Wanting some advice on SPD...

Hi everyone, hope you and your bumps are well.

I've been diagnosed with SPD and i'm in so much pain with it.
I've been referred to physio but my appointment isn't until next Monday. I've been in pain for a good few weeks now and have been signed off work as i'm a nurse and spend all day running around which I just wouldn't be able to manage at the moment.
I was wondering if any of you have any experience of this and if you know of anything that might be able to help relieve the pain a bit. I'm not sleeping as i'm so uncomfortable and getting up and down the stairs is a nightmare as the pain is so bad.
I'm only 17+3 and i'm desperate to enjoy this pregnancy. I feel ok in every other way but this pain is driving me bonkers. Is it likely to get worse as the pregnancy goes on?
Sorry to rattle on but am feeling pretty desperate.
Any advice or experience of this would be great.
Thanks ladies


  • Hi i also suffer from spd and it is so painful iv tried various things but had to end up getting crutches from physio. I find the pain really bad at night and turning over in bed is mission impossible lol. My gp was great though at first i was given paracetamol and when tht stopped working he gave me co-codamol which has worked for me and the pain is a lot more bearable. Hope this helps

    Cara 36+4 xx
  • hi hun, i was diagnosed with spd at 31 weeks after weeks of pain, my mw got me a urgent appointment with the physio and i've been on crutches ever since. I'm also a nurse and was signed of at 31 weeks till my mat leave started. Just try to take things as easy as posible, i find sleeping a nightmare and haven't had a good night's sleep since before xmas i find turning over in bed agony. try as much as you can to keep your legs together, going up the stairs one at a time. I really hope the physio helps, my mw has arranged for me to go and see my consultant next week to discuss induction as i'm getting to the stage where i'm almose housebound now. I'm sure someone will have lots of tips for you my brain's just not functioning well at mo lol.
    36 weeks
  • Hi hon,
    so sorry to hear you're suffering with the dreaded SPD too. I've had it from about 12 weeks pregnant so I can really empathise with you!
    Here are a couple of good websites about SPD - which are really helpful and have lots of info:


    I've had quite a bit of physio and these are the things recommended to help:
    Do not push through the pain - you will only make it worse. When you have pain or feel pain getting worse - rest as much as possible.
    If you have pain in the pubic region (I feel like I've been kicked by a horse), ice it up to 10 minutes at least twice a day with a bag of peas in a tea towel.
    Go up stairs one step at a time bringing your feet together on each step - takes longer but it does help.
    Wearing silky pyjamas in bed can help with turning over - something I find incredibly hard due to pain.
    Walk small fairy steps where ever you go.
    Put a plastic bag on your car seat underneath your bottom and twizzling on it to get in and out of the car keeping legs firmly together
    Pelvic floor exercises can help take the strain off of the pubis symphasis (which is the area causing the pain).
    I take paracetamol most days as it works more effectively if you take it regularly apparently - but some ladies don't like to take anything so that's down to the individual. Some ladies take stronger painkillers prescribed from GP but I chose not to but again that was a personal choice.
    I was given my support belt last week but it's only to be used whilst walking around and never whilst sitting down as it puts undue pressure on the baby. I have also been on crutches for about 6 weeks but they're not helping much as the pain is increasing unfortunately when I stand for more than 5 minutes.

    Anyway I hope some of these tips help in some way but rest is the most important thing of all. I hope physio can help with things too - they may need to realign your pelvis or something as I've had that done each and every time I've been. I've found that the pain increases after physio but settles down again after a couple of days - that's just because they're moving things into places which are alien at first but the body readjusts.
    Good luck hon and hope you get some relief very soon!
  • Thankyou so much for replies ladies! This is really helpful to me, i'm willing to try anything to ease the pain and the tips you have given are great. I'm just so worried that it's not going to improve as I really need to go back to work, I'm going out of my mind at home all day but my job is so physical I don't know what to do.
    What do they do to realign your pelvis? Also do you find that your pelvis sometimes gives a big click?

    I'm taking the odd paracetamol but really trying to manage without as I hate taking tablets. I've also been prescribed codeine but have managed to avoid taking them so far.

    I'm trying to keep as active as possible but sometimes its just unbearable and I just have to rest, it's useful to know that I shouldn't try to push throught he pain as I have been doing that to try and keep moving.

