lots of room in there.

    Lisa xxx
  • LH86, this is so odd - we are due the exact same day and I've been worrying about this today too!! (I'm not a stalker - promise!) Usually when I'm at my desk baby goes beserk a few times during the morning. I'm feeling definate kicks for about 2/3 weeks as this is my third pregnancy and nearly always in the same area (low down in belly, just around my knicker line) . But today nothing - not in bed or sitting at my desk! I ate a few sugary sweets a while ago and hey presto I felt a few kicks, I'm assuming baby has just turned round for a change today. Maybe if you sit quietly after lunch it'll waken up?
  • hi girls
    Im 24 weeks today and some days I hardly feel anything and others shes kicking like mad. It might be to do with the position of your placenta as if its anterior (like mine) it means its at the front so sometimes makes it harder to feel movements depending on the position of the baby.
  • I'm having a day like this today too. Yesterday they were wild but today they are very quiet and I have hardly felt them. They were up in the night though so are hopefully tired out and sleeping. I'm having a cuppa and that seems to have stirred them a bit!
    Try not to worry, I'm sure your LO is fine.
  • Thanks girls I have had some very faint movements so I guess its just chilling today!

    Mrs Floosy2 thats so weird we must be the ultimate bump buddies!


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