    Thanks again everyone
  • hi sorry to hear your suffering overthemoon is our spd expert good luck and keep phoning physio until you get a resullt.let us know how you are x
  • They've had to realign my pelvis because everything has become so unstable and my pelvis keeps dropping and moving into places it shouldn't be. Not sure if you've read anything about SPD but it's caused by the pregnancy hormone Relaxin which does exactly what it says on the tin and relaxes your muscles and ligaments to make more room for the baby. In cases of SPD, things become too loose and move about more than they should which puts strain on the ligament at the front or back and your entire pelvis can become a highly moveable object (as mine has).
    Yes the clicking is also part and parcel of it - I find it worse at night when I get out of bed, it actually crunches and sounds awful and can be quite painful.
    For me too, I didn't want to take codeine and just try to manage with the paracetomol when it's excruciating (sp?).
    I think they advise that keeping active is good but doing very small amounts of walking or moving around combined with plenty of rest. I pretty much can only handle sitting down 99% of the day now as the pain is just too much to do anything different. I can understand the 'going out of your mind' bit - I've been working from home solidly since December as I can't do the 3 hour commute to my office. I can't even do a 10 minute walk around Tesco's once a week at the mo though so that's not saying much lol
    I hope you've got some good friends who can give you lots of support and come and see you - but if not we're all on here to do exactly that. I can't drive and most of my friends live more than an hour away so I don't see many people and I'm going slowly mad but have found the support on BE to be absolutely fantastic. The June girls have helped me beyond belief and have helped me through my worst days.
    Good luck with your physio - I really hope you get some good help and advice. Let us know how it goes.

    Ha ha bumpalicious - I wouldn't go that far lol. I think you're pretty much the same as me now!!

  • I've read bits and bobs about it but nothing beats hearing peoples actual experiences.

    When did yours start? I'm just worried because it has started so early, and like I say I can't bear the thought of not going back to work as i'm only 17+3. I've got so far to go yet and it just depresses me to think that I could be like this or worse the whole way through!

    My physio appointment is next Monday, my GP has signed me off for another week, i've asked her to do it for a week at a time as I don't want to get ahead of myself and i'm hoping i'll feel well enought o go back after my physio has started.

    I feel like all I do all day is sit on the internet, lol! The novelty of being off work has worn off now! I wish I could work from home just to keep my mind active. My family all work in the week and so am just spending so much time alone. I'm not one for my own company at the best of times.

    I'm wallowing in my own self pity here aren't I??!! I am just so desperate to enjoy this pregnancy as this baby is so wanted. It's crap! image
    Did you try swimming at all? Just wondered if that might help?
    Thanks again and sorry for the long posts... I'm a chatterbox.

  • Hi hon - mine started early at about 12 weeks pregnant which is unusual for a 1st pregnancy, but I've had back problems, back surgery, sciatica and pelvis problems for 14 odd years so it's no surprise really.
    That is the problem and I really empathise - I feel like I've been on my own for 4 months. I get quite down at times about it and end up having very tearful days and it's amazing at how much it can knock your confidence when you don't interact with people on a daily basis. So if anyone offers to come and see you or you get a chance to get a lift to someone's - please do it as it will really help to keep you feeling more positive about things. And us girls are always here everyday to help you through it all.
    No you're not hon - it's a awful thing to deal with and I fully understand what you're saying about wanting to enjoy the pregnancy. I am exactly the same, as well as some of the other girls I know that are suffering with it - there is a certain amount of guilt about feeling like crap with the SPD when you know you should be feeling on top of the world and incredibly lucky for being pregnant. I have enjoyed being pregnant despite feeling like rubbish most days but be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel how you want without beating yourself up about it...if at all possible.
    I haven't tried swimming as getting to the pool would be a uphill struggle in itself. Whatever you do - don't do the breast stroke if you go swimming as it will make it worse. But your physio may be able to advise on what is safe for you to try hon. It might be worth writing a list down of all the questions you have for the physio before you go - as I always forget something and end up coming away kicking myself.
    OOh don't worry - I'm the queen at long posts on BE lol
  • I've got back problems to from a car accident a few years ago, could that be making it worse then?
    I started getting some mild pain at 13 weeks and its just getting worse as the weeks pass. This is my 1st pregnancy aswell.
    I think i'll wait until i've seen the physio before I try the pool then, see what she recommends. I'll definately write a list of questions as my memory is like a sieve.

    I think i'm still at an "angry stage" about the whole thing at the moment. I feel so mad that i'm in this pain and it's limiting my day to day activities. I'm sure i'll perk up soon enough. I feel so guilty for being off work and left out of silly things like going for a walk with my family on a sunday which we do most sundays when we're all off together but it's just too far for me to go now and i can just imagine myself getting stuck in the middle of nowhere!
    Sorry for moaning, it's nice to know i'm not alone.

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  • aww you poor girls!i feel like a bit of a fraud as the horrific pain at night has gone just now and then and cant really stand for long periods of time have been off work this is my fourth week so think this has defo helped as ive sat in my ass for 3 weeks.x
  • Thankyou again for your posts ladies. It helps to know i'm not alone.

    Do you think the physio may help enough so that I can go back to work? I feel like such a fraud as i've been off for 4 weeks now and apart from the pain I feel well in myself. I feel so guilty as work is so busy and I know the girls will be struggling being short staffed. I dread ringing in when I get another sicknote. I'm only 17 and a half weeks gone. It's worrying me like mad being off work for such a long time.
    I could just cry.

    I'm definately going to look into getting one of those big pillows, does anyone know where you can get them from? I'm just using 2 normal pillows at the moment, one between my legs and one sort of under my tummy when I lay on my side. It's doing the job for now but one of the big ones might be better as my bump grows.

    There is one thing that's cheered me up in you post SB, the water birth bit as I would love a water birth and was worrying that they wouldn't let me have one with SPD.

    I've also been off work bumpalicious and it does feel better when I rest. But when I try and do anything like climb the stairs or go for a walk i'm back to square one. I cannot imagine just sitting for months on end, i'm already going mad after 4 weeks!!

    How is little TJ now? Is he getting big?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, it is really appreciated image
  • I second everything that Saint Bertie has said. I've had 4 physio appts now and nothing has really decreased the pain in any way shape or form and I've been pretty housebound for 3 months and I know I am getting worse hon - I know it's not always what people want to hear but my physio put me straight on this from my very first appt. It gets worse because of the extra baby weight which puts more strain on the painful area's and the ligaments. However some women do only get SPD mildly and can continue to do things even if it's not as much as they would normally do.

    My midwife has advised me this week that I will probably need to have a c-section now, because I cannot get into any positions where my legs are open due to the agony it causes me, and she also advised against an epidural for me as she said there are risks I will move into a position which I shouldn't be as I won't feel the pain because the epirudal will mask the pain. Due to the severity of my problems there is a great risk I could split my pelvis completely apart and end up in a wheelchair. I was pretty devastated by all of this but I'm gradually getting my head around it now and am actually thankful my midwife is looking after my best interests.
    She's going to refer me back to the hospital consultant for an appt around 34-36 weeks to discuss and finalise what we're going to do.
    I understand what you mean about feeling a fraud but you are not!!! As Saint Bertie said, this is a very real and painful condition and not to be messed with. I've already been told that my SPD will probably take quite a long time to shift after the baby is born - and if I'm really unlucky it may never go (don't want to think about that too much at the moment though!!).
    I've left my crutches in the car many a time due to embarrassment and stubborness mainly.....but I've paid for it terribly for the few days after it.
    I'm now having to look into getting an occupational therapist out to visit me as I now need a stool for the shower as I'm finding it hard to stand for that long to wash myself and there's no way I can sit in the bath and to get me out of the house more, I'm probably going to have to seriously think about hiring a wheelchair as I still have 12 weeks of pregnancy left. It's so depressing to have to face the pain everyday but I am just about managing to keep my spirits up helped mainly by the ladies on here and by my wonderful hubby who has been taking care of me since I fell pregnant and has to do everything in our house now.
    Please listen to your body and please rest as much as possible.
    Ooh I also have a long body pillow and got mine from Mothercare but that was before I saw a note recommending the one that Saint Bertie has. I have found it to be extremely useful.

    Take care hon
    PS - sorry for the long post again lol
  • sapphire - sorry coming into this post late, I also have SPD/POGP (pelvic girdle pain) and sas physio yesterday - can't add anymore advice than the others, but just to say I also had a car accident, it was 3 years ago and quite bad, I had existing back pain since and I feel that that particular pain is worse now but physio didn't seem to think it could make it anymore ikely to cause the SPD. Hope you get to see a physio soon hon! x
  • sapphire i know exactly how you feel about work its like i freak out when im dialling!the guilt is really bad however you need to think of bumpy!the best thing to do is rest if your not back your not back!even if you could do some paperwork or something from home you may feel a bit better and that your contributing(depending on your job)
    i am planning to go in next week sometime i have a very demanding managers job in retail so i thought this wasnt an option but theyve made it clear they will find me something!im willing to try give it a go and if its too much then thats it.
    anyway i posted yesterday i was feeling quite good and walked a few hundred yards yesterday and i was its so sore again today.im sure this is why i hadnt done anything else.x
  • I've recently started have extreme problems with the spd, I was referred to physio a week ago and still waiting, the lack of mobility is just started to make me feel really trapped. There are some good tips in here, I can see the goodness of silky pjs to turn round in bed!
  • Hi ladies,

    just wanted to update you. I saw the physio today who was really lovely. She re-aligned my pelvis by lifting my knees onto my chest while I was lying down, it flippin killed when she did it but felt better for a while afterwards. Its back to being really painful again now.
    She's fitted me for a belt which is quite uncomfortable but i'm willing to give it a go. She also gave me crutches for when it gets really bad to take some of the pressure off.

    I'm going again on Thursday for a pelvic and back pain in pregnancy class then again next Monday to see the same physio again. She said she may try acupuncture on me to see if that helps??!! I'm willing to give anything a try.

    When the physio was doing her assessment of me my pelvis kept making big clicking sounds. She advised me to get one of those big bouncy balls to bounce on as that relieves the pressure a bit.

    Although the pain is still rubbish I feel tons better for seeing the physio and feel like I can at least try to dosomething about it for myself.

    Just wanted to thank you all again for your useful tips and advice which have been helping me get through the days.

    Hope everyone is keeping okay and not suffering too much.
    19 weeks today
  • Hey hunni.

    Just wanted to say that the best thing to do is rest - and never ever sit on the floor (AGONY!!!) I got signed off work at 20 weeks with it, and was told it will only get worse, but being able to rest helped LOADS. Also, do the exercises that the physio gives you!

    My SPD is so much better these day's - although turning over in bed still hurts sometimes, I can at least get some sleep, and even leave the house now! So it can and does get better - but fromm what I understand, I am quite lucky, as this isn't usually the case (maybe no one else is as lazy as I am! image)

    Hope you feel better soon,
  • Thankyou image

    I've learnt not to sit on the floor as got stuck down there a couple of weeks ago when there weren't enough chairs for everyone and ended up looking a right fool on my hands and knees in tears in front of everyone! They sure wished they had given up their seats after that episode!

    I am pretty much just resting apart from the essentials that I need to do as it's just too painful. I am sleeping so badly that i'm too tired to do much anyway. I've got big bags under my eyes and my poor hubby is suffering too as everytime I turn over I moan and groan with the pain which wakes him up.
    I don't know, it's just depressing to think that i'm gonna be like this the whole way through!
    Hopefully with enough rest i'll improve like you have.

    Not long to go for you now. Are you all ready?
  • Oh I am sorry to hear you have SPD, can I ask a daft question, how is it diagnosed. I have awful back pain and round into my front.

  • Hiya AnneMarie
    My GP was pretty sure I had it with the pain I am getting. It's like i've been kicked really hard down below and is so painful when doing things like getting up from a chair, climbing the stairs, putting socks on etc. Plus turning over in bed is a nightmare. It keeps doing really big clicks and a sort of grinding noise too.

    The physio stood me up and got me to reach down to my toes without bending my knees, lean back and lean to both sides. Then had to lay down and she felt my pubic bone and manipulated my legs. She said it's definately SPD. I have had a little bit of lower back pain but mainly really low at the front and in my groin.
    I hope you haven't got it too hun, I really wouldn't wish it on anyone. Have you been to docs?
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